Book: 'Bullshit Artist: The 9/11 Leadership Myth' by Ron Schalow

The True September 11 Legacy of George W. Bush

What Did the President Do on 9/11? Why Wonder?

Where was the Commander-in-Chief for the first 41 minutes after Flight 11 was hijacked?

What did he do for the 7 minutes before entering the classroom?

How many first thoughts did George have after being told, "America is under attack"?

How many dozens of excuses did the Bushies put forth for the Presidents 7 minutes of sitting?

What did the Leader of the Free World do for 18 minutes after leaving the classroom?

Where was the Decider for the first 33 minutes after leaving the school?

Even though his term has mercifully ended, George W. Bush and his gang continue to spread the bull as part of his "Legacy Project." They are determined to rewrite history, but the facts don't make for much of a legacy, so all they can do is spin events, lie, and hope that people will forget the details over time. Learn the truth, and spread the truth, and don't allow the history of the Bush presidency to become one of false fables.

Others have chronicled the dozens or hundreds of other Bush failures, but this book tells the story of Bush on 9/11. If you still think the 7 minutes of wasted time in the classroom about covers it; you're way off.

After extensive research, Bullshit Artist was published in 2006. It is not a conspiracy theory book. It is the history of George Bush on 9/11, as told by Bush, his staff, and literary toadies. Read the story and draw your own conclusions.

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"Bullshit Artist" is the True Story of Spleen Clutching Incompetence, Forehead Slapping Stupidity and Ear Sweating Cowardice. Tough on terrorism? Strong on defense? Leadership? Not quite. Compared to George W. Bush's gutless and incompetent performance on 9/11, Brownie looks like General Patton. The President pulled a FEMA for 102 minutes while al Qaeda struck with impunity--but since W's actions on September 11 were largely ignored by the national media--most people weren't even aware of the little man's 7 minutes of ass sitting paralysis in an elementary school classroom until Michael Moore's film "Fahrenheit 9/11" exposed the frozen leader of the free world--let alone know about Bush's clueless loitering--cutting and running, and terrorist appeasing for the other 95 minutes of the attacks. Ron Schalow's "Bullshit Artist" provides a full account of the President's lollygagging, decision avoiding and hiding in the heartland on the tragic day--in Bush's own words and the tortuously twisty recollections of the White House brain trust--Card, Rove, Fleischer, Hughes, Rice, Cheney & Rumsfeld-plus the traditional bushel basket of excuses that ensue after every Bush failure. And Bush supporters like Bill Sammon, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, John Podhoretz, David Frum and Dick Morris also chime in to provide cover for the cowardly Commander-in-Chief--evidently more concerned about the image of their beloved politician than the security of the American people. Then, as if his flaccid failures on 9/11 weren't shameful enough, a delusional GW boasts of his defense prowess at least 19 times per day in the following years--whoring the terrorist attacks and 3,000 deaths on his watch to his immense political benefit--a Bullshit Artist at his best.

The explanation about W is

The explanation about W is lies in the fact that he was simply put there and had no power whatsoever and often had no clue as to what his administration of the oligarchs who put him in as president were up to.

I don't think he knew about 9/11 and was caught dumb founded as the shadow government pulled off 9/11 and then had to "read him" in to the program.

The sitting on his ass was because he was

1. too dumb and unprepared to do anything - he simply hadn't a clue of what he should or could have done.
2. freaked out because he was not told what they were doing and he was trying to figure out what to do as he is usually given some script to read to crib notes to follow at pressers and so forth. Recall how his town halls were completely scripted and controlled.
3. He accepted being president because it appealed to his ego that he was given the "honor" of playing the lead role in world affairs... even if someone(s) else was calling all the shots.

Many ideologues have been developed and many bribed to do the bidding of the oligarchs who are running the shaddow government. Incompetent people are appointed who simply have "advisers" who run their office - but they don't tell you that, because it would reveal this incompetence.

Other ideologues are intelligent enough to prevaricate and lie on behalf of the shadow government and use their insider status and high positions to promote their ideological agenda. They are not answerable to anyone but the administration such as Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Doug Feith, Scooter Libby, Paul Wolfewitz, Daniel Perle and so forth... even Cheney.

Cheney was probably a key operational plant INSIDE the actual government of the shadow government and he was responsible for most if not all the executive appointments. These selections were way beyond the scope of W.

Why did the press go along with this?

1. This was the power elite and the only game in town. If they wanted access they had to "tow the party line" and not reveal inconvenient truths or be shut out.
2. The agenda of the shadow government accrued to the benefit of the media and they were given (stakeholders) favorable treatment by the W administration. They received most likely direct "bribes" (legal and non legal) and other financial benefits such as allowing them to become more monopolistic and increase profits.
3. The press itself is completely filled with compromised individuals at the top who identify with the oligarchs and the well off. If tax cut policy means hundreds of thousands of more money in your pocket, why wouldn't you have a bised view in your reporting and sympathies. The talking heads are part of the same class as the oligarchs and the shadow government even when they are not actually part of it and on the inside. They are, as W said, his "base".
4. Control of the media was part of the strategy of the oligarchs and the shadow government. It was a long term strategy which has paid off and given a few individuals - Murdoch, for example, enormous control over the message and influence of hundreds of millions of minds.

Sounds like...

another book to reinforce the "incompetence" myth.