The Old 'False-Flag Trick'

Some of the columnists at (LRC) are starting to get a little bolder (I strongly suspect that several of them are 9/11 Truthers of long standing, but are seemingly discouraged by "the management" -- or by their own fears -- from being too open on the topic; yet they occasionally drop strong hints). Thanks to the Ron Paul presidential campaign of 2007-2008, LRC has become one of the ten most popular popular political sites on the internet, much to the consternation of the power elite (for example, the site is blocked to all or most overseas servicemen by the military). William Norman Grigg is one of the site's most popular and prolific writers. I believe he is very well respected by the site's readership, so his comments (as follows) may encourage at least a few close-minded LRC readers to study 9/11 Truth in a little greater detail:

The Old 'False-Flag Trick'
by William Norman Grigg
[December 31, 2009]

... Many serious and sober people believe that the accepted narrative of the 9/11 atrocities is entirely fictitious. But in light of the role played by veteran U.S. asset Ali Mohammed, it's incontestable that the attack was, in some sense, an "inside job" even if one accepts the standard "nineteen Muslims armed with boxcutters" version of the event.

According to the Regime, Abdulmuttab [the Flight 253 bomber] is telling his interrogators that there are many more mad bombers in the pipeline. This is probably true, and it's likely that at least some, if not most, of them have cashed checks written by the same people [CIA & FBI] who hired the likes of Adbel-Rahman and Ali Mohammed.

False-flag terrorism is among the oldest tricks in the intelligence playbook. It has been an official option of the military-industrial-homeland security complex since 1962, when General Lyman Louis Lemnitzer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, filed the "Operation Northwoods" memorandum outlining various elaborate schemes to stage terrorist attacks against Americans as pretexts for war. ... [Click here to read the rest.]

Another recent LRC blog entry, in addition to making several references to 9/11 Truth, also provides a link to an excellent video archive. It reads as follows:

The Documentary Film Mother Lode
Posted by Charles Burris on December 23, 2009 12:33 PM

If you love watching free documentary films online, I have found the mother lode. The website, Top Documentary Films, has over 800 choices arranged by categories and titles. Unlike YouTube, these selections are not presented in chunks but are the full and complete films. There are a vast array of titles from an incredibly wide spectrum of interest and ideology. Here are some examples of the documentaries you will find at the site: Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve; Affluenza; Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & The Selling of Empire; Loose Change, Final Cut; Stupid In America; The Obama Deception; Triumph of the Will; Memory of the Camps; Merchants of Cool; The End of America; The Secret Government: The Constitution In Crisis; CIA and the Nazis; An Inconvenient Truth; Global Warming or Global Government? Evidence of Revision; The Panama Deception; WACO: The Rules of Engagement; Surveillance Technology; Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama; OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism; Behind the News: Propaganda and the CFR; Hearts and Minds; Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media; Fahrenheit 9/11; The Ascent of Money, and hundreds more.


Great Site

What a gold mine. Thanks for the link. It's great to have everything in one place.

You're Right

The web site is great. Thank you for pointing it out. I'll definitely make use of it.

However, I think I may not have made my point clear: The two great things about Top Documentary Films are: 1.) its generic -- i.e. safe -- title and 2.) its wide variety of conspiracy themes. These, in my opinion, are what has allowed Charles Burris to post a link to it on a comparatively mainstream site -- a site that openly discusses almost every conspiracy "theory" except 9/11 Truth ("theories" such as the New World Order/Bankers, the Kennedy assassinations, Pearl Harbor, etc.). Mr. Burris probably would not have been allowed to -- or would have refused to -- post a link to a site with such a blatantly obvious title as

Top Documentary Films has allowed him to expose -- in a dramatic way -- a relatively large and comparatively mainstream audience to the subject of 9/11 Truth on a site that they greatly respect.

We are breaking through in all kinds of ways.

Persistence, dedication, ingenuity, zeal and of course we have TRUTH on our side.

"Top Documentary Films has allowed him to expose -- in a dramatic way -- a relatively large and comparatively mainstream audience to the subject of 9/11 Truth on a site that they greatly respect."

This is an important victory to celebrate. Thanks for bringing it to my attention MJM.

You're welcome, Joe.

And I thank you for your very courteous reply. I, too, believe this is a huge victory.

P.S. As soon as I posted this blog entry the other night, I started to regret the fact that I had "hidden" the "Top Documentary Films" story at the end of another story. I did it because I didn't feel comfortable posting two separate blog entries that lead to the same web site. I guess I shouldn't have let it bother me.