Dutch authorities: Underwear bomber did not contact accomplices in Schiphol Airport

Although the statements are not (yet) definiteve, since the investigation is till running, Dutch authorities are already denying that the underwear bomber had contact with possible accomplices at Schiphol Airport. The Dutch media have been absolutely silent about the 'sharp-dressed man' as reported by Kurt Haskell and his wife so this comes as no surprise.

Here's my translation of a press report that was just released by ANP (a large Dutch press agency).

'Nigerian already in possesion of explosives'

HAARLEM - The Nigerian man who tried to commit a terrorist attack on Christmas Day in an airplane flying from Schiphol to Detroit, is thought to have been carrying the explosives already when he arrived on Schiphol on a flight from Lagos (Nigeria).

So far it's thought that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab did not have any contact with possible accomplices in the Dutch airport. (emphasis mine)

The Public Proscecutor in Haarlem stated that these are the provisional results of the investigation of the Military and National Police.

Dutch authorities accuse the Nigerian of planning a terrorist attack, in which he wanted to blow up the plane above the US.

Video footage

The research team has been given more than 200 hours of video footage from the transfer- and shopping areas of Schiphol. Part of that material is still being looked at, according to the Public Proscecutor.

The airplane seats on which Abdulmutallab sat in the KLM-plane have been confiscated and are being investigated by specialists of the Dutch Forensic Institute.


They are still busy investigating whether traces of explosives have been left on them. Moreover, detectives have been interviewing many witnesses including security personnel, crew from the flight Lagos-Schiphol and check in employeess.

The investigative team still has to interview a number of passengers who were on board with the suspect in the airplane from Lagos. According to the Public Proscecutor the investigators are actively exchanging information with the US.


After arriving in The Netherlands Abdulmutallab remained in the transfer area for about an hour. Around 7:00 he reported at the gate for his departure to Detroit. There he was questioned about the reason for his visit to the US and was subjected to a security check.

This did not lead to the discovery of the explosives which he had hidden in his underpants. After this he remained in the 'clean area' at the gate waiting for his flight.

The Public Proscecutor did not state when the investigation will be finished.
Original article in Dutch: http://www.nu.nl/binnenland/2156124/nigeriaan-had-explosieven-al-bij-zich.html