an idea for a video. From ROBinDALLAS

an idea for a video. From ROBinDALLAS

What if we could have a video of someone, in a courtroom setting, acting as an attorney questioning KSM? We could have someone playing KSM giving the answers. I thought of having a mock trial, but this may be just as effective. Get the real questions out there in a form that is compelling.

The real questions need to be brought to the public's view in advance of the trials.

Maybe there is a better way to do this.

I just think we should compile a list of questions that we think would be enlightening.

These are the questions that are not likely to be asked at the trial.

This is an excellent opportunity for the 911 Truth movement.

I am sure we have some quality videographers and actors in the group. Feel free to run with this idea.
Submitted by ROBinDALLAS on Sun, 12/27/2009 - 4:53pm.

New Charlie Sheen?

Great idea, Rob. This could be the next publicity chapter for Charlie Sheen! (And could spawn a whole series of tributes like "20 Minutes with President Obama" did).

Charlie: "Did you pull Building 7?" to mock KSM.

Charlie: "Did you put nanothermite in the World Trade Center?"

Charlie: "Were you running war games on 9/11?"

Charlie: "Did you stand down NORAD?" "What were the orders you gave to Dick Cheney that morning?"

Charlie: "Did you teach Hani Hanjour to fly?" "Did you deliberately target Wedge 1 of the Pentagon?"

Charlie: "Did you mastermind the put options prior to 9/11?"

Charlie: "Were you the mastermind of the anthrax attacks?"

etc, etc. (Get another celebrity to play KSM) Go on Larry King, Charlie. Take the show on Broadway. Get your Daddy involved. Let's identify the REAL questions demanding REAL answers.
Submitted by RL McGee on Sun, 12/27/2009 - 10:26pm.

Excellent Joe!

Yes! This is what I pictured. Make it stand out like a sore thumb that the important questions will not be asked. Your questions are exactly the kind that I was thinking of.

Your questions, my questions, Charlie's questions.

The questions are all of ours including the families' of the victims, the Jersey Girls', the first responders' and all the dedicated people's in the 911 Truth community around the world.
These questions need to be asked and answered.

Rob, submit to AJ and TruthAction

Those were not my questions.

Charlie laying low.

I think Charlie may be laying low for a while.
Latest report has him accused of threatening with a knife.
Not a good career move, even for a "bad boy" like Charlie.
nullius in verba.

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I am aware of the recent story.

They, Fox News, ran the 911 recording of his wife claiming he threatened her with a knife. She was drunk. He was not drunk.
I may be hypersensitive, but it seems like the MSM is giving this story a disproportionate amount of attention.

I think the idea could be effective whether known actors are used or not.

Charlie Sheen...


I don't believe anything touted by the MSM (aka US MInistry of Propaganda), anymore.

Defamation = Neutralization

Knife-wielding lunatic attacks wife. Sheen .... hmmm... OJ?


Rob, great idea on the video.

...can't believe that no one in the movement has yet emerged with video creation / production their main interest, forte, and action in both serious and humorous formats.

Are there no AV geeks out there?