A Christmas Gift to the Movement? Please Consider Helping 911Truth.org!

Hello all,

First of all thank you all for your contributions to our cause this year! I know many of you including my family have given considerable amounts of money to our campaign and you must all be proud of the success we have had in recent months! We have as a movement got the word out to many millions of people throughout the world and we are influencing the population and working our way to world peace with 9/11 Truth.

You know what they say that "the squeaky wheel gets the oil", so while successful groups like www.AE911Truth.org have been receiving plenty of donations (they still need many more) other less well seen and heard elements of this campaign have missed out.

www.911Truth.org is simply "the face of this movement" and are the only group that facilitates a person to be available for anyone to talk to and have their questions about 9/11 Truth answered. This person currently is Janice Matthews the Executive Director who is also a mother and has a large family to look after, on her own.

A few of the things that Janice and 911Truth.org do for us daily;

- Provides her home phone for the public to call at any time
- Maintains the website and posts quality news and events there, which must be checked for accuracy and content etc
- Deals with the collection of evidence and legal matters for our campaign
- Answers hundreds of emails weekly
- Redirects people to the relevant organisations within our movement
- Provides wisdom to activists worldwide by phone and e-mail and has been directly involved in the direction of groups like Truth Action and WeAreChange
- Often councils people suffering depression and anxiety, occasionally having to deal with suicidal individuals, marriage breakups and ex-veterans dealing with the reality of the 9/11 lies!

NOTE: www.911Truth.org is the first site you find when searching for "9/11 Truth" so we must make sure it is looked after by us, that is those that it represents.

I can not begin to imagine what it would be like for a soldier coming to the realization that he had killed innocent people in Iraq or Afghanistan based on the lies of 9/11. Even worse would be that he had no one to talk to about that reality! Thank god that that soldier has a wise and compassionate woman like Janice Matthews to talk to about this reality, and he or she is able to be heard at 911Truth.org.

WE can not do without this service that Janice and www.911Truth.org provide to the public, first responders, victims families and our returning soldiers who need and want to know the truth about 9/11.

If we do not support organisations like www.911Truth.org we will fail in our quest for Truth and Justice. Janice's children need to be fed and clothed just like ours, her roof needs to be fixed just like ours, her bills need to be paid just like ours, the difference being we can go to work to pay for these things while Janice suffers working for our campaign 12 and sometimes 20 hours a day!

Please give generously at this festive time to something of real importance for us and our world; please support those that support us! It will be a gift to our movement:)

Please Donate today http://911truth.org/page.php?page=donate

Kind regards John Bursill

PS - No one ask me to send this out especially not Janice