Additions to the Journal of 9/11 Studies, and thoughts for 2Kten

I am pleased to announce the translation of the peer-reviewed article on “Active Thermitic Materials” by Prof. Niels Harrit et al. into Spanish and German, published in the Journal of 9/11 Studies:

May I take this occasion to wish all of you a Happy New Year.

In the past I have urged all to acquire at least a three-month (preferably 1-year) supply of food and water, wherever this is legal. Now to add to this – I urge you to have a rural place of safety to go quickly to, perhaps in groups of families or friends, far away from the large cities. In a case where trucking of food into the cities is curtailed, or the electric power is out, or an EMP blast, or any number of scenarios where services to cities are cut, it will clearly be prudent to have pre-arranged retreat(s). The goals of self-sufficiency and voluntary-simplicity that some have been discussing “theoretically” in the Truth Movement for years can be quickly achieved with pre-planning and work and cooperation.

I anticipate an adventuresome 2010, for I think the next several years will prove an adventure for all of us. We’re in it together.
Steven E. Jones

Wonderful and most important work on 9/11 Truth!

Thank you !

Now the tone of your comment sounds little alarmist. We all have to believe in best, calm holidays and beyond.

We all strive to peacefully reveal the 9/11 Truth, if not to prevent further inside operations.

Petr Buben - -

We need to HOPE for the best

But prepare for the worst. ;-)

Thank you Prof. Jones for all that you have done.

A happy and hopeful New Year to all.

I don't think it sounds alarmist at all

Dr. Jones' comments are bang on. Thank goodness he's saying it. Maybe more people will wake up to the truth of what's going on.

We're heading for a serious shit-storm.

I think the good doctor states it quite mildly and with grace.

Raising the alarm, acknowledging the dark possibility, doesn't mean we abandon hope; but a naive hope
may be our greatest foe.

Thank you, Dr. Jones

These translations will help spread the truth.

scary thoughts

I think that Dr. Jones have every right to sound alarmist. I, as well aseveryone on this sight knows that this site is dedicated mostly to events of 9/11 and the actions that have transpired since, but what I think Dr. Jones is saying is that 9/11 is just a part in a much bigger picture of complete control of all our freedoms and that there is a certain faction of our fellow americans that are going to be extreme when the hammer comes down and he just wants us to be ready. And with the recent news of Israel pulling all their dignitaries home for the first time ever spells trouble for us all. I hope not. God bless and happy new year to all.


"And with the recent news of Israel pulling all their dignitaries home for the first time ever spells trouble for us all"

Can you provide a source for this?

Is this a sign that Israel is going to bomb Iran ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
Is this a sign that Israel is going to bomb Iran ? If Israel does bomb Iran we can imagine the reaction in Mulsim countries and every airoplane boarding would need to be doubly checked. Only sure way to do this is to use body scanners but the Europeans have up to now refused them. Was this the use of the latest bomb flight 253 scare : to scare people into accepting the use of these machines ?

Can dogs smell out nano-thermite ? Can these new body scanners detect nano-thermite ?

Here in France this 02/01/2010 there is still a black out on Nano-thermite on the masse media. Can you tell me please if anyone has descovered nano-thermite in some of the thousands of tons of débris on Straten Island ?


Bonne Année et Bonne Santé to you Professor Jones.



Great job Dr. Jones!

And a happy new year to you!

"We’re in it together." -- Steven E. Jones

"I anticipate an adventuresome 2010, for I think the next several years will prove an adventure for all of us. We’re in it together." -- Steven E. Jones

Great New Year quote!

I wish Dr. Jones would provide a bit more detail...

What sort of crisis does Jones imagine?

I imagine the professor reluctant to flesh out the reasons why he expects an imminent national food and energy emergency - because it could be unproductive to 911 Truth. But maybe someone who knows what Jones is referring to could post more details?

One Global Crisis After Another ...

The manufactured global war on "terror", the manufactured global financial crisis, the global "swine flu" false alarm and the global man-made warming hoax.

The proposed "solutions" to the alleged man-made climate change phenomena is a crisis in the making itself.

Just recently, the government is now attempting to compel U.S. farmers to convert 59 million acres of farmland into forest, not to mention the proposed mandated major reduction in global economic activity.

The writing is on the wall.

Industrial HEMP

The massive reintroduction of industrial hemp to American agriculture is an absolute necessity, whether there is man-made global warming or not. If there is such a thing, hemp is the only effective solution.

But we need to get away from petroleum regardless, and transitioning to hemp-based fuel sources, supplemented by the technologies we already have, is the only realistic way to do so.

The banning of hemp in America was the "linchpin" that fatally undercut the family farm (and agrarian republicanism) and solidified Big Oil's energy monopoly.

It's not just Willie Nelson! Google "hemp for fuel" and check out this article written when Popular Mechanics was still a respectable magazine:

As for Prof. Jones's recommendations: 100 years ago, what he's describing was what they called "normal" and was "plain common sense." It's still the latter, if not former.



Dr. Jones,

obviously you know something, and in the past you were involved in doing research for the government (Cold Fusion comes to mind), so I assume you still have friends there (or retired from government) whom you are still in contact with.

Care to tell us how reliable your sources are? Nothing elaborate:

1. Excellent

2. Good

3. Hit and miss (50-50)

And are these event[s] going to happen, or might happen?

I'll check on the indications and warning you're picking up!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

You want Sources?

Please. It is obvious there is something terribly wrong with our country. Our media is lying to us and our government is not acting in our best interest. I've got a gut feeling about the best way to remain safe that has served me well throughout my life; as do all of us. It is clear to me that under these circumstances it is best to be as self reliant as possible. There is no need for any specific news of imminent peril.

What you should be asking

is what can I do to help my neighbors and to prepare myself?

There were 3 types of people on the Titanic after it had collided with the ice berg:

1 - Deer in headlights. Whats happening? What do I do? Whos in charge?
2 - Proactive. I understand the situation, and I have skills. Whos going to work with me?
3 - Denial. You guys are all alarmists, doomers. This is the Titanic. Unsinkable! Back to the bar..

If you know how to build lifeboats, which group of people are you going to expend energy for and pay attention to?
"Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods." A. Einstein


Dr Jones,

there are no current indications and warning of 9/11 type events in the works for the United States. So relax, folks!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Seriously consider moving out of some states

Not to mention low-lying areas near the shoreline. Gary Null has been following the issues of water shortage and global warming for years. I suggest everybody listen to his shows at He often reminds us that Atlanta came within about 9 days of running out of water (I think about a year and half ago), and that while the rise in the sea level has been modest, so far, if a huge ice shelf slides off a pole (north or south), even without immediately melting, a super-large chunk of ice could displace enough water to make the water level rise by over a foot. In which case, we're talking about a global calamity. (BTW, did you know that the Dutch, who have actually reclaimed land from the sea, have made the decision to let the sea reclaim some of it? They see the writing on the wall.)

BTW, Gary Null has been working on a 911 investigation for years, and it looks like he will broadcast it within a couple of months. It will deal, in part, with the buildings' collapse, as he has mentioned interviewing a structural engineer. Also, he has been working on a homesteading project, which will follow a model of more or less complete independence. Homesteaders will grow a large variety of crops, organically, instead of focusing on monocultures. Null believes that large numbers of the population will be forced to go closer to the land, and raise food, driven by higher oil prices and other economic factors which will make cities in their current form unsustainable. Better to assist this migration, so that it occurs in an orderly fashion. If you are interested in homesteading, give his office a buzz.

Green acres, anybody? :-)

Sounds like

Prof Jones is well aware of the peak oil disaster looming ahead.

To keep abreast of the situation and to help prepare ..

"Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods." A. Einstein

prepare for the worst, work for the best..

i appreciate your gifts both in science and human-ness. your warning makes sense for what we have been made to be conscious of

the denial, the deceit, the anti science and anti-constitution human rights atrocities, we could only had imagined existed.

While real scientists and people who love general principles of the usa constitution, we can handle truth and appreciate a growing storm of things turning out one way or another.

i hope to get more prepared.. but right now after over a decade, am hoping for positive result from a prototype test for a heat engine..

thank you for the gandhi quote you opened one of your nano-thermite presentations.

"When I despair,
I remember that all through history
the way of truth and love has always won.
There have been tyrants and murderers
and for a time they seem invincible
but in the end, they always fall --
think of it, ALWAYS."

-- Mahatma Gandhi

the big trick is not if we survive the crazies, but eternity.. anyway.. glad to know you now.


Fit to transmit in post Cassini flyby era
<>~<> <>~<>
for life's survival in the 21st Century

2009, The year of Prof Jones and the Irrefutable Evidence study

I think we can declare the year 2009 a Year of Prof Steven Jones, and his - together Prof Harrit and others - his mighty definitive 2009 Nanothermite WTC Evidence study, as for what 9/11 Truth is concerned.
Single one most definitive most important act of the 9/11 Movement history. And yes, let's mention Ms Janette MacKinlay and her pivotal providential role!

The history, the big history of the nation, is being written, right now, by big, awesome, fearless Patriots standing for the Truth, for their country, for our common principles and our common conscience.

They never will be forgotten.

Professor Jones! .... you blew us all away, apart, into pieces, into higher orbit, with your definitive study!
How can we survive such a jolt? :]

Cheers ! The Victory is ours! The Victory is that of Truth and Justice. ... At least in America.


Thank you for comments and encouragement.

We are in this together and my wish for you is to do something now about a place of retreat, and choosing a "voluntary simplicity" in a changed lifestyle, before such is "forced" upon you.

Exactly WHEN or WHY the grid/or/ supply lines you depend on will be curtailed, I cannot say...

But it doesn't take a nuclear scientist to see that various factors are converging towards such a dilemma and we should prepare while it is relatively easy. Even envisioning WHERE you would like to be in such an emergency, and WHAT food, water and other necessities you will have in place when you arrive -- is a good first step in preparing. Then let's act.

Odd Rumors

Dr. Jones,

the 9/11 Truth Movement is about the truth that took away the lives of 3,000 persons on 9/11, not survivalism! Now I know why Bush & Co. sacrificed 3,000 lives and I don't care what national security excuses they give for 9/11, I want their heads in a basket. That is my main goal, not to run to some rural area IF the going gets tough, but getting tough myself and standing my ground. I've never ran, and as a Christian I find survivalism repugnant.

As a matter of fact, it was the survivalist philosophy that gave us 9/11 in the first place. The political ne'er-do-wells that came into power in January 2001 believed that the survival of the Republic nessesitated the death of some thousands of innocents in order to achieve their maniacal hidden strategic policy against the USSR/China. They exhibit megalomaniacal psychological traits; only they and their sociopathic policy can ensure the survival of the Republic.

That being said, I've already looked into your warning and can only repeat that there are NO 9/11 type emergencies in the pipeline. None. That bullet was shot on September 11, 2001, and there are forces out there who will not allow another catastrophic false-flag operation. Otherwise they would have blown up Flight 253.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Thats What They Said Was The Case Before 9/11

"I've already looked into your warning and can only repeat that there are NO 9/11 type emergencies in the pipeline."

As for flight 253, destroying it may not have been the goal of the real perpetraitors. After all, we now have a suspect, witnesses and evidence that will lead to greater police state controls.

A destroyed flight 253 may never have yeilded the "evidence" that an undestroyed flight 253 has.



the suspect would have shown up on CCTV; his father is already on record incriminating him. Luggage would have been found belonging to the bomber incriminating him, and forensics on his seat would have confirmed the type of bomb used. It just would have taken a little longer time.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

More Oddities

Am I the only one here wondering why Dr. Jones out of the blue has become a proponent of the survivalist movement?

Also, Dr. Jones' refusal to elaborate on the credibility of his sources is not acceptable, and his refusal to reply to my queries inexplicable. Maybe somebody is playing a trick here.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Similar To Your Insistence That 9/11 Planes Were Military?

You seem to be unable to distinguish between an opinion and a sourced claim.

Dr. Jones is entitled to his opinion on current events. Why you construe an opinion as "trick playing" is unknown.



don't forget my assertion that Fidel Castro has been resting in peace these (over) three years, but that is off topic.

Dr. Jones has recommended that we become survivalists based on what must be more than just an opinion. He's a scientist, and has learned to be careful with his statements. So to make such excitable recommendations, he must have sources informing him. I simply want to know what he has based this on, how good are his source(s), because my source says there are NO 9/11 type operations planned for the United States.

Aidan, you say opinion, well, when it comes to someone like Dr. Jones I am forced to read between the lines.

Another point I'm making is that we are not the 9/11 Survivalist Movement. Dr. Jones' recommendation comes out of left field, that is why I'm wondering if someone is playing a trick on Dr. Jones.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

It is just Dr. Jones' opinion

After seeing first hand the extent to which certain people in powerful positions will go, to maintain what they have, Dr. Jones has understandably become cynical.

It is obviously just his opinion brought about by concern over what he has seen. Personally, I would prefer he didn't let his concern about these possibilities get to him and that at least publicly he stay completely in the realm of objectivity.

If there is a chance for major disruption it can be left to others, with less of a need for credibility than he has, to sound the alarm.

Why Now?


it's been over eight years since 9/11. Why make these excitable recommendations now? There are NO 9/11 attacks in the pipeline.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

It isn't the attacks


I think Dr. Jones is concerned about systemic chaos and disruption due to possible trigger events or as part of a plan to reach an objective by certain powerful people.

The events wouldn't necessarily have to be attacks. Extreme fuel shortages and things of that nature could occur and bring about a certain level of chaos.

However, continuing to put out the word that 911 was indeed a hoax will enable people to hold back their reaction and stem the tide.

I don't know if you are old enough to remember the fuel shortages of the 1970's but we had to wait in miles long lines every other day for five gallons of gas, at least until the price doubled. So much for a shortage huh? Having a little extra food and water around wouldn't hurt anyone.

Personally I would like to see people in the 911 Truth movement pushing Alternative Energies as hard as they are trying to expose 911, as this is all about oil to begin with and Alternative Energies are clean and quantifiable. Right now the average guy has no real idea how much oil is left in the world. Even if it is replenishable to some degree we don't know how fast that occurs. I liken our use of fossil fuels to using a finite food store left by a previous generation instead of contiuously farming our food. We should be farming energy instead of just looking for the natural berries here and there. There are plenty of ways to do it.

Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic Airlines said last year that he was putting his entire 3 billion dollar fortune into Alternative Energies and fuels and commented "if we don't undercut these oil people this world is doomed".

The problem really is that Oil people and Wall street have way too much control over our lives. Power is concentrated in the hands of a secretive few and that is really the problem. Look at the audacity of Dick Cheney's secret National Energy Policy meetings of early 2001.

No Life On Titan Or In Deep Space


the 1973 Arab oil embargo was exasperated and prolonged by Nixon's reaction--price controls. There was no boycott by non-Arab OPEC nations nor even nations that didn't ordinarily export oil, which means America could have bought oil from those nations if there had been no price controls. This would have the effect of severely weakening the embargo's effectiveness.

The long lines were due to the artificially low prices,,,a natural response to artifically low prices. If prices were allowed to climb (due to scarcity) then four things would have happened:

1. prices would have risen until supply = demand (this would have negated long lines at the gas stations and saved billions of dollars in wasted time);
2. people would have used the scarce resource (oil) for the most pressing needs (for most people that is transportation and heating oil in the winter);
3. oil would have come to the United States from non-Arab OPEC nations and non-oil producing nations;
4. the higher prices in America would have re-energized oil exploration here in America, including the re-opening of oil wells that were not economic before the embargo.

The net result of the 1973 embargo, if America hadn't imposed price controls, would have been a weakened Arab position and a stronger America!

By the way, there's plenty of hydrocarbon fuels under the Earth (and in the Solar System and out in deep space). Oil companies are drilling deeper where there never was carbon-based life. In other words, oil isn't just a by product of life. The fact that Saturn's moon Titan has lakes of ethane, and possibly oceans of subsurface hydrocarbons, is further evidence that oil is a renewable resource. Vast clouds of hydrocarbons have also been discovered in deep space. Last I heard, the vacuum of deep space precludes the existence of any life, and Titan never had life. --

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

So what happened in 1979?

You seem to want to use Nixon's price controls for the 1973 gas crisis although I don't recall gas being under price controls at the time.

Even so, I'll give you that, but you now need to explain the second oil crisis we had thrust upon us in 1979 when we again had to wait in long lines for gas until the price doubled.

Additionally, your claim of there being a lot of hydrocarbon fuels remaining on earth and the evidence you give for it isn't very convincing. I don't believe oil is a product of decaying life forms either. I believe it is abiotic. However, that still doesn't mean it replenishes often. We don't know how fast it replenishes and that is a problem.

The U.S. oil companies have done whatever they wanted whenever they wanted since the 1970s and the liklihood that people connected to the oil industry were behind 911 is extremely high. Just what do you think we are in Iraq and Afghanistan for?

Black Gold


the combination of oil price controls and the disruption of oil imports due to the Iranian revolution were the cause of the long gas lines in 1979. Price controls on oil were totally repealed in 1981.

We invaded Iraq and Afghanistan to control the flow of oil for the purpose of denying it to China. Now, just last month American oil companies were big losers in Iraq and we're still in Iraq:

As for the abiotic oil still underground and not yet discovered, well, let's just say there is so much of it it will last for thousands of years, even if our population tripled. That's my opinion.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

The price of gas doubled in 1979

so I don't see how any price control issue that wasn't removed until 1981 had anything to do with it.

We were only getting 3% of our oil from Iran at that time. Jimmy Carter even came out and said it was one of the biggest ripoffs of all time.

The U.S. oil companies have been doing what they want for years.

As for them being big losers in Iraq now I wouldn't count on it. Lukoil is tied in heavily with Exxon-Mobil who uses their name to conceal the fact that Exxon is involved.

While I hope you are right I don't see how you can say there are huge reachable deposits of abiotic oil if it is undiscovered.

Lukoil is Lukoil, Not Exxon


doubling the price doesn't equal the Market Price. Remember, price controls weren't fully repealed until 1981.

As an example, what do you think would be the result if the BP station up the street from me lowered their price for regular gas to $1.00? Needless to say the gas line would stretch for miles! Now answer this question, since the end of oil price controls in 1981, why haven't there been "gas shortages" and long gas lines? Since 1981 we've had "gas CRISES", but no gas shortages nor long lines. I wonder why?

Lukoil is a Soviet concern. If they have a business relationship with Exxon that stipulates profit sharing, that's fine, but the winner is Lukoil, not Exxon. Lukoil gets the bulk of the profits, while Exxon gets the scraps. That's assuming Lukoil honors any such business relationship with Exxon! If I were Exxon, I wouldn't count on it.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

It was conditioning in the 1970s

I think there was a certain level of conditioning that went on in the 1970s to get the American public to accept the higher prices.

After that they just raised prices at will whenever there was an excuse that could be used. There were tons of ships in the Delaware Bay waiting for prices to go up where I live near Philadelphia both in 1974 and 1979. We had more oil spills in a few months than there was previously in the entire history of the port of Philadelphia. The tankers were doing lazy circles just waiting and occassionally hit sandbars. There was no shortage either time, just an excuse to double the price.

I think your price control claim is wrong. The prices doubled in 1974 and then again in 1979 and price controls didn't matter one bit. It went from approximately 32 cents/gallon to 65 cents/gallon in 1974 and 65 cents/gallon to $1.30/gallon in 1979. The market price was whatever they thought they could get away with. Your argument there makes no sense as there was obvious price fixing.

Lukoil and Exxon do have a relationship, that much is known, and you have no idea how deep or solid it is so I don't see how you can discount it.

I am curious whether you think people connected to the oil business were involved in the events of Sept. 11, 2001 to gain our support for the use of the U.S. military for oil wars.

Market Prices


telling me that prices doubled and then doubled again tells me nothing. As I said, free market prices for oil didn't emerge again in America until 1981. First rule in economics is don't screw with the pricing mechanism. There is a purpose for market prices.

Lukoil is Soviet. Period. They won, NOT Exxon!

Since corporations are cold-blooded entities only concerned with the next quarter's earnings, if you find out that American oil corporations had a hand in 9/11, I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

Speculation is the driving force for the true market price of oil. If speculators have reason to believe that the future supply of oil will decrease, then they will bid up the price of oil (even if the present supply of oil remains relatively constant. This happened two summers ago. The supply remained pretty much the same, but speculators forced the price up due to future concerns of the supply of oil). --

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

That speculation wasn't allowed before

The speculation which drove the price of gas up to $4.00/gallon two years ago wasn't allowed until the ENRON loophole was passed by the U.S. congress in 2000.

It was just another way the oil people were allowed to jerk the public around. This time they could blame it on speculators.

Economics 102


Tony says, "We were only getting 3% of our oil from Iran at that time."

The price of oil used in the United States isn't decided in the United States. The price of a barrel of oil here in the United States is affected by World demand for the commodity. So when Iran had its revolution in 1979, the true price of a barrel of oil was a product of World demand, not just American demand.

As such, oil companies DON'T decide what the price of oil will be. The price of oil is determined by WORLDWIDE supply and demand, coupled with the prospective (speculative) supply of oil.

It was in 1982 that over-the-counter energy trading was regulated under the Shad-Johnson Accord. Before 1982 there was no regulation.

Of course, the above doesn't mean that oil companies don't curtail the supply of oil, which has the effect of increasing the price (all other things being equal). They do! And thank God they do when future supplies are threatened. If the oil companies were right about less oil coming to America in the future, but allowed current supplies to be sold anyway due to public/political pressure, that means in the future there would be LESS of the scarce resource available! Why? Because the lower price of oil would have sent the signal to consumers to use more of it, not less. If the price were higher, consumers would have used less, and more of the scarce resource would be available in the future.

Market prices, supply and demand, and restricting the supply of a commodity (if need be) play critical roles in any economy. Mess with them, and you're asking for economic dislocation.

By the way, Enron's problem wasn't commodity speculation. It was accounting fraud. That is why Enron's auditor, Arthur Andersen, also folded (sort of).

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Alleged Abiotic Oil

If abiotic reproduction of petroleum was a real phenomenon, the Earth's surface would have been covered by oil as it is by water during the millions of years prior to man's use of oil.

Still awaiting one verified example of a self replacing oil deposit or evidence that depleted oil deposits worldwide have been prematurely capped.

Hydrocarbons on Titan


the Cassini probe has identified ethane lakes on Titan ( Titan's atmosphere rains hydrocarbons, while Earth's rains water. However, maybe in Earth's early history (before water) it also rained hydrocarbons, but over billions of years those hydrocarbons were covered over.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Abiotic reproduction

Hilarious. The things people will cling to ..
"Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods." A. Einstein

Dr Jones suggested we prepare a year ago.

It is here at blogger somewhere.

I am doing as he suggested.

No new 9-11......?

Well, that's good to know!
But, I'm stickin' with the scout's motto, which seems to make sense....because you never do know what the powers that be have in store for us. It's never usually for the "public welfare".
What's the matter with being prepared?

Misuse of Boy Scouts Motto


the Boy Scouts motto doesn't mean running away when the going gets tough and hoarding food and water for only your family and/or closest friends!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC



if he told you to take up arms, would you? If he told you tomorrow there will be an attack would you run away?

As I said, we are in the 9/11 Truth Movement, not the 9/11 Survivalist Movement. Anything other than 9/11 Truth is a distraction, and. as I said in an earlier comment, survivalism is a repugnant philosophy.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC


If hell were to break loose tomorrow, good people would be doing hideous things out of desperation.
I do not want to do hideous things.

Not just because Steven Jones suggested it.

I simply said

"Be Prepared".
I didn't say run away.
I can only help others if I first prepare(!) to be ready for any emergency.
This seems sound to me.
I don't think people will care to listen too much to what the 911 movement has to say, if they don't have much food, or if the power is suddenly out. (No more 911 blogger!)
Survivalist movement???
Call it whatever you like....
I'm calling it 'common sense'.

just prepare a little bit, will ya, brian.
(happy 2010!)



okay, I see what you mean. Sorry!

As for being prepared...for what? As I said in earlier comments, there are no 9/11 type attacks in the pipeline. None.

If the power goes out (due to a storm or a blackout), I have plenty of batteries to power flash lights and the radio.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC