TRU TV ~ Jesse Ventura ~ 9/11 Show Open Thread. 9pm - 10pm Central.

Feel free to sign in and participate in an open chat during the airing of the show on TRU Tv. Otherwise hopefully someone can post it soon after the show and everyone can watch it online for free. Peace.

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The first five minutes

The first five minutes feature interviews with Donna Marsh O'Connor and W Rodriguez. Great so far...

Edit: The entire first segment was top notch! "Super thermite" was just mentioned right before commercial.


The flightbox recorders recivered, eyewitness




Best. 9/11. Truth. Show. Ever.

Great Job, Jesse!

You concentrated on the black boxes - an issue that has gotten less attention by others. And it worked. Good show! Showed your fire in the belly too. Excellent. Hope you do more on 911.

Every play is a conspiracy

Every play in a football game is a conspiracy in which the offense attempts to distract and fool and vanquish the defense. The defense, through coded signals conspires to fool and vanquish the offense. Every pitch in baseball is a conspiracy between the manager, the pitcher and the catcher - with the object of defeating the batter. The batter in turn is conspiring with his manager and the third base coach to defeat the pitcher. etc.etc.etc.

Life is full of conspiracies --- endless conspiracies --- all day, every day --- all the time.

The big surprise at the end of the show

According to black box finder Mike Bellone (remember that the official story was that no black boxes were recovered), who after a certain point feels very scared to continue talking on camera (he says the FBI got wind of his initial speaking with Jesse and contacted him, telling him to shut up), the black boxes reveal that the "hijackers" were already in the cockpit before the plane even left the runway. He doesn't say this with the camera running, but he tells it to the team off camera and says they have permission to tell the public what it was he said.

Oh, and Van Romero comes out of the closet.

Once the video embeds get posted, this last part of the show should stimulate some real discussion.

It Worked!

Jesse's show might get people thinking that they HAVE been lied to. Seems like a bunch of people have been threatened that is a story in itself.

I wonder if they can be located and deposed?

The FBI guys knew he was covering for the FBI. Bad excuse for concealment of this huge crime. Why not make him explain why it is necessary to hide the truth about this crime? Who is being protected? He acknowledges that something is being covered up. Who is directing the cover up? Why?

The other interesting thing of course, is how those on the outside of this issue, including Jesse's staff have so little understanding of the 9/11 issues.

False flags? How about Gulf of Tonkin? USS Maine, USS Liberty... There are scores of them in History.

Government seems to be covering up.

Made for the American mindset but it should get people talking

Jesse has "BALLS"

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

Jesse has "balls" when it comes to asking legitimate questions about 9/11 and he even made the "balls" statement on this show.
This show should open up a lot of closed minds but will they act on it and become active in the 9/11 Truth Movement.
Take Care Matt

What about the victim's families?

My dear friend Edward accused me of “spitting in the face of American citizens who were truly affected by the 9/11 terrorist attacks” earlier today since I am publicly demanding a real investigation into exactly what happened in our country on September 11, 2001. While Edward is a pretty smart guy most of the time, lately he has been getting a few things dead wrong. The point of this blog is to help Edward, and others, discover that they are actually the ones “spitting in the face of American citizens who were truly affected by the 9/11 terrorist attacks” through their deafening silence and blind faith in U.S. Government and Mainstream Media. To clarify this point, let’s learn a little more about the families who lost loved ones that fateful September morning.

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