Architects and Engineers reach 1000

Congratulations to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

They have reached the milestone number of 1000 A&Es!

Good job, everyone, discuss.


... to Richard Gage and the entire A/E team (especially the signature verifier!!!!!)

Let's keep the momentum!

"A time comes when silence is betrayal." -Martin Luther King Jr.

I look forward to promoting this momentous milestone.

I know they have been collecting donations for some kind of celebratory announcement.
They also met their fund raising goal. I look forward to promoting this momentous milestone.

We will have to update out banner. This is from yesterday's Dallas MLK parade where we gave away 1,100 DVDs. We will be at another parade tomorrow. More on the parades to come.

More on the parades to come.

Agreed, we need to leverage this in every way we can

Well written press releases need to go out to every news organization and be followed up with calls calling for interviews and articles covering the issue.

Every college physics, architectural and engineering program needs to be sent an announcement and information packet.

Every high school science teacher needs to receive an announcement and information packet.

Every architectural and engineering office and professional needs to be sent an announcement and information packet.

Every fire station needs to be sent an announcement and information packet.

Let's make sure that by the end of the spring, everyone has seen WTC 7 going down and knows that over 1,000 architects and engineers agree that the NIST report is junk and a new investigation is needed.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Seems Like Perfect Time To Compel NY Authorities To Investigate

The time is now for groups with the appropriate public relations savvy like AE9/11Truth to begin a campaign to compel NY state and NY city authorities who have the power to investigate the destructions of the WTC and have not.

This can be done via direct interface with these authorities and local ads to generate greater local support, that could be supported by fundraising efforts.

The destruction of the WTC was a local crime, subject to local authority. (e.g.: the District Attorney for Manhattan and the Attorney General of NY state.) All 9/11 Truth efforts should be aimed at compelling these authorities to investigate.

The recent Bentham nano-thermite paper by Harrit, Jones, Ryan et al. is actionable evidence of criminality.

What are we waiting for?

Aidan Monaghan

The Attorney General for the State of NY is housed in a Larry Silverstein owned skyscraper (120 Broadway)

I'm sure Larry doesn't have his tennets office bugged, to save his own life...

Excellent - No Activist Journey To Albany Required

The two local authorities (NY AG and NYC DA) who should be the subject of activist scrutiny, both located in Manhattan.

A perfect opportunity just waiting to happen and both within a cab ride's distance of each other.

Aidan, I gave Tom Leppert a couple 9/11 Truth DVDs

"North Texans for 9/11 Truth" are again particpating in both Dallas Martin Luther King Parades this year. During Saturday's parade, Tom Leppert jogged by me saying "hi". My shirt said "9/11 was an inside job". I quickly chased Leppert down saying "Tom! Tom!" and then told him that I was with a group representing 9/11 Truth, etc. and gave him two 9/11 Truth DVDs. ~~ha!...the irony. PARADE VIDEO (Leppert jogging at end) -


I have several questions regarding Mayor Leppert and his then company Turner Construction at the WTC circa 9/11.

Perhaps the good mayor could explain how it is in the public interest for the Dallas chapter of the Council on Foreign Affairs (of which he is the chairman), to meet exclusively in private and off-record with local business and public interests. (as reportedly all nationwide chapters do)

The Council on Foreign Affairs is a partner organization of the Rockefeller lead Council on Foreign Relations.

1,000 !! Hallelujah !! Being strongly promoted in Dallas!!

Saturday and Monday the AE911Truth Banner will be displayed and promoted to many, many thousands in Dallas during the MLK Parades!!!

Documented Proof

Has a Nice Ring!

I'm looking forward to promoting this milestone too. A&E will be doing a promotion with the 1,000th member soon. Love that they reach their funding goals.

I'd like to see the 1,000 promo sent out to ALL the 6,158+ Blueprint eNewsletter subscribers along with an invitation to the general public to watch the 10 minutes slideshow/video:

Then all members could forward widely to everyone they know with a personal note. Twitter and Facebook also.

Congrats!!! :D

Please promote to architects and engineers in your network - I will :D

John E. Kroll

Thanks to all the Architects and Engineers.

Thanks to all the architects and engineers who are standing up for truth. In these times it takes courage to support the scientific method and logic.

Congratulations on reaching this benchmark.

Great Job & nice

to see an honest 9.11 group GROW.

Charlie Sheen should give you guy's $100K & let you do you're thing.

I guess the hardest part...

...will be updating all the banners!

I was on ae's verification team for a few months but then moved on to other projects. It is indeed a time consuming job to thoroughly vet everyone and make sure all the fakes are weeded out.

Bravo to all involved!

I was told the buildings collapsed

from the plane strikes and fires, and we did see them hit by planes.

Therefore, those engineers and architects must all be crazy and insane.
On the 11th day, of every month.

AE911 should add a facebook fan page




There IS the following group on facebook

with the title "I Support the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth."

It's currently got 4,998 members!

EDIT: I knew my posting it here would tip it over 5,000. Thanks guys! ;-)

Yes, do they not understand..

how fire melts steel? ;-)

*** Congratulations ! ! ! ***

Wonderful job

Thanks you all, on behalf of all civilization, for the excellent and vital job you guys are doing.

It WILL pay off :)

Amy Goodman

Wasn't it Amy Goodman who, in an interview a few years back, challenged DR Griffin(?) to name for her just one professional architect or engineer who supported his alternative 911 contentions? At the time, I don't think he could name one. Today, of course, is a far different story.

Whoever it was that asked that question, I hope that something is being planned that will officially update them and/or "challenge" them on their challenge.

ps. sent ae911my congrats directly

Structural engineers

I believe Goodman's challenge to Griffin was specifically about 'structural engineers.' Even limited to that category, I'm sure there are more of those supporting 9/11 truth now--within those 1,000--than there were at the time of that interview.

This is kind of old

and probably out of date, but heres this:
The key to successful truth actions lies in not insulting your target audience or promoting speculation as hard fact.

40 Structural Engineers now signed on!

Richard said today in an interview for the "Visibility 9-11" Podcast that there are now 40 Structural Engineers signed up:)

Regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Yes, it was Griffin

And it was 2005. Griffin had one engineer, in Mexico, and that's it. The guy was too afraid to speak publicly so Griffin said we have none. . Four and one half years later we have 1,000 officially and who knows how many hiding in the wings.

Spreading the truth? It's at least everything times 1,000 from here on. Griffin needs to change one of his lecture titles from "Let's get Empirical" to "Let's get Exponential."

ae911Truth ROCKS!

"Let's get exponential."

Yes indeed. I'll relay that thought to Dr. Griffin.

Congratulations Richard

and AE911Truth team!

9/11 Truth and MLK

Fitting that this milestone should be reached during the time that we honor one of the last voices of truth that America has seen in the past 50+ years. I recently came across this speech given by King entitled 'Beyond Vietnam', delivered exactly one year before his untimely death. I never realized that during the last stages of his ministry he became very involved and outspoken against American Imperialism. Unbelievable how much King's words apply to the warmongering that America conducts today. Dr. King would certainly support 9/11 Truth. Congratulations to AE911Truth.

Outstanding work..

A outstanding achievement. I think a nice little write-up at would be nice too. If no one else does it today, I'll see if I have time to write one up at work tomorrow morning. Any suggestions for it just post them here.

GREAT JOB!!! to Richard Gage and everyone over at

peace all

"It is part of the general pattern of misguided policy that our country is now geared to an arms economy which was bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and nurtured upon an incessant propaganda of fear."
- Douglas MacArthur

I suggest

that the article cuts right to the heart of the issue and renders in the most plain and simplistic terms, the utter absurdity of the official story about what happened to those buildings, without any apology, or fanfare - just tell it like it is, which just happens to be objective truth and reality based on scientific observation and purely rational deductive reasoning in accord with the physical laws which govern reality. There's no getting around the truth about the complete destruction of the twin towers and building 7 on 9/11. Thus, they the collective 1000+ Professional Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, are a pillar of truth, in the midst of a boundless hypocrisy, and that's power.

We have all the time in the world and history, and the reality of the actual occurance of the destruction of those buildings, that's on our side. In short, we win.
On the 11th day, of every month.

Architects & Engineers who publicly support NIST Story...

If you know of any Architects and Engineers who PUBLICLY support the official NIST Building 7 Report, please post them at the following webpage (with a link to their statement).

Good work Tom

There's NISTory, and then there's history :)

The key to successful truth actions lies in not insulting your target audience or promoting speculation as hard fact.

Congratulations and many thanks to Richard Gage et. Al.

Congratulations and many thanks to Richard Gage and the entire team at

I believe the word "hero" gets overused in the corporate media these days. However, I suggest there are no greater examples of living American heroes than many of the leaders of the 9/11 truth movement and that would certainly include Richard Gage.

I am so impressed with his tenacity, self-sacrifice, leadership, and of course, his quest for truth. Amazingly well done, RIchard.

"A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right." Thomas Paine

Thank you, Richard Gage

I'm a $10/mo supporter of AE911Truth.

Richard Gage is skillful and relentless in his campaigns. Hats off to that. That takes a lot of energy and talent. And he can be trusted to walk and talk the mainstream, logical 911 Truth line. Remember when we would proudly point of Prof. Fester BesterTester (or whatever his hame was)? Thanks to Richard Gage, we how have a much higher caliber discussion of 911.

He deserves some bigger-time media exposure more than anyone.

Much success in 2010 for Richard Gage and AE911Truth.

Stephen Jones, our physicist

Stephen Jones, our physicist who made clear to us all the qualities of thermite, my hat goes off to as well. And there are so many brilliant scholars, that bring their professional perspective, shedding light onto a shadowy operation, these fine spirits, whose personal losses were taken silently, and in stride. Professor Jones, for example losing his position at BYU, but gaining in more self respect, and keeping a wholly intact personal integrity.

This awakening is going to continue. Them, trying to keep the swell of knowledge, is like them trying to put a stop the snows from the mountain tops from melting into streams. Let it flow!

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."

Thank you for your contribution

I wish there were a thousand more like you. (that would be something, and is SORELY needed)

Or if even half of the supporters contributed, which one would think would be the case, but is FAR from it unfortunately.

Can you imagine what could be done if half of them gave only $10 a month and what could be done with that??? (or even $5)

Instead of AE911Truth having to resort to "penny-pinching" and worrying about making it from month to month, and "what are we going to do with this situation that just came up and is going to require some money to deal with it correctly", and that sort of thing. (which is the way most nonprofits are run, except for the big ones)

It's WAY past time for AE911Truth to go from a "start-up" all-volunteer organization to actual paid employees who work at least half time consistently, plus some full timers, so that stuff can be done, and they can quit bleeding from some of their best people leaving. (you can only ask so much from people -- if people truly understood what the volunteers do and give there, they would probably feel ashamed for their lack of real support in comparison)

And the really sad thing is, that most people blow $10 a month on Starbucks, and candy bars, and lottery tickets, and stuff like that, but probably think (or claim) that they don't even have $10 a month to give to a good cause. They could easily donate it and not even miss it.

So kudos to you and the few like you who put their money where their mouth is and are TRUE supporters of the 9/11 Truth cause. (and also the people who give more than $10 a month, who are making up (kind of) for those who give nothing, plus the few who are able to donate much more)

(note that this is from someone who used to volunteer and is now officially separated from the organization, but, of course, still supportive, and "telling it like it is")

Charlie Sheen/Rosie O'Donnel

or any other multi milionare truther,should give a very healthy donation to AE911

Maybe We are Change LA can broker this idea.

Probably never happen

This was attempted last year. A special event was put on for some "Hollywood" actors and others in Los Angeles. A few showed up. They were not what you would call "wealthy" (apparently) or "A-List". (who knows what that really even means or how you would categorize people, but, realistically, I suppose they were maybe "C-List" -- you also don't want to be mean about it) Although they said they would offer their support on a variety of fronts, financially and otherwise, not one of them signed the petition. (I don't know if any of them made a financial donation, but I don't think they did)

Prior to that, Ed Asner had signed the petition. He was at the event. I believe he also did some PSAs' later. That was widely publicized and considered the beginning of getting some much-needed support and publicity in this way. But nothing ever came of it. And Ed Asner is getting pretty old, even though he is "Ed Asner".

PUBLICITY is the key word. What we need is a "Bono situation" for 9/11 Truth. Or a "9/11 Truth Aid" with Willie Nelson, etc. (we need that for 9/11 Truth AND also for the first responders) Some people who don't understand publicity and how EXTREMELY important and advantageous and necessary it is don't think "actor and entertainers supporting 9/11 Truth" is either all-important or should even be done at all. (that's a small part of the problem)

Rosie O'donnell is not supporting AE911Truth for some reason. She is supporting William Rodriguez. Maybe that's why. (although I don't see it as an "either/or" situation) So what the Hell is that all about? I don't think she or Willie even mentioned AE911Truth during his interview on her new radio show.

One would think that these people would be contacting AE911Truth and asking what they can do, and how they can help, and signing the petition, and encouraging others to do so, etc. And mentioning AE911Truth every time they talk about 9/11. (especially when there are reporters and news cameras around, or they are being interviewed, etc.)

It makes you wonder where people's heads are at. What are they thinking? You wouldn't think they are clueless and have never heard about AE911Truth. That seems almost impossible.

Perhaps some people do not see AE911Truth as the seminal organization that some of us think it is. It seems like most people say that and act like it, for the most part, but in some ways some people who need to say it and act like it do not.

It's very odd.

Even Jesse Ventura didn't mention AE911Truth in his "Conspiracy Theory" show on 9/11. (he also didn't mention that there is a huge grassroots movement, either, and a lot of other important information that should have been included)

What's that about?

I figured that would happen. But I'm still always surprised and flabbergasted when it does. And irritated. And annoyed. And "depressed".

Stranger and stranger.

Maybe we need a ribbon that people can wear. (people usually ask why you are wearing a ribbon and what it's for)

And so it goes....

(imo, the 9/11 Truth movement is basically pretty much exactly where it was one year ago for all intents and purposes and that's not good -- not good at all)