Acceleration + Serendipity

This is a study of the overall downward acceleration of WTC1, the North Tower of the World Trade Center. During this investigation it was discovered that the one feature that kept pace with the original acceleration of the roofline was the leading wave of ejections on the west wall.

A clear, lucid explanation

Very good, David.


as always

last time - I am hoping that David sees this and can use it

I am posting this once again because I do want to be sure that David and anyone else who might have missed it sees it. It is SO SIMPLE and SO IRREFUTABLE that there is simply NO WAY TO DISMISS it.

And it doesn't take any knowledge of physics or math or engineering or anything outside ordinary everyday experience.

My apologies to anyone who has already seen it once or twice and may think I am taking up too much space by reposting. Please understand that I am reposting because I believe it cuts through the fog of illusion "like a hot knife through butter."

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Of course I realize that

even if the branches were sawn through to the point that they were about to break of their own weight, it would still take work to break the remaining connections and to move the branches out of the way - and so the bear on the right would have to hit the ground later than the bear on the left.
I understand that you David, as a physics teacher, cannot endorse an inexact metaphor, however useful it may be. Nevertheless, I appreciate your acknowledging having seen it. I hope it can be useful

The bears

The blank comment was not intentional. At first the image of the bears in the tree did not display and the verbal part of the comment didn't make sense without it. I wrote asking for clarification. Once my note was posted and the page was refreshed the image came up correctly. There was no apparent way to delete my comment. It just left a blank comment.

I don't see anything wrong with your visualization. I'm not "not endorsing" it. It looks good to me. I think you should use it. It's a lot like Richard Gage's box drop demo. I have a little animation I did in one of my videos trying to get the same point across.


This week, the world's

This week, the world's tallest skyscraper opened in Dubai. At over 800 meters tall, the Burj Dubai is nearly twice the height of the WTC towers. That got me wondering how such an enormous skyscraper could ever be demolished? Would a 9/11 explosive approach be less devastating to surrounding infrastructure than a standard controlled demolition? Might that have been a factor in how the twin towers were demolished?

at 3.55 in the video.....

At 3:55 in the video something comes shooting out of the building at almost instantaneous speed..... does anyone know what this is??
You can see it at the bottom far right of the picture about a third of the way up.... especially telling is the 'instantaneous' cloudy dust ejection againt the blue sky in this area.

"Instantaneous" ...

That is a video compression artifact. I'll go back and check the original.


I had a feeling it may something of that nature...... but you can never be sure....... great work by the way. I look forward to your presentation if you ever take it on tour. Few human beings can explain things the way you do.