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Russ Baker discusses his book, Family of Secrets, the first complete historic portrait of the Bush dynasty, and provides us with an overview of how this dynasty shaped our politics. He tells us about the shadow government in the US, the real players, elites, and power centers within each president’s government, and the limitation on what and how much an American president can accomplish – considering the influence of these powerful and independent fiefdoms characterized by entrenched agendas and constant intrigue. Mr. Baker defines and explains the concept of Forensic Journalism, and talks about his nonprofit news organization WhoWhatWhy, the need for nonpartisan and independent journalism today, the current media landscape in the US, and more.

Russ Baker is an award-winning investigative journalist and the author of Family of Secrets- – the Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years. He has written for The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, The Nation, The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Village Voice and Esquire. He has served as a contributing editor to the Columbia Journalism Review, and is the founder of WhoWhatWhy, a nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative news organization.



Russ has in his possession:

9/11 Mysteries
Unter Falscher Flagge
Fabled Enemies
Who Killed John O'Neil?
The Aaron Russo Interviews
William Rodriguez National Hero
The Great Conspiracy (Zwicker)
9/11 Press for Truth
In Their Own Words
The New American Century9
9/11: Blueprint for Truth
9/11 The Myth and the Reality
Core of Corruption
The Power of Nightmares
Dust to Dust
Dust and Deceit
Loss of Liberty (USS Liberty)
Anthrax War
Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime
Improbable Collapse
Loose Change Final Cut

I gave him a "starter" pack.

I was disappointed with Baker's carefully crafted, FEEBLE answer to the question on 9/11 at the end.

And at the same time...

Thrilled with the carefully crafted question regarding the 9/11 attacks as a possible opening...

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.


I suffer from low vision and don't see a link to an interview, just articles. What am I supposed to be seeing that I'm missing? thanks.

Great job Joe.

I was thinking about that huge dvd catalog you gave him while listening to his comments about 911. I agree with Jon that Peter B. Collins posed an excellent question. I am convinced that Baker knows the truth but feels the need to give an ambiguous response. I think his acknowledgement that the function of these commissions (Warren Commission, 911 Commission) is to coverup or provide damage control speaks volumes.

Well, he can't say that he doesn't have access to the 911 information, that's for sure. Joe has given these 911 documentary catalogs to several influential authors over the past year in addition to his tireless distribution of thousands and thousands of dvds to the general public.

You can't do much better that to put all that information in their hands in a form where all they have to do slip it into the player and push play.

Thanks Joe.

Joe has given upscale DVD packets to many high profile people

Joe has connected with many authors and activists who have passed through the Dallas area. He never misses an opportunity to provide them with a nice bundle of 9/11 DVDs. Cindy Sheehan has a great library of DVDs. From Thom Hartman & John Perkins... to local radio DJ's & activists... to JFK researchers ( ), Eustice Mullins, Col. Ann Wright, & other book authors ... Joe has provided many high-profile people with 9/11 DVDs and information.

Russ and I at Dealey Plaza Nov. 22nd

We need Jeremy Scahill, Russ Baker, Adam Kokesh to take the next step.

'Forensic Journalism'

Hopefully Russ Baker will be inclined to do some Forensic Journalism about 9/11 and nanothermite. Good job getting him info, Joe.

I love these podcasts

If they were daily, it still wouldn't be enough. Baker's acknowledgement of the legitimacy of asking questions and demanding answers concerning 9/11 shows that he is an ally, and a good one to have. He's out there unraveling a lot of stuff which should only work in our favor. His analysis of how media is created and controlled is excellent. A lot of good stuff in this interview. This is one of Sibel's better shows. Spreading around the link to this show is a good idea.This is an especially good show to send to journalists, since they will immediately respect his journalism credentials.

I Like the way Sibel

acknowledged the idea of "foundation control" of alternative media as the counterpart to the more widely known "corporate control "of mainstream media.... Many have been baffled at how the alternative or 'progressive' media can be so completely silent about certain issues, and I think that's part of the reason. Too bad for them. Revolution is in the air and they can't un-ring the bell.

Peter B. Collins does a great job, btw., and is an excellent partner to Sibel. Keep these coming.

Links - found

Some weeks back, someone commenting on this site noted in a thread that the 'left gatekeepers' diagram, showing the flow of corporate funding to altenative news outlets, could no longer be found at the address (try it and you'll see a German-language business webpage; while searching with '' just yields various attempted searches). So I was very glad to see that in the comments on the boilingfrogs site, someone included a link which, besides some good articles, also has the sought-after left gatekeepers diagram at the bottom of the page:

Hallelujah! It was lost and now it's found!

I've just been recently

I've just been recently following this program. Kristina Borjesson has been my favorite interview thus far. And I just listened to the Russ Baker interview and came away partially impressed. What is disappointing in the tone and tact that Russ takes is that he is still self-policing himself when it comes to what is considered accepted analysis and despite his claims of being open, he is extremely presumptuous in his general approach to information. Case in point was that he stated that the President is the most powerful man on earth. When heard initially, I immediately thought that is not true nor cannot it be proven to be true. It is a false axiom that is put out there by the mainstream media and conventional thinkers. He then goes on to describe in the interview how Obama as well as other Presidents are really quite hamstrung by other, more powerful interests who control his policy but fails to make the obvious deduction that the President is clearly not the most powerful man on earth. For me, that was evident with the behaviour of GB on that fateful day, hiding in the classroom with the schoolchildren. Lets face it there are other forces at play here who really control what goes in the world. Still, this quite evident fact exposed by his own research escapes Mr. Baker. Another comment I found particularly striking was his glossing over of Prescott Bush's involvement with the Nazi's and war profiteering. He claims that 'everyone knows this'. Ah, no. Not everyone knows this and it is certainly worth exposing at length to complete Body of Secrets. It is a ridiculous assumption to make especially considering it is something that I would venture to say has barely been spoken by the Mainstream Press.

Having said that, I will tune into Mr. Baker's site to see if he truly has the courage for his self-described "forensic journalism". In regards to his crack team of investigators tackling 9/11, I won't hold my breath.

One other thing...I just listened to a Boiling Frogs episode with Peter Lance and was wondering what others thought of this man's research.
I don't know if this individual is really dumb, a useful idiot or working for the feds. He goes onto describe infiltration by AQ operatives into the FBI and his basic tact was that they were all incompetent and duped by brilliant double agents. I haven't read his work but thus far it sounds like an exercise of burying ones head in the sand of convenient minutia without looking up and taking a gander at the big picture. I wonder what others think of Peter Lance here.

About Lance

I've not read Lance myself, but in reading articles describing and quoting from his work (such as 'Triple Cross,') my impression is basically as you've expressed it--breathtakingly naive, never venturing in the slightest to step back and look at the larger picture (yes, western intelligence was 'infiltrated' by the very same militant outfits they had created--right!). But if he wrote otherwise, then of course his books wouldn't be reviewed or promoted in the major news outlets. Conversely, if, say Nafeez Ahmed had written in terms of Al Qaeda 'infiltration' of western intelligence and been careful not to do harm to the 9/11 OCT, then his books might been better received by those news outlets, rather than completely ignored.

The thing about such books is that they can still provide facts which more critically-minded readers can use in advancing their arguments about what really happened on 9/11. I know that Peter Dale Scott, for example, has cited Lance's research when telling audiences about the case of Ali Mohamed, the 'former' US asset with terrorist connections (implicated with Bin Laden in the '98 African embassy bombings) who was repeatedly permitted to enter the US with help from the feds. (And it's good that Scott does this, even though I think he himself still needs to be more willing to connect the dots and question the official account of 'Al Qaeda' and 'jihadists' more deeply than he apparently has to date.)

*(One more thing, Cornelius: When you say 'tact' in your comment above, I think you may mean 'tack,' a term from sailing, meaning something like a chosen direction, that can be used metaphorically.)

Kevin Ryan mentions Russ Baker...

Kevin Ryan has done extensive research into connections and relations surrounding the 9/11 events. Kevin mentions Russ Baker. Part 1 - ...and Part 2 - and also Kevin's most recent paper
[Part 1 ... Kevin writes: "Note: The author is indebted to a few particularly useful sources of information and inspiration, including Russ Baker's book "Family of Secrets", the websites, and, and Richard Gage."]

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