Real liberals support progressive policies; fakes, fascists wage war, deny help for Americans

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Let’s define “political liberal,” view current US wars and economic policies through that lens, and determine appropriate policy response if progressivism is to be honored.

Progressivism defined: There is variance in understanding, but let’s work with these
Egalitarian economic policy meeting the minimal needs of education, health care, housing, food, and a sustainable environment.
Investment in research and openness to new ideas for social improvement.
Sufficient government programs to achieve the above goals while maximizing individual freedom.

The lesson of human wars is a lesson of the wealthy never having enough and aggressively conquering for more. Colonialism, its consequence of two world wars, and economic imperialism cloaked as a “Cold War” (such as the US overthrowing Iran’s democracy from 1953-1979) is a direct expression of non-egalitarian political philosophy. Progressives see national security almost always accomplished through cooperation, dignity, justice, and freedom rather than force. Inalienable rights, education, health care and similar social services open doors to individual and human advancement.

Progressives and current US wars: Progressives who enact their commitment to education understand the wise limitations of war embodied in the UN Charter. Because lives are at stake, the laws of war are among the few all Americans should know. Because intelligently-crafted laws are meant to be understood and followed, the US laws of war are easier to master than most rules of sports, such as the infield fly rule in baseball.

The full explanation of US law governing war and full documentation is here; this is the summary: after WW2, nations created the binding treaty of the UN Charter to eliminate war as a foreign policy option. Article VI of the Constitution makes a treaty a US law with the same level of power as US and Constitutional law. The UN Charter allows war only under two circumstances:
In defense of an armed attack by another nation. When the attack ends and the narrow definition of national self-defense of “instant, overwhelming, and leaving no choice of means, and no moment for deliberation" ends, and the UN Security Council takes jurisdiction (seizes the matter), the UN Security Council determines war authorization.
The UN Security Council authorizes force.

These are the applicable laws. The purpose of these strict limits is to fulfill the UN’s purpose of ending the scourge of war through isolation of aggressors and collective action. The 20th Century witnessed over 230 million human deaths from wars and violent government acts.

Afghanistan was not an armed attack by a nation, but an act of terrorism. The UN seized the matter in Resolution 1373, calling for international cooperation to discover and capture the terrorists. Four weeks after 9/11, the US violated 1373 and attacked Afghanistan. The US Congress authorized the President with war powers in Afghanistan and Iraq, but only within UN Charter limits. Iraq was argued as a “pre-emptive” defensive war, outside of UN Charter authorization. The evidence justifying the attack is now disclosed and revealed as ridiculously false, and known as false at the time it was presented. Again, full explanation and documentation is at my article, "US war laws explained, why Afghanistan and Iraq wars are unlawful, how to end them."

Appropriate progressive war policy response: The wars are clearly unlawful once the law and evidence in the preceding paragraph is factually grasped. They aren’t even close to being lawful. Republican Party leaders lied for war in Iraq and engaged in an offensive war and occupation of Afghanistan. This was only possible through collusion of Democratic Party leadership. Both parties’ leadership is lying for more war with Iran, including the threat of first-strike nuclear weapon attack. So the first step is telling the truth.

The second step is refusing to continue unlawful war. Gandhi and Martin Luther King advocated public understanding of the facts and non-cooperation with evil. Those in military, government, and law enforcement should immediately honor their oath to protect and defend the US Constitution to refuse and stop all orders pertaining to any aspect of these wars.

The third step is criminal investigation and prosecution for violation of law. I recommend a Truth and Reconciliation (T&R) process as practical because so many at the top of both parties are culpable. In addition, T&R should be open to all areas of criminal and/or harmful conduct that should blast-open our economic socialization of banks’ gambling losses, and who knows what else. This leads us to consider where progressives’ political focus should be.

Progressive economic policy for the 21st Century: Our first step here is to recognize we’ve also been massively lied to and robbed by banking and financial “leadership.” The last year has been the largest transfer of money from American taxpayers to wealthy elitists in history. Our monetary system is a Robber Baron-era design by the banks for the banks. While tragically-comic, our real wealth of intelligence, resources and labor can all be sharpened from the experience.

The second step is monetary reform (advocated by Kucinich and Grayson), that would save Americans over a trillion dollars every year. The federal government could be the employer of last resort for infrastructure improvement, resulting in full employment and the end of the crisis. The national debt is repaid without inflation. At first blush amazing, this policy has the backing of many of America’s brightest historical minds.

All cost-benefit analyses show housing, feeding, and health care for the homeless is cheaper than people living in the streets. The egalitarian response coupled with practical costs is a bipartisan winning policy. Ending poverty around the world can be achieved for less than 1% of developed nations’ gross national income; this saves a million children’s lives every month while decreasing population growth rates in each and every historical case.

Ending war, investing in America and ending global poverty aren’t idealistic, but practical and the only intelligent progressive focus for political attention. Once these goals are achieved, who knows what other doors will open. If T&R blows-open the oil cartel, a probable species-changing event is the discovery of dozens of free-energy devices that oil suppressed.

Below is an 8-minute video fromPuppetgovtitled, “How you ended the war.”

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