Movement...of truth

After so much success and momentum where do we stand? What are our chances and next steps now? What event or circumstances can further push this controversy where it needs to go? We've established reason and numbers are on our side. But can we continue to hold the sidelines without losing ground? What are our options?

What are our specific goals?

Perhaps most would say a new investigation, a serious one, an objective one, one with subpoena power. What’s the likelihood of that? What are the avenues where that may happen? Whose doors do we still have to knock on? Who do we still have to convince? Let’s say we convince a majority of the public of the need of a new investigation (we have)? Why isn't that enough?

What are the deterrents to achieving a new investigation? Isn’t the public tired of bad news, of controversy? How can the potential of this sort of initiative, bound to be long and divisive be a popular notion now?
I think we should be realistic. No one wants the focus returned to objectivity more than I do but I’m afraid our chances are about as good as the chances we had of legalizing marijuana in the 1970’s. It will happen eventually. If you think otherwise, what are the means to push forward?

I would like to see long essays on why it’s important to review these troubling events. I’d like to see long and consistent letters to the editors, long blogs, discussing not the details or debating facts of the events (which we've clearly done), but the importance of truth, of scientific veracity in the abstract; of accountability on so many levels; the weakness of incomplete answers; importance of transparency and how all of this loss in our society seems to surround those events of 9/11. And that perhaps a fresh view of those events would clarify how we should behave in our democracy, the roles of government, corporate and media responsibility. Specific and consistent perspectives along these lines are readable by everyone.

I’d like to give the public a reason to review the case and how it might benefit, without digging into the details. Those debates we will inevitably win, given an objective forum. It’s clear we won’t get the proper forum until we, the public, truly want to listen and want this debate to take place. And for that, we need to give them the reasons that aren’t divisive.