Fealgood Foundation Christmas Message To President Obama

At their annual Christmas party, The Fealgood Foundation appealed to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to pass HR847, the James Zadroga 9/11 Health Act, and to President Barack Obama to sign it.


Touching video, I can only hope that Pelosi and Obama have some splinter of a heart left in them to do the right thing, if only for the children.

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry

I think they'll get it and watch it, somehow..

and what an interesting world that is. Things sure have changed, thanks to the Internet.

And may the whole 9/11 horror show, come to be seen for what it was and still represents, as the crime of the century, and the boundless hypocrisy that it really is; the official story about what happened nothing more than a public myth written and narrated by the likes of Philip Zelikow and Robert Gates, what a disgrace.

It will not stand.

The myth will be obliterated by the truth in history, and therefore, at the most fundamental level, it already has, it matters not what 50% or slightly more may still believe.

The world has changed.

Whether you pass that bill or not, the truth about what was done will re-emerge in history, as the world looks back and considers the way those buildings went down on that tragic day in 2001, and therefore, justice WILL be served, in memory of the victims and all the heros, by the revelation of the self evident truth at the heart of the issue. People were murdered, by Bush, Cheney and an insider cabal, and the crime, covered up by a complicit government and mainstream media. That's the truth. It doesn't matter how painful it is to be forced to consider, it's reality, and Obama is also now guilty through complicity in propogating the lie, and trying to build a moral authority on it for waging war, which in light of the truth of 9/11 is by it's very definition an unjust war and therefore the continuation of a war crime.

/rant over.
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