9/11 evidence map

I have been spending time creating a diagram where I have separated the evidence into discreet groups and connected them. I am not sure how accurate it is and it is not completely finished because I have a css issue to resolve.

It can be found on my website: www.berkshire911truth.org.uk.

Page 2: this diagram
Page 3: collapse of WTC7
Page 4: 'Press for Truth'
Page 5: 'The Elephant in the Room'
Page 6: Details of books (with back page blurbs and full chapter contents)
Page 7: Contact form

Please put a direct link to the high quality evidence map.

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
very good work, thanks.
wanted to print a clear copy of your evidence map but I could not find the image in good quality on your web site.
Can you please put up a direct link to it.

Thanks John

cannot find map on your site

Is the map posted? Cannot find it.