Using 9/11, And Inflating Terrorism And "Al-Qaeda" To Incite Fear

Terrorism is real. It can be scary. However, I think we need to look at what causes terrorism. Like wars of aggression against 3 countries for instance... Terrorism is real. Unfortunately, we are the greatest purveyors of it.

Well said

Well said


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Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.

That's the truth!

Some terror is manufactured aka false flag operations etc, some terror is grown thru a constant bombardment of injustice and indiscriminate carnage. I noticed the recent bombing in Afghanistan originally attributed to the taliban is now referred to alcada. With no real discussion taking place about why this doctor would sacrifice his life in this attack. What motivates an educated man to do something like this? Usually gross injustice is my opinion. Nice post Jon, credit deserved and observed.

terrorism is not real, at least

the way it is propagandized to great unwashed. Zionist terror is real because it is so ubiquitous, insidious and complicit in the brainwashing. Muslims do not control any media, hollywood or the occupied teritory between Maryland and Virginia.

People get pissed off when you murder their women, children, innocent sheperds and farmers tortured, locked in holes for unnumbered years w/no hope of ever being recognised as a human being. Sodomized, every despicable grotesque act of perversion a reptillian slug could conjur.....gonna make some folks angry, as is the intent. The Urban System "Movers" who were filming and dancing should be waterboarded 183 times on live television, hung, beheaded and pissed on.