What The 9/11 Abominations Achieved For The Crooks

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Official: Money Saboteurs = Economic Terrorists.


Meanwhile, we can now identify BY NAME two more prominent criminalist financiers operating behind the scenes in the ‘service’ of the Bush Crime Family and its associates, who have been engaged in sabotaging the Settlements process, certainly for as long as we have been attempting to monitor this crisis, namely:

• Paul W. Siegé, of Wyndham, CT, who's often been referred to as ‘the Connecticut Trustee’, or ‘CT’ for short. ‘Working for’ George H. W. Bush Sr., this fellow’s activities embrace the stolen Delmarva Trust assets, via Loca France-U.S. Corporation and C.T. Corporation Systems, Miami, identified as Bush Sr. Fraudulent Finance operations.

• Peter Silverstein, operating out of Fort Pearce, Florida and Kenilworth, New Jersey.

Silverstein ‘just happens’ to be the name of Silverstein Properties, holders of the leases on the Twin Towers, which were demolished precisely 30 years to the day from the date that construction work on them began on 11th September 1971 after Silverstein had taken out a special catastrophe insurance policy. As we have recently reported, the number of people who were murdered when the Twin Towers were demolished is put at around 12,000 by legal sources serving the interests of the bereaved families – which accounted for the pungent stench of rotting flesh that the Editor noted in Midtown Manhattan in late October 2001 and again in February 2002.

The two operatives mentioned above have of course been engaged all along in CIA fraud, under cover of ‘working for’ the Bush Crime Family, which is integrated with the Intelligence Power – the Langley base of which is named the George Bush Center for Intelligence [= TERRORISM].

Bush Sr. and associates, including the Silverstein connection, mentored by his loathsome German Jewish Zionazi associate and DVD ‘handler’, (the late?) Dr Henry Kissinger and others, including of course ex-Vice President Richard B. Cheney, the ‘former’ MK-Ultra chief, masterminded the 9/11 atrocities, which were executed by detonation, employing the services of complicit elements of the US official structures. New York firefighters who found immediate evidence of the means used to procure the detonations of the stricken buildings and who were carrying the necessary physical evidence out of them as they were collapsing, were immediately eliminated (shot dead on sight) (2) .

George Bush Sr.’s primary motive was to avoid having to pay out on the bonds held in custody by the money brokerage firm Cantor Fitzgerald on behalf inter alia of the William J. Casey/Bush Trust (Barbara Bush) operated out of Seattle and Vancouver, issued to finance the First Rogue Gulf War and which fell due for settlement on 12th September 2001, the day after 9/11.

In this endeavour, the Bush-linked criminal financiers and mass murderers shared a community of vested interest with Silverstein Properties and others, and the US Congress, who then faced the immensely expensive problem – which would have been passed on to Congress: see below – that the Twin Towers, constructed in the 1970s, needed to have all the asbestos built into the buildings removed: an operation that was liable to cost a COLOSSAL sum of money.

Demolition of the buildings in order to avoid claims being placed before Congress for the financing of such immense financial outlays was therefore disguised as an ‘Act of War’, for which no liability applies. Murdering 12,000 people to achieve this was a crime of monumental proportions for which George Bush Sr., Kissinger and associates, should long since have been executed under US law. That certain US Legislators were complicit in this mass murder is also implied by what follows.

Asbestos removal is a deliberately unresolved issue that has been endlessly debated by the US Congress and was being debated before 9/11. To obtain compensation for asbestos removal costs entails a Congressional claims process.

The 9/11 abomination and mass murders therefore achieved at least three identifiable criminal objectives simultaneously:

• First, by disguising the abominations as an ‘Act of War’, the immense cost of removing and replacing the asbestos in the Twin Towers buildings was avoided.

• Secondly, the ten-year bonds floated in 1991 (in order inter alia to finance Bush’s First Gulf War, mounted against Bush's ex-trading partner Saddam Hussein), which fell due for settlement on 12th September 2001, were not paid out (as there was never any intention that they should be), given that the contract originals were destroyed with Cantor Fitzgerald staff in the Twin Towers complex.

• And thirdly, massive evidence of financial corruption and Fraudulent Finance was also destroyed (along with the 600+ employees of Cantor Fitzgerald, to begin with). The families of the victims were later informed, under an elaborate CIA-controlled obfuscation operation, that as the buildings had been destroyed by an ‘Act of War’, no compensation was payable: but ‘out of the goodness of our hearts, and given your suffering, here, take this compensation payment, and be grateful’.

• FACT: The current ‘Pay Czar’ for the banks under the TARP arrangements is the same individual who negotiated the (controlled) victims’ compensation payments.

We also know that Condoleeza Rice made telephone calls to Jeb Bush and to several other people advising them not to fly on 9/11. Many other instances of pre-warnings have been reliably recorded by conscientious researchers, procuring outcomes such as that some of the Morgan Stanley staff were absent from the Twin Towers on the day of the atrocities*. There is no need for us to reiterate these well-attested findings here, as we have pressing matters still to expose.

* As an immediate consequence of this posting, we are happy to elaborate with the following information received on 28th December from a trusted correspondent. He corrects the Editor's earlier information that the whole of the Morgan Stanley staff were not in the buildings on the morning of 9/11 with the following contribution, for which the Editor is most grateful:

'My cousin who was working there [in the Twin Towers with Morgan Stanley] at the time, was at work that day. She worked as a Secretary/Liaison for their big brokers, all of whom were there. I believe she was on the 75th Floor of the second tower that was hit. I would not be at all surprised, though, if the higher-ups of Morgan (CEOs, VPs etc) were absent that day... I was in New York City on 9/11 and thought I had lost my cousin. The stench was obscene'.

Anyway, what we have all been living through is nothing less than a massive cover-up by the complicit criminalised elements within the US structures – especially the Intelligence and Military Powers – who understand only too well that when 9/11 ‘blows’, THEY, too, may well be arrested or horizontalised along with the main revolutionary perpetrators such as (possibly) Kissinger [see at foot of this report] and George Bush Sr. and all his criminal associates.

This consideration, then, throws a glaring light on the underlying REASON why US law enforcement has hitherto failed to do its job of bringing the financial criminals to justice. For crucial elements within US law enforcement are either co-conspirators in the murder of 12,000 people in the Twin Towers alone on 9/11, or else are tainted by association with that crime.

Because of these hideous linkages with the 9/11 atrocities planned by Bush Sr., Kissinger, Cheney and the others, the law enforcement elements within the US official structures have been de facto BLACKMAILED either directly or by association, and thus rendered effectively impotent in the face of the ongoing financial outrages that the DVD infiltration Fifth Column headed by George Bush Sr. and Kissinger (as was?), with the 24/7 assistance of criminal lackeys such as Greenspan, Paulson and Geithner, have been able to leverage and perpetuate.

But as stated at the top of this report, all this is belatedly changing, now that the US judicial authorities have determined – three years AFTER we started promulgating the truth that these people have been engaged in systematic FINANCIAL TERRORISM – that every single one of their number, INCLUDING elected, appointed and career officials, will be investigated and prosecuted.

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