Another miracle in Osaka!

As I wrote before, they had sold only twenty tickets early this week for the lecture in Osaka.

Besides, the organizer Tabuchi san got hospitalized with duodenal ulcer. Yumi says, "Telling the truth, I was worried" to open the door.

However, once it was open, people kept coming in, and the house was FULL!! Another miracle happened. On top, Tabuchi san got out of hospital, and fulfilled his responsibility as the organizer. I bet that article on the front page on Senri Times definitely helped. ;O)

They have now, Kobe and Okinawa events left. Kobe has got 25 seats reserved out of 70, but for Okinawa, it seems they haven't even sold 20 tickets when the capacity is 1,000. :o(

If you know anyone in Okinawa, especially US soldiers(WHY NOT!!) who have been used to promote their fake 'War on Terror', please let them know about this event and urge them to go listen to Richard!!

Venue and time, see here. Everyone of us needs to be the media now cause MSM is not doing their job.

Yumi has got a package of 5 DVDs and 3 booklets mainly on 9/11 for 10,000 yen for sale. Hope many would buy them to wake up their families and friends.