New discoveries about 911 insider trading

The French webTv "La Télé Libre" will soon broadcast an exclusive documentary about 911 insider trading.
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THE 911 initiates ?

A KEY to decipher the mystery

Eight years after the attacks on the World Trade Center, the shadow of a massive insider trading still hangs over the event. Speculators, for the less informed, have made significant gains following the terrorist attacks, having bet luckily just before. Weird ...
Who knew what and when? Beyond the controversy over the causes of the collapse of the towers or the deficiencies of the formal investigation, the suspicion of insider trading relating to September 11 is also an inescapable conundrum about the attacks.

We now know that the Bush administration had been warned of impending terrorist attacks, it is a fact. Similarly, many intelligence services around the world were aware of the threat. We can therefore infer that certain players in finance, nearby places of power, could benefit from these ultra-sensitive information. It is not excluded that the terrorists themselves were able to share the information with some of their sponsors. That's where we are. To date, about these speculators, there is nothing to designate any inside job or financial network of Al Qaeda. And therein lies the problem: eight years later, doubts persist about the nature and origin of these transactions.

A new study published December 11 by the University of Zurich and led by finance professor, Marc Chesney, confirmed the bad feeling of economic analysts, expressed a week after the tragedy, when the markets reopened. Speculators unidentified operating from different stock exchanges around the world have acquired, before September 11, the right to sell at a predetermined price the assets of the major airlines and insurance that would be affected by the terrorist attacks, and whose shares on the stock market would collapse. The actual sale just after the fall in market value has allowed some to reap huge profits.

Coincidence or extraordinary decision knowingly? Only a thorough investigation, international and transparent, would decide the issue. In case of premeditation, an "insider trading"; a financial operation consisting in illicit gains on the sale or redemption of shares due to confidential information, would be constituted.

Who are the speculators?

Thorny issue, both technical and political, but fundamental to understand the genesis and context of the attacks. Identifying these speculators, some of which have operated from prestigious financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, is crucial. It is ultimately up to the winding circuit of information, more or less detailed, circulating during the summer of 2001 about the targets, methods, and the date of execution of a large terrorist act scale. In case of a judicial investigation, trace the transmission of this precious secret would allow to get more closer to its source, upstream, around the criminal network established by the sponsors of the attacks, their performers and their accomplices. The identity of "insiders" is a missing link, among many others, of September 11.

I went to interview the players who tried to alert public opinion, those who have raised some light on this political-financial scandal, ignored or rejected by most of the "stockmarket watchdogs". Besides the analysis of Professor Marc Chesney, I also heard the testimony, among others, of Eric Laurent, reporter and author of "the hidden side of September 11, and Max Keiser, a former trader on Wall Street now converted into the editorial on the economy for news channels and director of an upcoming documentary about this insider trading.

Finally, although he decided not to publicly address the controversial subject of Sept. 11, a renowned American investigative journalist, Michael C. Ruppert, who is currently the subject of a movie and was among the first to investigate this enigma, accepted for La Télé Libre to break the silence to give us his personal conclusion.

These exchanges with various experts have strengthened my initial willingness to explore a unique track: that of identifying groups and individuals who would be loaned to these fruitful speculation from Paris. According to the investigation report of the Commission des Operations de Bourse, published in 2002, "the evidence gathered did not highlight that financial groups related to the instigators of the attacks have been able to use the Bourse of Paris to conduct market operations. " An investigation concluded at least sufficient, together with a curious argument: since the people identified had no proven link with the financial structures close to al Qaeda, they are therefore supposed to be unsuspected.
However, some evidence "from within", a statement of the former trader at Société Générale, Jérôme Kerviel, or the revelation of an unknown German banker, speaking on September 20, 2001, under anonymously, with the correspondent of Reuters, indeed suggest the likelihood of people "knowledgeable", of insiders among the French operators. If these special confidences are not the beginning of a proof, they do at least encourage further investigation of the Paris runway.

Investigations are like travelling: it must sometimes improvise route or get lost, to make some discoveries. I had not suspected, starting my research that the problem of insider trading around September 11 is as rich in revelations. Among others, these two unexpected findings: first, the astonishing "globalization" of suspicious transactions documented in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia ; on the other hand, the existence of a unusual disagreement between the various authorities, quick to bury the matter formally through opacity, and most financial experts who consider likely the insider trading around the attacks.

It is those who question the significance of this phenomenon we have today given the floor.

In intent to the subject by La Télé Libre, it is clear : to point out inconsistencies, and continue to look with you to understand September 11. Given its myriad consequences, as the French military presence in Afghanistan, it is more important than ever to place the entire frame. The challenge, civic as well as journalistic, is always to demystify 911. From all sides.

Investigation and report by Hicham Hamza


"Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods." A. Einstein

What happened

to Denis Kucinich's promised investigation of this?

I always thought the insider trading issue was the one that could lead to a wider investigation.


Will have to get back to you on that.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.

contact dennis k..

congressman kucinich in DC last month said he was still planning to open an investigation on this 9/11/01 issue;
and that he had already obtained information to proceed, and that he is chair of an appropriate House committee..

perhaps with this television program.. he will take action on this issue..

please help and contact k on this at his web sit

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Let's all take a few minutes to call and fax Congressman Kucinich about his vow to investigate 9/11 insider trading. He proudly claims to be "America's Congressman" and has repeatedly promised this to us, so don't be shy. Please CALL & FAX Kucinich at these three locations:

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(KNOWAR, please post a 'Fax for Truth' Campaign for Dennis Kucinich)

most extraordinary coincidence in the history of mankind

"This would be one of the most extraordinary coincidences in the history of mankind if it was a coincidence," Dylan Ratigan of Bloomberg Business News said today on ABCNEWS' Good Morning America."

"If it's not a coincidence and the money trail does lead to terrorist groups, they will have made a fortune."

"Millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars on a bet that all told could be $600,000 turned into $10 million, $20 million," Ratigan said."

"This could very well be insider trading at the most horrific, most evil use you've ever seen in your entire life."

"A senior intelligence official told ABCNEWS: "We still don't have any direct confirmation that [bin Laden] was involved in selling stocks short — yet."

See? Dylan Ratigan nailed it. Since it didn't lead to Bin Laden it was simply the "most extraordinary coincidence in the history of mankind".


as if terrorists only dressed in robes and turbans.

"Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods." A. Einstein


this paper is categorized as a 'working paper' and published on the website of the U of Zurich Swiss Banking Institute:

so it's not a 'peer-reviewed' paper published in a refereed journal, but it's certainly been offered for public review, obviously including peers, by what seems to be a prestigious institution:

And some French media org has decided to produce a report on it.

I don't have the expertise to evaluate this paper, but certainly there were a great amount of suspicious financial and economic decisions prior to 9/11- the Commission only mentioned the puts on UAL and AAL (in an endnote), and hand-waved them.

Complete 911 Timeline: Insider Trading and Other Foreknowledge