US appeals court upholds Moussaoui conviction for 9/11

Source: BBC News

A US appeals court has upheld the conviction and sentence of 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui.

The only person charged in the US over the attacks, Moussaoui had originally pleaded guilty to conspiracy.

In 2006 he was sentenced to life in prison for his role in planning the attacks that killed nearly 3,000.

The appeals court in Virginia rejected his claim his conviction was invalid as the government had failed to provide evidence he could have used in defence.


"Moussaoui challenges the validity of his guilty plea and his sentences" on the various counts, the three-judge panel said in its ruling.

"We affirm Moussaoui's convictions and sentences in their entirety."

The appeals court also brushed aside Moussaoui's lawyers' claims that his guilty plea was invalid.

"The finality of the guilty plea, entered knowingly, intelligently, and with sufficient awareness of the relevant circumstances and likely consequences, stands," the court said in its statement.

During his original trial in 2005, he had testified that his role was to hijack a fifth plane and crash it into the White House.

After the verdict, Moussaoui changed his stance and denied any involvement in the attacks.

But lawyers from the US justice department told the appeal court that Moussaoui had wanted to plead guilty, even though this was against the advice of his lawyers.

Spared death

At his appeal, his lawyers also argued that his preparations for the trial had been damaged because he was not aware of classified evidence held by the government that might have helped his case.

These claims were also thrown out by the appeals court, which said Moussaoui was both aware of his rights and knew the gist of the classified evidence in question.

Moussaoui is currently serving his life sentence in a super-maximum federal security prison in Colorado.

During his original trial, the jury in Alexandria, Virginia, ruled that Moussaoui's lies to US investigators after he was arrested led directly to at least one death on 9/11.

He was convicted of several counts of conspiracy - including to commit acts of terrorism and destroy aircraft - which carry the death penalty.

Though the prosecution had requested it, he was spared death because of a single vote against the penalty by an anonymous juror.

What exactly was his role in

What exactly was his role in the conspiracy? Was a case presented? Wouldn't that have revealed who planned this conspiracy? Was it KSM a we are now led to believe because he is now being charged with being the mastermind behind 9/11 (and guilty according to Obama?).

I'd like to see the evidence of that conspiracy.

Free Press

"I'd like to see the evidence of that conspiracy."

Ehh... isn't that the main problem for all aspects of 9/11? Where is the hard news? Where are the die hards among the journalists? What about our free press? BTW, Bono calls for internet controls

White paper

There has been no promised white paper regarding 911. As defense, I may have even qualified Alex Jones himself as an expert witness. I would have him as an expert. Damn! Everything would have been on the table.