What’s Next for AE911Truth? — Richard Gage, AIA Jan 20, 2010


Jan 20, 2010
What’s Next for AE911Truth?
— Richard Gage, AIA

How will we match and surpass the tremendous successes that we achieved in 2009? Let's start with a press conference and celebration highlighting our 1,000 Architects and Engineers — all of whom have staked their professional reputations and credibility — demanding a new investigation of the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11.

Next we're off to Philadelphia, PA, where (not for the first time) we attend a conference with a name unbefitting of the focused mission of AE911Truth — the Treason in America conference on March 6 and 7 — on 9/11: Blueprint for Truth — the evidence for the engineered destruction of the 3 WTC skyscrapers on 9/11. Betsy Metz is the local coordinator at this 2-day non-partisan truth conference with speakers, movies and music discussing what's really going on in our country, at the Valley Forge Convention Center.

Then we're off to Denver in mid-March (Tentatively set for March 20th) to be back on the air to 200,000 people live at KBDI PBS TV. Executive producer, Shari Bernson, has requested our return to the station to debate a proponent of the official story. We hope that physicist Dave Thomas of the New Mexico Tech Institute, with whom we had a debate style presentation on Oct 24, 2009, will appear with us in this more structured debate, in which we can show our evidence on-screen during the interaction.

This should prove much more informative, and to some extent at least, entertaining to the TV viewing audience than the radio debate that we had on January 10th with explosives expert Ron Craig.

In May we will be honored to speak alongside prolific 9/11 scholar David Ray Griffin, whose voice I first heard on the radio almost four years ago now presenting the "Explosive Testimony" about at the WTC from the firefighters. JF Ranger is arranging this powerful assembly on Monday, May 3. Conference details will be released on World911Truth.org, but the event is expected to take place at a large university downtown with a seating capacity up to 700. The entire conference is expected to be broadcast live on the Internet.

Thank you Richard and AE911Truth.org !

Just please keep going until justice!

Congratulations on the achievements in 2009 and lets keep ramping up until the tenth anniversary in 2011, thank goodness we are in such good hands:)

I look forward to the interview tomorrow as part of the new series of interviews I am doing for the "Visibility 9-11" Podcast and can't wait to hear a little more about your Japanese adventures! See: www.visibility911.com (should be up on Sunday)

Kindest regards John Bursill

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Seems Like Perfect Time To Compel NY Authorities To Investigate

The time is now for groups with the appropriate public relations savvy like AE9/11Truth to begin a campaign to compel NY state and NY city authorities who have the power to investigate the destructions of the WTC and have not.

This can be done via direct interface with these authorities and local ads to generate greater local support, that could be supported by fundraising efforts.

The destruction of the WTC was a local crime, subject to local authority. (e.g.: the District Attorney for Manhattan and the Attorney General of NY state.) All 9/11 Truth efforts should be aimed at compelling these authorities to investigate.

The recent Bentham nano-thermite paper by Harrit, Jones, Ryan et al. is actionable evidence of criminality.

What are we waiting for?

Profound Accomplishment

1,000 Architects and Engineers. What do the boys on the other side have? Something like 3, all of whom rely on the government for their paychecks. If this were a boxing match it would have to be stopped.

3 ? ...certainly fewer than 10 for the dark side. Maybe even 2

Flicker, thanks for mentioning this. I think 3 might be close.
If anyone knows of any architect or engineer who publicly supports the official NIST Building 7 Report, please note them here--> http://truthaction.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5946
Professor David Ray Griffin is interviewed in Switzerland during May 2009. He brings this topic up.
Listen--> http://community2.myfoxdfw.com/_911-Truth-The-evidence-is-clear/audio/46...

AE911Truth is a JUGGERNAUT !

I am so very glad that we have Richard Gage & AE911Truth !!


I look forward to the day

That a well crafted email &/or snail mail message, can be delivered to every single PE in the USA. Such data bases, like the ASPE and the ASCE, ARE available, so inevitably, every single PE and AIA member WILL recieve a piece from A&E4911T, and then we might see their membership grow to TEN thousand...!!!

Just a thought..
On the 11th day, of every month.

Some day, inevitably

the "mere" absence of the twin towers from the New York City skyline will become VERY conspicuous you might say, and in the most transformative manner, and when that day arrives, which it most certainly will (and can't not), there will be a transformation, not in military affairs, but in human affairs.

Oh and any and all efforts by the US Gov't's Cointelpro-for-hire will only serve to forward the action and advance the increasing tide of Civil conscious awareness as the very foil against which the truth will be illuminated in history.

We and A&E4911T are not going away, and time and history, and the objective truth and reality, is on our side.

On the 11th day, of every month.

I want to do Large Mailing...

Absolutely these data bases are available. I would like to email an "invitation letter" to as many architects, engineers, scientists, professors as possible--- written by Richard Gage for us to forward widely. The letter would announce the milestone and invite the prospect to examine the evidence for themselves and to sign the petition. It would have an embed of the abridged 10-minute Blueprint for Truth version along with a link to the A&E website. The person receiving the email will be able to watch the video, go to the site, sign up, and even respond back to us with questions-- qualifying their interest.

I also would like to do a 1,000 piece postcard mailing to targeted lists. Cards are eye-catching, inexpensive to mail (24 cents versus 44) and are seen by all in the delivery chain without having to be opened. I've inquired about a 'mailer card' for activists. Could be one side of the evidence card with the other side blank or something else.

Also, hopefully the architects and engineers themselves will give information to their colleagues. If each signed up only one other person who they already know this year, then 1,000 DOUBLES to 2,000.

Send an email to them

your ideas are absolutely brilliant!

They'll be happy to include you in this project, one which they've been developing, but not implementing for some time.

An opt in - to sign the petition, that's what it ought to lead to.

Many of us, are among the most talented people on the Net.

We ought to easily be able to get them up to 10,000 by the end of the year, if we were to make that our goal. God we're powerful..!

This represents history in the making - let us not forget the significance of what we're dealing with and facing here, but I don't think that's lost on anyone, although the farthest reaching breadth of our little movement that could is something probably none of us can fathom at this point, the spread of the truth being the one way firehose of disclosure that it is..

You know, there is a deep peace, at the center of being an active member of the 9/11 truth movement, a peace, standing in the midst of the center of everything, and the air is very clear sometimes, and you can almost smell a whiff of freedom, not the least of which is the freedom from the Big Lie that is the official story of 9/11, and the boundless hypcorisy which ensued in its wake, and which continues itself to ripple out in history, and it would be boudless, if it were not bounded by the truth.
On the 11th day, of every month.

I think the difference

between making HISTORY, and remaining a "conspiracy theory" could very well be, the difference between 1000 of these professionals, and 10,000.

So yeah, we'd all better get right ON this one, and push these brave professionals out there, at the very leading edge of the tip of our spearhead.

..unto, a historical transformation.

The perps and the PTB have met their terror, and it's us, the 9/11 "truthers".

Let them be on notice, that they already lost this war this info war and psyop, when they tried to have everyone believe that supertall steel skycrapers in New York City can suddently defy the very laws of physics!

No Zelikow, your myth will not be adopted by virtue of being the predominantly held view by the relevant polical and social elite "ruling class". You and they Mr. Zelikow, live in and on an island of reality, which is fast shrinking and soon, which will vanish in an instant, evoking a universal shift of perception, relative to which your worldview will no longer bear any weight except in relation to the sheer weight and magnitude of your own hubris and criminal intent.

History will know the truth and the truth shall set us free.


Watch here, for yourself, Dr. Philip K. Zelikow describe to a small audiance of elite "the pivotal moment" of decision in history, "the shift" in perceptual thinking, and how it "need not even conform with the physical laws of the universe" to represent a decisive turning point in history, into a "before, and after".


P.S. This was PRE-9/11, and of course we all know that he was the Bush/Cheney/Rice appointed Chairman, of the 9/11 Commission, the ONLY "authoritative" source of history regarding the difinitive 9/11 event.

an "abrupt, nonlinear shift" yes that's right Mr. Zelikow, but sometimes these things are by their very nature unpredictable, and are therefore subject to a wholly uncontrollable relevant form, one which must to be decisive and of lasting significance, occur in the present generation all at once and not neccessarily by expectation or via any discernably predictable or controllable channelsof perceptual transmission, reception and final adoption, of the historical narrative, by both the experiencing generation and in every other as the experience generation passes away (to paraphrase Zelikow).

It's going to happen.

It's inevitable. Cant' not.

Welcome to the "noosphere" Mr. Zelikow. Didn't think THAT one through all the way now did you..?

On the 11th day, of every month.

Psy-Ops and Science

As JFK said, "Things don't just happen-- they are made to happen." regarding world affairs. Exposing Zelikow is of great value to us. The mastermind of the Psy-Op is also the mastermind of the Cover up. People can get a hold of this. Compare and contrast Science with Psy-Op..... just as we compare collapses to demolitions, the 9/11 'SHOCK AND AWE." (Soon exported to Iraq by the same evil strategists who see people as pawns and countries as cheesboards.) Well, too bad-- Phil. We got check-mate. We have more than unanswered questions, we have the straws of truth to make your marbles go "Kerplunk!"


inspiration and hope

Of all the truthers, Richard Gage, AIA, is an example of an effective citizen and professional uniting truth to confront a world gone mad. i posted this article, The Guantánamo 'Suicides' A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle", which goes to show how far the current administration has gone in a cover-up. Murder and suffering is becoming common place in view of a desperate fascist (shadow) government.

Thank you Richard for your true leadership of a most crucial issue. We can never control such demonic forces, but neither can such forces control us.

thank you always,

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