Mass. Senator Scott Brown Voted Against Helping 9/11 Workers in Order to Subsidize a Golf Course (Video)


And Brown has won Kennedy's old seat! The win is more indicative to me of the democrats failure to manage the financial collapse, and reign in the insurance companies. People in Mass (my old home state) are sick of added health care costs and the shabby state of jobs and the economy. It's pathetic to watch the people drift from one bad cast of characters to another bad cast of characters simply because no one has the balls or the political muscle to screw the corporations and Wall St.- which are killing the earth and its inhabitants. Screw the president too- a gutless non-performer and major Quaalude to the hopes and aspirations of all the new politically energized youth voting block. Surely, the idiots know where this is all heading?


His Democratic opponent, Martha Coakley, is the ultimate elite insider. I'm so glad she lost. Because here in Mass. it's a basically a Democratic state, it's gonna be a lot easier to slam him the second he steps out of line.

Election fraud

Brown may not have won. Check out the story on the

"Coakley Concedes Election in Record Time."

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Re: Scott Brown and First Responders

More deception

As one might have expected, the Rs stole the Massachusetts election. Here's some information, anyone interested?

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."