9/11 and Twitter: Do not underestimate!

I don't know for certain if it's appropriate to use 911Blogger for adding my own advertisement for 9/11 on Twitter. In that case I just wait the response. But I do know that Twitter is an ideal vehicle to bring proportionate messages to a broad audience. W911 brings daily 9/11 news, aiming at a critical non-biased audience.


My request to 911Blogger, which messages are widely spread by W911 on Twitter, to add an extra section to the 911Blogger website with some choices for good valid Twitterfeeds on 9/11. This will stimulate visitors to follow these messages and provide the particular accounts with more followers.

The very hard part about Twitter is the circumstance that we have to deal with a network that's visible for every participant. That's both the strong and the weak part of Twitter, concerning our efforts to spread consciousness about 9/11. Because of the dubious suspicion of unpatriotic behavior, brought by mainstream media when criticizing the official account of 9/11, many users of Twitter do not feel comfortable to follow a 9/11 news feed, even if the information is basically fulfilling their interests.


Because of this fact of potential interest (I see this confirmed daily when adding articles about 9/11 on forums and see the mass response), there is much to gain for the Truthmovement with the use of Twitter. Visible high numbers of followers will help to legitimate the issue of 9/11 for potential followers who still feel uncomfortable by subscribing openly on the issue of 9/11. It is obvious that on this very moment we are far behind with reaching our full potentials.


911Blogger has yet 261 'clean' followers. I say clean, because 911Blogger itself just follows 4 persons or organizations. This means that far most of those 261 followers are motivated to follow, not just as an act of politeness because they are followed first.

W911 Newsfeed on Twitter does a lot of news searching on the internet and has yet 2041 followers. It is the largest newsfeed with 'clean' followers on 9/11 on Twitter. W911 follows 392 people, many of them with serious engagements in the subject, some of them journalists or politicians. We (911Blogger, W911 and others) are no competitors of each other, because on Twitter we just provide our own followers with the best information we have. Also, we multiply information from each other by retweeting theirs and make it available to our own followers. Several among them will do the same.... That's how twitter works, that's how information explodes in high numbers.

W911 retweets also information from 911Blogger. 911Blogger on it's turn is reading many of my tweets that are retweeted by other 9/11 newsfeeds, like 911News, another 911newsfeed. One that gathers existing 9/11 tweets from multiple sources. Et cetera, and so on...

Twitter is a powerful source of information with the excellent quality to reach new public, especially since twitter changed it's use of the retweet functionality. We should grab this opportunity with both arms but cautious. Let's use and explore the valid sources. For example AE911Truth, just 535 followers right now! These numbers can be much higher considering the quality behind this twitteraccount. Let's use it!

Frank Ho

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I'm glad you brought this

I'm glad you brought this up. I follow you and other related accounts on Twitter, and think it's a huge opportunity to spread the word. I also regularly check a number of saved searches that give a great insight into what people are saying in real-time about the movement, outside the movement. For example:

9/11: http://twitter.com/#search?q=9-11
9/11 truth: http://twitter.com/#search?q=9%2F11%20truth
ae911truth: http://twitter.com/#search?q=ae911truth

and this one is always interesting:
truther: http://twitter.com/#search?q=truther

As for 9/11 Blogger's Twitter account, less than 300 followers is a poor effort. A bit of promotion and that could be 30,000 within a year. Ideally, someone would set up a CoTweet account, allowing interested people to not only tweet from the same account, but actively seek out and engage people in discussion over Twitter. Maybe you could consider that for W911?

Up to 30,000 !

Nick, thanks for your response and for acknowledging Twitter's potential for reaching people from outside the 'movement'. Your search phrases are indeed helpful to get a better understanding about what people think about our points of view.

Your goal for having 30,000 followers for 911Blogger in a year seems high to me, because of the visibility of Twitters network for every visitor, which I described as a difficult barrier for a lot of people. Compared with visitor amounts from 9/11 websites like mine and I presume even much more for examples like 911Blogger, 911Research, etc., the Twitter follower amounts are at an amazing low. But I do like your high stake! These numbers should be our goal. Time is on our side. When people lose there hesitation because of visible rising numbers, it can grow very fast.

I do not understand exactly what you meant with your final suggestion, the CoTweet account. Tweeting from the same account?

With W911 I'm trying to provoke interest for 9/11 with a mixture of daily mainstream news about 9/11 (still every day with quit some articles), specialized 9/11 articles from specialized sources and (let's estimate) 20% 'reminder' news, with important facts about 9/11 that are unknown to most mainstream oriented people. I do not consider Twitter as very suitable for having discussions. With 140 characters per message it's just too limited to obtain a substantial quality.

The possibility for W911 as being a host for discussion (in some suitable form) is also limited by time. Maintaining the website, writing articles and searching newsfeed for twitter is the maximum effort I can handle beside other (non 9/11) obligations. But I'm always open for finding new and smart solutions in reaching new audiences ;-)