Connections, Connections

T.E. Braniff, founder of Braniff Airlines and friend to George H.W.Bush, was a member of the Knights Templar, an ancient Catholic anti-Islamic order, birthed during the Medieval Crusades. Young Eric Prince worked in Bush elder's White House. His connections to the administration under which 9-11 happened, go back far and long and deep.

Russ Baker has been writing fearlessly about connections like this one in "Family of Secrets". Now, Michael Carmichael, has revealed more, in an article titled, "From Blackwater to Xe, the Templar Crusade Mercenary soldiers and security personnel for the US government".

from the article:

"Erik Prince, the founder and owner of the now infamous US corporation, Blackwater, hails from Holland, Michigan where his family was both powerful and prominent in two institutions - (1) the Republican Party and (2) the evangelical Christian Church. After scandals hit his large and lucrative firm, Prince ordered a curious rebranding that changed its name to Xe.

X is an archaic form of abbreviation for Christ and/or Christian that was derived from the cross and the Greek Alphabet. X or Chi is the Greek letter that is the initial of "Christos" - X - which at the same time served as a symbol for the cross. Sometimes written Chi-Rho, (Xp) is another abbreviation for Christos and his followers, the Christians. From the perspective of medieval Christian symbology, 'Xe' is a combination of the Christic cross and the Greek letter, Epsilon, the first letter in the Greek word, Evangelion, glad tidings or gospel. From the perspective of a modern member of the Knights Templar, Xe is immediately recognizable as it symbolizes Christian Evangelism."

A thorough diagnosis of secrecy is needed to understand how a small group of well funded and highly connected individuals could function with deadly resolve, within the highest levels of the US government.

Erik Prince, Prince of deception

Apathy Supports the Status Quo

People are starting to see through the hypocrisy of modern day Evangelical right wing Corporate Christianity. I say corporate Christianity because Christ as the redeemer has become a commodity and those who profess that the message of Christ was the suffering, death and resurection of Christ, rather than the life, message and path toward enlightment. These corporate christians are making millions of dollars and with those dollars are becoming highly influential in politics. It needs to be remembered that there was a seperate sect of Christian followers called the Gnostics who believed Christ was a man of knowledge. Christ spent his formative years in Egypt in and around Alexandria where Philo was notable for his melding of Greek and Egyptian mysteries and knowledge. Christ allegedly spent time meditating and learning from the Jewish sect near Alexandria, Egypt, the Therepeteua. The Freemasons and to some extent the Knights Templar, seekers of the Holy Grail (of Knowledge) were adherents of this knowledge based path to salvation. Althougth there were many variations on Gnostic belief, a central theme of Gnostics was that they believed that God is within you and each person has the ability to recognize God and understand God's plan for elevating humanity. This is why there is so much Egyptian sybolism in Freemasonry.

Erick Prince represents the simple minded, Mel Gibson, camp embraced by the Catholic Church and the misbegotten Evangelical Protestant religions that believe our redemption happens by "faith," by claiming to be born again and putting our salvation not in knowing about life and the interconnections and complexities of life, but on the suffering and death of Christ as an atonment for congenital sin, carried through the generations from the original sin of Adam and Eve. It could be thought of as childish and naive except they use this certainty of themselves as Christ's Crusaders as an excuse to rape pillage and plunder countries that have the natural resources, oil and gas, that these so called Christ warriors want for their masters. The Cross wasn't even a symbol of Christianity until Constantine's mother, Helena. She allegedly found the original cross but skeptics believe it was a ruse to use the cross as a symbol of the betrayel of Christ by the Jews. She was in the cause of helping her Emperor son in recruiting former pagans from the Pagan Roman Empire into the newly tolerated and recognized Christian/Roman empire. The intolerant Roman rulers who earlier tortured and persecuted Christians, were now focusing on wiping out their competition for new recruits the Jews. Constantine and the Romans simply coopted and controlled the unstoppable Christian movement.

Prince and his band of globalist murderers, rapists and plunders is a self proclaimed Knights Templar just as Pat Robertson and George W. Bush are self proclaimed Christians. Prince is part of a group called the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, another ancient order that existed the same time as the Knights Templar. This order was kicked out of most European countries and eventually became known as the Knights of Rhodes and then the Knights of Malta. Christ preached many times about the evils of money and power, it was a central theme of his ministry. Prince, Pat Robertson and the ilk who run the mega churches have convienently ignored this fact. The Crusades and the follwing Inquisitions are testimony to the intolerance of the Church, that Prince is apparently in service to. The persecutions of Jews, Gnostics, Muslims and Eastern Orthodox Christians by the Church led to the dark ages in Europe. Prince is the prince of fools and his actions belie his beliefs. He worships money and power, "a man cannot serve two masters."

Legal Actions- A Must

Good points choco. The Catholic church lost its way centuries ago, when it subverted the essential message of the Christ and became a powerful political entity. True, there are adherents who follow a path with heart and integrity within that church, like, Kathy Kelley, Roy Bourgeois, the Berrigans, Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker Movement, Helen Prejean, to name a few.

Jeff Sharlet writes in depth about powerful fundamentalist groups and how they rose to political power in the US in "The Family"

Why I bring all this up from time to time is the gnawing unmistakable involvement of the workings of secrecy and groups founded in secrecy, in enabling various false flag operations and other schemes within the US government. To uncover these groups' criminal activity is of paramount importance if whatever shreds of democracy are left in this country are going to survive and recover. 9-11 legal efforts then take on extreme significance as the prime engines for effecting this examination. We can do our various group works, fine, but until all that lands in some viable court somewhere, we have accomplished nothing.

Digging down to the core of the rot.

Apathy Supports the Status Quo

Ireneus, and early Church bishop, wrote invectives against the Gnostics, Constantine perverted the meaning of Christ's message and co-opted the Christian movement into intolerant melding of Church and State. The first order of business was to wipe out any and all competitions, including Gnostics, Jews, Pagans, Manicheans, Sufis, later Muslims, Women, etc. This incessent war on knowledge and other thinking (heterodox) vs. right thinking (orthodox) plunged Europe into the dark ages. The Catholic Church sponsored the Crusades, that unlike Christ, showed no mercy. The follow up Inquisition with the dungeons and torture of people accused of heresy is truely one of the darkest chapters in all of humanity, rivaling human sacrfice to the sun gods by the ancient peoples, but worse in the way that the Church people commiting these heinous acts of sadistic violence knew better. But they also understood the social/psychological affects of terror on the populace. The Church even charged Galileo with heresy for Christ's sake.

Anyone needing further proof that the Catholic Church was slow to abandon fear and violence in their campaign to control people through fear and intstitutionalized religion should do some Google and Youtube searches by typing in Catholic Church and the Nazis. Put on a pot of coffee and get comfortable, because there is a lot there.

This is not to say there have not been great contributions by the Catholic clergy throughout the years, but that does not excuse the institutionalized religion's assault on knowledge and reason to this day. The water boarding made infamous with the Bush administration is a carry over from those dark dungeon days. I seriously doubt that any Freemason or true Knights Templar, seekers of the Holy Grail of Knowledge, would claim Prince and his ilk into their fold.

John_Parulis, I think you are correct in that we do need to look at the Church and these neo-Templar wanna be's and their connections to the politics and power structure as an endemic evil that corrupts our political system and American and world cultures.

Robert Hutchison

Robert Hutchison has written a well documented study of the rise of Opus Dei, specifically their role in Vatican Banking, in "Their Kingdom Come, Inside the Secret World of Opus Dei".

Opus' founder, a psycho anti-communist, Josemaria Escriva de Blaguer, received considerable financial help from the CIA.
Opus bankers still run Vatican finances and have ties to global arms dealers. What in God's name is that all about?
Hutchison writes this story from the point of view of a financial analyst, which makes it all the more interesting. These are the folks Eric Prince has joined. The religious component of the neo-cons and the secret high level mercenaries, rears its ugly head from time to time...witness that Marin Corps general in Iraq who was blathering on about the evils of Islam and pushing fundamentalist Christian practices on his troops. Also....

Bible passages on military scopes

Apathy Supports the Status Quo

Just heard Thom Hartmann show and he had a report that a firm in the US somewhere has a 660 million dollar contract to provide scopes and such optics to our military and when you look into the scope there is a bible passages from Corinthians. Wow! I'M a little busy now or I'd look for the link, maybe you can find it. I will look at that info you posted about Opus Dei a little later. It's important to get at the root evils instead of just dealing with the political symptoms. Good work

True Story...

The Crusade Continues in Iraq: ABC News is reporting that U.S. military weapons are inscribed with secret 'Jesus' Bible codes.

Coded references to New Testament Bible passages about Jesus Christ are inscribed on high-powered rifle sights provided to the United States military by a Michigan company, an ABC News investigation has found.

Raw Story Covers it too...

‘Bible code’ arms supplier sponsors Christian radio ministry

"By their fruits

you shall know them." Good, common sense wisdom.