Glenn Greenwald: "Obama Confidant's Spine-Chilling Proposal" (cognitive infiltration’ of 9/11 conspiracy groups)

Glenn Greenwald has written a scathing indictedment of Cass Sunstein's odious proposal.

From the article:

"What is most odious and revealing about Sunstein's worldview is his condescending, self-loving belief that "false conspiracy theories" are largely the province of fringe, ignorant Internet masses and the Muslim world. That, he claims, is where these conspiracy theories thrive most vibrantly, and he focuses on various 9/11 theories -- both domestically and in Muslim countries -- as his prime example.

It's certainly true that one can easily find irrational conspiracy theories in those venues, but some of the most destructive "false conspiracy theories" have emanated from the very entity Sunstein wants to endow with covert propaganda power: namely, the U.S. Government itself, along with its elite media defenders. Moreover, "crazy conspiracy theorist" has long been the favorite epithet of those same parties to discredit people trying to expose elite wrongdoing and corruption.

Who is it who relentlessly spread "false conspiracy theories" of Saddam-engineered anthrax attacks and Iraq-created mushroom clouds and a Ba'athist/Al-Qaeda alliance -- the most destructive conspiracy theories of the last generation? And who is it who demonized as "conspiracy-mongers" people who warned that the U.S. Government was illegally spying on its citizens, systematically torturing people, attempting to establish permanent bases in the Middle East, or engineering massive bailout plans to transfer extreme wealth to the industries which own the Government? The most chronic and dangerous purveyors of "conspiracy theory" games are the very people Sunstein thinks should be empowered to control our political debates through deceit and government resources: namely, the Government itself and the Enlightened Elite like him."

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Some TRUTH here and there.

Glenn Greenwald

Glad to see Glenn on board with this. A fine journalist... and all too rare.

Typical of the tortured legal arguments that have become so prevalent. This "paper" is idiotic and wrong on so many levels. Dangerous, nonetheless.

Collectivist Holiday

I'm surprised Soros allowed Greenwald to publish this view.

in the houses of shadow, everybody lies.

That anyone who dare question administrative accounts of 911 JFK Oklahoma automatically have a "crippled epistemology" requiring "cognitive " interventions " , are otherwise 'Kooks' allied in a way to holocaust deniers, has an awfully narrow and sinister ring about it.
Sunstein holds that Osama/ Al Qaeda destroyed the WTC buildings and oswald fired the [8-9 ]shots killing JFK as his world view and that that is the good ground upon which this paper stands and more, upon which his whole society rests. anyone thinking anything else is obviously exhibiting deviant anti-social probably mentally impaired traits. Or is Muslim. those around him presenting this paper as intellectual design think so to, but for us born of another need, the nanothermite riddled dust clouds of anomaly surrounding all these major events AT ODDS with administrative accounts -and historical record- demand a totally new investigation. With NEW people. Honest people. Not monty belger. Not Jerome Hauer. Not Sandy berger. It is not enough to just believe. We have out grown that. There are evidence gathering procedures and forums of 'seen to be done' justice enough , properly functioning, can answer the substantive questions. If these networks of justice and inquiry are found to be in the hands of vested interest groups refusing proper judicial account, provably, then conspiracy is bound to result because conspiracy is what we find here.
And conspiracy IS what we find here.
Sunstein simply represents the 'official' conspiracy theory base that has no intentions of allowing substantive questions into the mix. Like Goss and Sunder and whoever else has fobbed the questions off.
Perhaps we need Dr. Harris Isabel MKULTRA to administer 'the belief' that bush obviously spoke of when demanding we were either 'with him or with the terrorist'.
Advice to 'outsource rebuttals'[Xe perhaps] by any means to destroy dissent, his struggle to find bullet point strategies to explain the tsunami of anger rage and light the truth of 911 represents, forces him to identify his own belief methods. The 'social cascades' described must surely be the very 'tipping points' into conspiracy belief his own circle adopted, ie: that Bin Laden "did it". That oswald 'did it'. That there are NO unanswered questions about flight 77. That his own 'crippled epistemology' 'self seals' to deny FBI informations later stating Bin Laden is NOT wanted for the crime.
' Self serving ideological and epistemological complexes' serve dismal examples when discussion of popular mechanics and the influence of homeland securities nephew CHERTOFF having ' no influence' on the publication is examined. I wonder if he would find similar non-connection with marvin Bush and securesec. Either way, Sunstein in no way countered the popular mechanics conflict of interest question, nor of Zelikow , especially since even more information of this strange mans control of the commission processes have come to light.

And that is the sobering thing about this paper. What it reveals of the culture that propagandizes the bin laden conspiracy.

AE911Truth Reaches 1000

"Who is it who relentlessly spread "false conspiracy theories"


Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.

How close can someone get?

How close can someone get to validating the claims of 9/11 truth seekers without validating their claims? Pretty damn close, as Greenwald has illustrated. By no means does Greenwald divulge any sympathies toward 9/11 truth. Nor does he categorically reject Sunstein's claims that 9/11 truth seekers adhere to "false conspiracy theories." All we are left with is Greenwald's distinction that "some" 9/11 theories are, in fact, ill-informed and dangerous. No argument on that, but that's all we get. For now, maybe that's enough. Ever so slightly, Greenwald may have moved a centimeter closer to recognizing the lies and cover-up surrounding 9/11. We can only hope and keep pressing forward. But this incident is panning out to be a crack in the wall, to be sure.