Christopher Hitchens goes after Gore Vidal over 9/11 in latest issue of Vanity Fair

Vidal Loco - by Christopher Hitchens (February edition of Vanity Fair)

"What has happened to Gore Vidal, the witty, tough-minded subversive of American letters, the 20th century’s only possible answer to Oscar Wilde? After 9/11, the author laments, Vidal’s writings took a graceless lurch toward the crackpot, surpassing even the wilder-eyed efforts of Michael Moore and Oliver Stone, and providing a miserable coda to his brilliant run."

Full verbose and rubbish filled article here:

My comment at vanity fair

Something to the effect:

"Hitchens's brain works best between a layer of vodka and a layer of rum. Which was lacking when he wrote this piece is something only he can tell us."


Hitchens' ego is much larger than his intellect, which is admittedly quite large.
For someone who is so smart he can be incredibly narrow minded.

nullius in verba.