Jim Hoffman's Plausible Destruction Scenario

Jim Hoffman has written this article,

This is brilliant insight into a critical problem explaining the destruction on 911.
How does nanothermite get everywhere in the two towers?
And, how do you detonate it with flawless split second accuracy?

The article outlines probable ways the demolitions may have happened.
What struck me was the sheer brilliance of using ceiling tiles laced with nanothermite
and RF transmitter detonators. The ceiling tiles were already placed throughout the buildings,
and with layers of nanothermite sandwiched between each one, their abundance can
reasonably account for the massive explosions and the pools of molten iron months after the demolition.

I understood about cutter charges and painting the thermite on core columns, but I could
not get the thoroughness of the explosions on all the floors. Laced ceiling tiles explains it.

As a plan, can you think of a better way to prepare the buildings for demolition without a hint of suspicion?
Absolutely brilliant. Jim Hoffman has done a tremendous service for the Truth Community to help complete this puzzle.

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Using specially backed with

Using specially backed with explosive layer painted on certainly would be a way to place them throughout much of the building without causing suspicion. It could be done in off hours and hardly noticed at all and installed over a number of months. Are there any records of ceiling tile upgrades?

The use if RF for detonation might be subject to interference. Why not use existing telephone risers? Telephone workers are not likely to cause anyone to think anything unusual was going on and all they had to do is connect wires at the various floors to the explosives and they could have been controlled from anywhere... even in the basement where the controller would be destroyed in the end. Perhaps the sequence can related to over pressure so it procedes like wave from initiation point down ... giving the appearance of a collapse.

The towers seem to have the core exploding but not the perimeter. The pulverization of the concrete is something which needs to be modeled. Could this be possible from a blast from the core alone?

painted thermite

As Jim's article surmises the special ceiling tiles with thermite sandwiched between the layers is a viable method of placing it in the buildings.
Painting the tiles is great but might have caused problems with the visual appearances, droopy ceiling and residual paint all over. Regardless, it's insight into probable scenarios. Your thoughts are very helpful.
The special tiles may also explain the flashes in the clouds of debris. Ceiling tiles exploding in the clouds could very easily create the little flashes that are now so apparent in every video with any quality. They are throughout the footage, one only must look to see them. Thanks.

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Steel pans

Why not just spray the steel floor pans (rust proofing/fire proofing) when any "improvements" are made from floor to floor?

How does nanothermite get everywhere in the two towers?

I doubt it had to been everywhere.

My working hypothesis is threefold.

-Nanothermite explosives to destroy communications, elevators, the SCC, the OCC, sprinklers, risers.
(Jets to hide this),
-thermite paint at the scenes the jet impacted, ignited by the fire to weaken the steel structure and
-linear thermite cutter charges in certain floors, like 75,55,0 to get the thing started.

did you read Jim's paper?

Your hypothesis needs a great deal of work to be plausible.

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Your point of view

has the premise, that it will be more plausible to accomplish the demolition rigging the most easiest way.
I feel that could be a false premise, as nanothermite is a high tech stuff, the access to the building may be was no problem and the work could be done over a long period of time, aka 1998-2001 or so. We should be open to all hypothesis, and maybe Steven Jones is right: Concentrace on who could made this stuff, instead of how they made it precisely.