WAC Boston delivers scientific proof of TREASON to Congressman John Tierney 9/7/09

Anyone willing to donate a recent copy of Final Cut Pro to me? I need it for video editing.

Good Job Guys

I like the way Tierney just kind of moves out of WAC camera range. Guess it's also appropriate that when
he's in the best shot there's a giant chemtrail just above his head in the sky. As long as all those first responders die then there are just that many less to testify to what they saw and heard. Absolutely unbelievable these men and women are being hung out to dry. Hard to believe these faux representatives, criminal !! $TRILLIONS to spend to go 7,000 miles away and murder close to 2 million Iraqi people though.

Great job.

It's very important to get these guys on the record as having received the information. Mostly for later when they try to distance themselves, or say that they have never heard of that before. We should do a benefit show for your group some time.