Yes, I knew this will happen! - Okinawa Times printed Gage lecture's organizer's question

I knew it, I knew it! Media is listening to us!! Right, it's not a national paper, but a major one in Okinawa Prefecture. ;o)

This must help get a lot of people coming to fill the venue.
Thank you Makishi san and thank you Okinawa Times!!

Lecture in Ginowan on 13th
Chasing the mysteries of 9/11 tragedy

There's been a doubt that the WTC twin towers in NYC were planned to be destroyed by somebody, due to the way they fell straight down.

The night of September 12, 2001, I happened to put the TV on and saw a familiar building from portfolio of architecture burning. I turned the volume up thinking it was a movie like "The Towering Inferno" only to find out it was live.

I am still mystified to this day of the scene of the two buildings collapse vertically.

They say a commercial aircraft crashed into the Pentagon - the US Department of Defense, but there was no aircraft wreckage left at the scene.

Long after the day, I came to learn about the 47 storied-high Building 7 in a magazine, which had no plane crashed in but collapsed in shambles.

Having architectural design for my career, it is a mystery to me why every one of those three towers tumbled down vertically.

There will be a film showing and lecture held with a peace activist Yumi Kikuchi and American architect Richard Gage who are both chasing the mystery of the collapse from 2pm on 13th at Okinawa Convention Center Theater in Ginowan City. We welcome many to join us.

Entrance fee: 1,000 yen/advance purchase.... 
[Yoshikazu Makishi, Architect & co-organizer]

Translation by Aus911Truth

Perhaps he could be the first Japanese expert to sign Richard's petition. Good luck, Richard! ;O)