What will be the "next" official story?

Dear community,

There's an issue that's been on my mind for a little while and I've never really brought it up here, front and center. I welcome people's opinions.

So far, we've had several "official stories" and on multiple levels. For example, we've had several official explanations, from various people and agencies, as to why the buildings collapsed.

We've also had several official explanations for how 9/11 was "allowed" to happen. In the first few years or so after the attacks, the official dogma was that this was such an unprecedented, unimaginable attack, that no one could have possibly been prepared for what was coming, as captured by Condoleeza Rice's famous remark. We could call this Official Story V. 1.0.

During that initial period, it was considered "unpatriotic" to go as far as to even suggest incompetence. Remember Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11? Remember how so many Republicans felt Moore should be hung from the highest tree for even suggesting that the Bush administration was incompetent? How DARE he criticize the president so harshly during a time of war, they thought.

But a few months after Moore's movie came out in 2004, the 9/11 Commission Report hit the bookshelves, and all of a sudden, "massive incompetence" was the official line. We could call this Official Story V. 1.5, the one which stands to this day.

As the myth continues to unravel, I wonder what their next step will be. For example, what about when the snowball effect of ae911truth reaches critical mass proportions? What will happen when Gage's petition reaches 10,000 or 50,000 or 100,000 architects and engineers? What will the perps' damage control mode be when physics professors from coast to coast decide to speak up and job security be damned?

My own personal theory is that the perps' next fallback will be "Al Qaeda Planted The Explosives."

I realize this at first sounds ridiculous, and hopefully I'm right. After all, to most people I know, it's obvious that explosives = inside job.

But when I think of how easily the corporate media ate up and totally supported the Bush administration's lies in the run up to the Iraq war, and how easily the American people believed those lies, I'm willing to fear that anything is possible.

I can just envision the following scenario: Brian Williams or another corporate newscaster looking into the camera and saying with a straight face: "Now that hard science has proven that 'secondary devices' were in fact used to aid in the collapse of the World Trade Center, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton formally reopened the 9/11 investigation today, in an attempt to probe how it was that the to-be hijackers were able to sneak past WTC security in the weeks leading up to the attacks..."

Will this be Official Story V. 2.0 ? Will they go that far to try and defend the "al Qaeda acted alone" narrative?

Would the American public buy it? I'd like to think not. I'd like to think the public, at that point, would be like, "Pshaw! Fool me twice...." And I've privately discussed this with one or two colleagues, and their reaction was pretty much: "If they feel they have to go there, we've won."

But I've talked to at least one other person who reminds me that after the media fiasco leading up to the Iraq war, anything is possible.

And as an afterthought, don't forget that when Richard Gage was interviewed by that anchorwoman on Good Morning Fresno, she asked him if there was still any way to reconcile the explosive evidence with the al Qaeda enemy. And while he provided an excellent answer, which seemed to convince her, would she be convinced the other way if a bunch of "officials" assured her as such?


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[Edit: Apparently Adam deleted the original blog himself and someone else restored the original essay, but not the comments. We are working to make changes to the site to prevent this from happening in the future.]

Yes, I find it a bit creepy that someone else could be able to log in under my name. That could mean they have access to my password, which is a bit worrying to say the least. Good for J Bax for also pointing this out.

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The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry

yes, that is the logical fall back position

Even after watching it with my own eyes, I still can not believe that the American public was convinced that, because of 9/11, we must invade Iraq. Never mind that Iraq was a secular dictatorship with no ties to either al cia-duh or the OCT! So yes, the insanity that people will believe, if it is just repeated often enough, and by so called authority figures, is without limit. This is especially true if they still believe we have a free media.

I believed we had a free media on 9/11, and although I thought it looked mighty strange how those towers came down, after watching a program, I believe it was on the History Channel, called "how the towers fell," that trotted out one paid-off engineer after another to explain the seemingly impossible collapse, I reluctantly shelved my doubts. Everyone who still believes the OCT, despite having seen video of those collapses, is doing the same thing: denying the evidence of their own eyes in favor of explanations from those who supposedly know better.

So yes, it is inevitable that they must some day admit explosives at the WTC, and then will try to pawn it off on Al Qaeda. Which is why there is a campaign to keep the truth movement from embracing explosives at the Pentagon. There is nothing more incriminating than explosives at our own military headquarters! For that cannot be spun.

Of course the movement has been infiltrated, they knew there would be a truth movement and there would need to be a campaign ready to neuter that movement and render it impotent. We are seeing that campaign in action with those who insist, despite all evidence, that a plane hit the Pentagon.

It is important to be on the alert for the enemy's attempts to weaken the truth movement from within. Faulty ideas can gain traction if they are promoted vigorously by those seen as truth movement leaders.

The fact that someone once did good work for the truth movement doesn't mean that they are uncorruptible. Everyone who has someone they love is corruptible. Thus appeals to previous authority should be abolished in the truth movement. All work should be examined on its own merits. The work done by Citizen Investigation Team and Pilots for Truth establishes that no plane hit the Pentagon. The motives of those who cannot accept this evidence are suspect, in my opinion.

(Edit at 11:02 for clarity)

A little known claim of William Rodriguez

We all know well Rodriguez' claims of massive explosions in the basement of the WTC including the one which occurred several seconds before the first plane strike.

But Rodriguez has also claimed something else, which no one seems to discuss, but it might be possible ground work for the "v2.0 scenario" I described in my essay.

A hero janitor who helped victims escape from the World Trade Center's north tower before it collapsed told the 9/11 panel that he came across one of the hijackers in the building a few months before the attack.

William Rodriguez, 43, of Jersey City met with the commission for the first time last week.

A 20-year Trade Center employee who swept stairwells, he swears he saw United Airlines Flight 175 hijacker Mohand Alshehri in June 2001 and told an FBI agent in the family center at Ground Zero about it a month after the attacks. He never heard back from the bureau.

Rodriguez said he was working overtime one weekend cleaning rest rooms on the concourse and mezzanine levels when Alshehri approached him.

"I had just finished cleaning the bathroom and this guy asks me, 'Excuse me, how many public bathrooms are in this area?'" Rodriguez told the Daily News.

"Coming from the school of the 1993 [Trade Center] bombing, I found it very strange," Rodriguez said. "I didn't forget about it."

After Al Qaeda's attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, Rodriguez recognized Alshehri's mug in newspapers.

"I'm very certain, I'll give it 90%" that Alshehri was casing the towers before the attacks, the WTC ex-porter said.

Sources here and here.

As I said, is this possible ground work for such a fall back position?

Yep, that's exactlfy what's going on

It's possible that his CIA/NSA handlers sent Alsheri there just so he could be spotted. It's also possible that Rodriquez was pressured to tell this story. Either way, this alarming report has been entirely ignored by the truth movement.

The next time Rodruquez speaks in public, I hope someone will ask him about Mohand Alsheri.

I've contacted him about it...

just a few minutes ago actually, and I sent him this blog. Perhaps he can respond here; he has an account at 911blogger.

One of the better arguments I've heard against my v2.0 scenario is that the government would have to explain, if explosives were admitted, how Al Qaeda was able to compromise NIST, FEMA, etc.

And indeed, this would be a tough question, if the media were to have the balls to ask it.

But as you said: it was easy enough for the powers-that-be to convince the media and most of the public that Iraq, which was as you said a secular dictatorship with no ties to OBL/AQ, was partially or fully responsible for 9/11. This was all the proof any rational person would need in order to see that the media is not free.

how Al Qaeda was able to compromise NIST, FEMA

This will never be explained, it will simply never be mentioned. Down the memory hole. If we don't discuss it, it never happened, right?

Great point

Adam, thanks for posting this, after watching the 9-11 episode of Jesse Ventura's new show, the very chilling possibility of this happening in another city occurred to me. That made me consider what will happen when the truth becomes widely accepted and the evidence is made common knowledge. I can see it now, like you described, they will likely say al-Qaeda operatives posed as maintenance personnel and painted the nano-thermite on the buildings to aid the attacks. My ultimate challenge to this would be to point out that there were a number of wargames happening that morning that aided in the remainder of the attacks and that the destruction of the buildings is only one piece of a very complicated puzzle. One other thought; I remember something I heard in a speech by Mike Ruppert I believe, to the effect of, who had the motive to pull off 9-11? Would al-Qaeda really do something that would put every justice agency in the western world in a position of MORE attention to their activities and make those same agencies ACTIVELY seek them out? Or, would a group of elitists who want to change policy and expand conflict to gain control of natural resources and therefore exponentially increase profits and power me more inclined to pull this off? To anyone with any sense at all, the answer is obvious.

We need to be ready to counter the next Official Lie with facts and evidence to PROVE conclusively that there is no way al-Qaeda is doing all of this, at least not with out assistance and/or guidance from western intelligence agencies.

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry


"who had the motive to pull off 9-11? .... To anyone with any sense at all, the answer is obvious."

Maybe the answer is supposed to be that they (al-Qaeda) are crazy, as in 'crazy muslim fanatics'. So they engage in suicide attacks and also have a 'suicidal' operational plan, yet remain sure Allah will guarantee eventual success.

Of course in reality, the Allies are playing the part of Allah.

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry

Warning: off topic.

Dave, I love this signature line. I really believe this. Evil results from unfelt emotions. This is why we see men doing more evil deeds in this world than women, because from a young age they are taught to repress their feelings, resulting in many men carrying around mountains of pain.

Sometimes I think that our only solution is a spiritual one. Until we, as a society, value the release of pain, love will continue to be withheld and evil will continue.


I can't take credit for this quote, it is actually something I heard from Alex Collier many years ago. I agree, most men are carrying around resentment or hostility or regret that results in emotional pain, and unfortunately it comes out in the form of tyranny or some other abuse of power. I firmly believe that this whole situation is a result of people not realizing that we are all made equal. There is a belief that some of us are below others, and I think that is why we are having such a hard time getting to the root of what happened on the morning of 9-11. Once we are "allowed" to gain access to that knowledge, we will see that the people that really orchestrated this horrible series of events were not much different than bullies in school - cowards bent on manipulating people for their own selfish ends.

Glad you noticed this, Sheila, positive energy resonates throughout the universe when you create it within. My smile will penetrate all my coworkers' souls today and travel on, and that is the true meaning of happiness to me.

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry

If they did

If they did actually say that bombs were used, it could only help the Truth Movement. It would just prove what we were saying all a long. If we were right about that, we must be right about the other things or,Maybe I am putting to much hope in the American people. They would still most likely sit in front of the t.v eating their frozen dinners in awe that Al Qaeda was able to put the explosives in the buildings.....

The Evolution of a New Operating System.


Asside: Farmer's book co-signed the "incompetence" theory as "insider" fact. V. 1.5.1?

Your question is a valid one - something that should be discussed preemptively.

I have long shared Sheila's sense that only a complete spiritual infusion within all human hearts is going to solve any of our Earth's problems. How we get there, exactly, I have no idea.

Short of that, it's interesting and heartening for me to watch as parallel movements gain momentum in all areas, such as facing down the overwhelming problems with the media (US Ministry of Propaganda).

As all of these efforts reach critical mass, they will reinforce each other toward even greater growth and integration and power for good vs the dark side. Things will continue to build, perhaps exponentially, upon that unified base. As it relates to your question, for example, if the cabal no longer controls the media, the 911 message can't be turned to the cabal's favor.

In exploring this, I think we have to factor in the evolving larger picture, too, which is, I believe, creating an entirely new Operation System. If we don't, we'll lose faith that's already hard enough to hang onto.

No one said this was going to be easy or fast but there's no time limit to truth. We'll go as far as we can in our lifetimes, then it will be up to others to stand on the shoulders of those in this and other movements.

Thanks, Adam!

Show ""How we get there, exactly, I have no idea"" by Sheila Casey

Basic logical fallacy

Even though the American people have been dumbed down to the point of accepting most of what the msm feeds them, there is a logical fallacy so basic and so obvious with your "Official Story V. 2.0" that it would not be considered viable.

I'm not sure how much street activism you have done, but I have done (and continue to do) quite a lot. Every time I go out for at least an hour I always hear at least one person ask:

"If the government planted bombs in the Twin Towers, then why would they need to fly planes into them?"

Of course we know the obvious reason is that a cover story was needed to mask the complex, lengthy and high tech process necessary to destroy the buildings (something ONLY a few intelligence services in the world could pull off, btw).

However, if one tries to assert that "al Qaeda" executed the demolitions (or subcontracted the bombing), why would they also go to all of the trouble to hijack planes and fly them into the buildings they placed bombs in?

They wouldn't, end of story.

I think it far more likely that as the situation in Pakistan deteriorates and the U.S. needs to justify further intervention there, the next iteration of the OCT will be that rogue elements within the ISI assisted "al Qaeda" in the 9/11 operation. They have already spent a lot of time and energy to lay the ground work for this story. A limited hangout featuring patsies that do have WMD's and are on the list of countries that the 9/11 perps want destroyed.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Very good points

Thanks LeftWright for your insight.

I would hope actually that most people wouldn't be so dumbed down as to buy the "al Qaeda planted the explosives" line. Most people seem to realize that explosives = inside job.

Out of curiosity though, what do you think of my above post re William Rodriguez? That's a bit eerie in that it almost looks like groundwork for the scenario I delineated.

Edit: Would whoever voted this down please care to explain what was objectionable about my post?

Whilst I do find this

Whilst I do find this speculation interesting and worth discussing (or at least bearing in mind)I don't think anyone should use this reasoning to divert attention or importance away from WTC CD evidence which is IMHO our best and also most motivational evidence.

If after 9 years MSM were to admit explosives it would be fairly clear that they had 100% exclusively failed in their responsibility to report the truth given the huge amount of data and extensive arguments for cd which have been censored and the movement vilified for. The MSM would be proven untrustworthy, and that would be a great victory against the system. Nobody should underestimate the importance of the MSM in perpetrating these crimes.

I am waiting for the day when we demand accountability from the BBC and Mike Rudkin for airing blatant manipulative propaganda whilst censoring widely known evidence against the OT.

I thought I'd bump this up.

I thought I'd bump this up. I proposed this scenario as a possibility as to what could happen if ever the establishment were to acknowledge CD.

We've just seen Jeffrey Shapiro at Fox News try and make the claim that it was obvious, common knowledge among firefighters etc. that a controlled demolition of 7 was a totally feasible option, no big deal, and that even if 7 were demolished, it doesn't cast doubt on the credibility of the official narrative.

Let's suppose for a moment

that the government finally came out and said that Lee Harvey Oswald was really working with a Cuban hit team when JFK was killed. At the time we couldn't let all the people in the US know the truth because they would demand we would invade Cuba. If we had invaded Cuba the secret agreement made by JFK with Russia never to invade the island in order for the nukes to be removed would be violated etc. Then potentially WWIII with Nuclear Weapons could end most of the Life in this country and the entire world. Do you really think that the Govt should have told the truth in this case? Do you think if this is what was told to Earl Warren he would have refused to be compromised? All of a sudden the resentment for the Govt's lying falls away and people like Spector and his single bullet theory etc start to look like patriots in a wider sense. All the rest of the ducks fall in place for the average Joe, Ruby was a fanatic who loved JFK, Oswald was a communist with ties to Cuba and Russia, bullets were fired from the grassy knoll, the Church committee was right but this is why the Justice Department refused to investigate.................what do you think could we sell this ? Great question with real possibilites especially if enough time can pass before the cover story has to come out.