Attorney General Holder Notified of Scientific Evidence of 9/11 Treason: Commission concluded Al-Qaeda behind the WTC "bombings"

Although I have previously indicated that the Attorney General had received indication of the scientific proof of 9/11 treason, I thought it was time to produce a transcript of how the Attorney General slipped the question and tried to slip the evidence, including an account of the strange thumbs-up the Attorney General apparently gave me out the darkened window of his SUV as he left the scene. Here it is:


The S.H.A.W.L. House

San Pedro, California

July 16, 2009


Jeremy: Attorney General Holder, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel with WeAreChangeLA citizen’s media; It seems there’s like incredible work being done here at S.H.A.W.L. in terms of recovery and healing, in terms of violence against women. And it seems, in terms of the United States of America, one of the biggest things that’s not talked about in terms of violence against women is this ongoing alleged ‘War on Terror;’ that just this last week we have reports of drones killing numerous women and children on the other side of the planet, all based on a crime of incredible magnitude, September 11th, done against the American people. And I have evidence, scientific proof in my hands, that I would like for you to take into your possession, that shows that there’s a very advanced, unexploded, military-grade explosive residue found in the dust of the World Trade Center. And that would prove that someone else, other than Al-Qaeda, is likely involved in this. And so my question is: When are we as the people of the United States of America going to stop killing women and children on the other side of the planet in an alleged ‘War on Terror’ and when are you, as the chief law enforcement official in the land, going to open up a criminal investigation in terms of who put this in the towers and who ordered it?

Katy: Are you talking about nano-thermite? I’ve heard of this.

Jeremy: Yes, nano-thermite, a very advanced grade of explosives.

Holder: Well, let’s uh, you know, with all due respect sir, I think that the 9/11 Commission, I think, pretty conclusively established exactly who was behind the bombings of the World Trade Center Towers—

Katy: We actually have new information.

Holder: {waving his hand at Katy} Those at the highest levels of Al-Qaeda have indicated that they were responsible. We are fighting a battle in Afghanistan to try to root out those people who would continue to try to do this nation harm. And this administration is now determined to conduct that war consistent with the values that have defined this nation as the great one that it is.

{As press conference is breaking up}

Jeremy: Treason. That was a treasonous answer Eric Holder.

Katy: I managed to get the paper, at least my paper, to his assistant. And I got it on camera.

Ed: I just gave it to the CNN reporter. But they threatened put me in handcuffs, because I tried to give it to their Secret Service.

{Out in the back alley as Holder walks out to the SUV caravan, from about 100 feet away}

Jeremy: Attorney General Holder, would you like to clear up the treason issue sir? Would you like to clear up the treason issue? Are you interested in scientific proof of treason against the United States of America, sir? Would you like to get to the bottom of this sir? I can give the information to one of-I don’t need to give it to you. I can give it to one of your assistants sir.

{Secret Service agent who was right next to Holder comes over as the SUV’s begin to pull out of the alleyway}

Jeremy: Is the Attorney General interested in scientific proof of treason? Did he say he’s interested in looking, getting to the bottom of this? Did he say he was interested in getting to the bottom of this sir- treason done against the United States of America, against our fellow citizens?


He’s not interested?

{Holder’s SUV pulls by and I, in a good faith attempt at being a responsible citizen, hold out the packet that I insist has scientific proof of treason for the attorney general, in case the chief federal law enforcement official decides to stop, roll down the window and take into his possession the alleged 9/11 treason packet.}

Jeremy: Attorney General Holder, there’s information--

{Holder gives me a thumbs-up through the darkened window of his SUV}

{speaking to the Secret Service agents still stationed on the corner of the alley}

Jeremy: He just gave me a thumbs-up. That’s pretty interesting. Thank you all.

Secret Service agents: Ok, no problem.


{Katy goes around a circle of Secret Service agents handing out Oathkeeper cards, which they all accept.}

link to video?

Can you post a link to the video for this?

also, was it Katy who said this, Holder, or someone else: "Katy: Are you talking about nano-thermite? I’ve heard of this."

Lost Files

I take the blame for no video... yet. System problems, and time constraints and any other excuse I might have :)

I will edit the vid this month hopefully and post it before the New Year.

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"Advanced, Unexploded, Military Grade Explosive" - Well Said

Great job confronting important figures with this evidence.

Also very important is reminding rank and file law enforcement officers of their duty with Oath Keepers material.

These are the people that organized criminal political figures will try to turn against the American people.

These people are not

These people are not interested in the truth or even holding a trial which is a fair trial. They are preventing the accused from selecting their own council and have declared them guilty and any other verdict is not an option.

That statement alone is enough to discount the trial and shows that the trial will not allow evidence in the court, only "confessions"
and other faked "evidence" which supports the forgone conclusion.

What W's people started, O's people are continuing. There is not a bit of difference in their guilt and complicity in the crime and its cover up.

Obama is a war president and deserves the Nobel Prize for doublespeak.