Pilot for 9/11 flight school considered "Grave threat to national security"

by Daniel Hopsicker

A U.S. Customs Agent on duty when controversial drug pilot and “soldier of fortune” Michael Brassington attempted to re-enter the US through Fort Lauderdale International Airport in April of 2004 was instructed by a Supervisor at Immigrations & Customs Enforcement (ICE) to treat Brassington—a long-time employee and business associate of Wallace J. Hilliard, owner of the flight school that taught Mohamed Atta to fly— as a “grave threat to national security.”

The news comes as the former Guyanese military pilot prepares to go on trial in a Federal Courthouse in Newark next month for recklessly endangering the lives of passengers, whose number includes ex-Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton as well as numerous celebrities.

The disclosure, from a soon-to-be-released documentary, “The New American Drug Lords,” is a reminder, more than eight years later, of the unfinished nature of the investigation into the 9/11 attack.


What a story! ...connections to drugs, corruption, and 9/11

This is an interesting read! What I can not fathom is that this guy (Michael Brassington) was caught co-piloting a plane with 43 pounds of heroin in the summer of 2000. ...and he still flies in and out of the country?! ...and connected to the flight school for Mohammed Atta !?!

By the way, the person signing the document for Gloria Marshall of Homeland Security is a 'Stephen'.