First Lady Obama asks "Who has inspired You?"

Time to flood this nomination process with people who have inspired us in the 9/11 Truth movement. I submitted my nomination for David Ray Griffin. We could all do the same person like we did with the Bill Moyers book nomination. Or we could pick among the many who have inspired us including such examples as Richard Gage, Luke Rudkowski, Robert Wanek, or any other number of activists who have shown courage in the face of adversity regarding 9/11.

Here is where to make your voice heard:

Here is her email:

Good morning,

For over 40 years, the President of the United States has awarded the Citizens Medal -- the second highest civilian honor in our nation -- to Americans who have "performed exemplary deeds of service for their country or their fellow citizens."

Now for the 2010 Citizen's Medal, the White House is opening up the process to include an exciting source of nominations: you. President Obama is inviting the American public to nominate candidates he should consider for the Presidential Citizens Medal -- truly making this an honor of, by, and for the American people.

Who has inspired you? Whose selfless dedication to service has touched your life or the lives of others?

Watch the President explain the program in this web video and then nominate an unsung hero from your community:

Learn More:

Past winners of this prestigious honor have included respected public figures like Colin Powell, Bob Dole and Rosa Parks, as well as everyday heroes like Oseola McCarty, a washerwoman who left her entire life savings to establish a scholarship for students in need. As you can tell, the bar is set pretty high -- only a handful of nominees will be chosen, so be sure to read the criteria closely and make the best case you can for your nominee.

This year, the President will be looking for several qualities in the special few he honors: people who have demonstrated a commitment to service in their own community or in communities farther from home; who have helped their country or their fellow citizens through one or more extraordinary acts; whose service relates to a long-term or persistent problem; or whose service has had a sustained impact on others’ lives and provided inspiration for others to serve. While many Americans work every day to serve others, this year's Citizens Medal will specifically honor those who have shown exemplary service to help others outside of their normal jobs.

Take a moment to nominate that everyday hero for the Presidential Citizens Medal and help honor his or her unwavering commitment to service.

Nominations will be reviewed by White House staff. The most compelling of these nominations will be sent to the President for his final decision. Then late this spring, Citizens Medal recipients will be invited to receive their awards in a ceremony at the White House.

Thank you,


First Lady Michelle Obama
The White House

P.S. Right now we are only planning to keep the nominations process open for one week. So don't miss your chance to recognize someone amazing from your community.

Great idea!

Once upon a time, I would jump on this in a heartbeat. Since this is an official Whitehouse link, I can't help but wonder if this would put me on the red-list.

P.S. Glenn Beck needs a little attention after yesterday's show. He got pretty woo-woo about 9/11 Truthers, but I hope to see the story covered here and a call for action.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Red list or not

I voted for David Ray Griffin. In my mind he has done the most for the truth movement. My second choice would be Steven Jones.

Joe, You were my 2nd choice

Michael White


but I am just a 9/11 truth grunt. Just one of many who tries to get the truth out. By the way for those who didn't get to see Jesse Ventura's show on 9/11 truth here is a link. I learned a lot from this video. I had no idea thermite could be painted on. Well when it comes to 9/11 you learn something new every day.

Honest Mistake

Thanks for your stance, You are a patriot, all I seen was Joe, missed the 911part. Joe is a 9/11blogger and a tireless crusader in the truth movement. Sorry to embarrass you if I did, certainly did myself, but only a little.

I just made the "LIST" with this Nominee

David Ray Griffin, a retired Methodist theologian has painstakingly researched the attacks of 9/11/01 and found the "official" story to be an almost complete fabrication and has endeavored to make his findings known to the world.

Michelle,you and The President also know the story we were told is FALSE. I would also guess that a great percentage of the world knows the TRUTH as well.

Professor Griffin is not stopping his research or his effort to inform the world and neither are an exponentially expanding number of TRUTH Activists.

DAVID RAY GRIFFIN should inspire you too, unless you are on the wrong side of History.

Richard Gage is nominated


John E. Kroll - Denmark



Well deserved!!!

Red List is better than Black list?

Nominated Steven Jones. If you visit this site you are likely on some kind of list. Stand with the Patriots. What kind of list do you think David Ray Griffen or Steven Jones is on. God bless the Patriots who risk their careers and their lives to get the truth out and Damn those who won't seek it!

Sibel Edmonds

should be nominated.

True Story!!

Definitely deservedly of this award.

Does anyone happen to know

Does anyone happen to know Griffin's "City", "State", and "Approximate Age", three questions that must be answered to submit an entry?

Fred W

his age is here

state is california, i think

at least that's where he taught

I put...

Approx. Age: 70
City: Santa Barbara
State: CA


I used Claremont, CA and 72 for the age. He taught at Claremont College and lived there for many years. I believe that he still does.

Thanks guys

Here's what I wrote for the first part, not great but what the heck:

He brought an awakening to millions of Americans as well as millions of others around the world of the strong possibility that the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 were not the result of a conspiracy of Arab Moslems who "hate America" but were carried out by forces who were either part of the our government or with close links to it. Besides being of service to abstract truth, if this possibility is true, there are enormous implications for the future of our foreign policy and domestic politics.

I agree that Gage and Jones would be good choices, but Griffin was the one that got to me first.

Fred W

I also nominated Richard Gage

My endorsement of Richard Gage:
Mr. Richard Gage is the founder and motivating force behind Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Mr. Gage has displayed impeccable courage, research and activism in proving via the scientific method undeniably that all three World Trade Center buildings on 9/11 were brought down by controlled demolition. Mr. Gage has traveled all across the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Europe giving his presentations to ever growing audiences citing the physical evidence and the laws of physics which prove that the U.S. public and the world are being lied to about the events of 9/11.

A man of such courage, character and integrity should undoubtedly receive the Presidential Citizen's Medal. (Of course that would mean that our government disclose the honest facts about 9/11 and display the same degree of courage, honesty and integrity that Mr. Gage has shown.)

Which side of history do you want to be the on? The side of factual evidence and truth or the side of liars, warmongers mass murderers and criminals?

The truth will prevail and will stand naked before the entire world.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

I too nominated Richard Gage

By the criteria for nomination, he is eminently qualified. I would encourage everyone to consider him for nomination for the Citizens Medal.

Me too. Richard Gage is

Me too. Richard Gage is puting his professional reputation on the line. And he is gaining international recognition. He has the most to lose so his courage counts a lot for me. Another vote for Richard Gage.

and Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia Mckinney, Alex Jones , etc

Herblay FRANCE

Bonjour ,
as possible candidats there are also

- Cynthia Ann McKinney born the 17 march 1955 ( wikipedia )
- David Ray Griffin
- Prof Steven Jones
- Richard Gages
- Sibel Edmonds
- Coleen Rowley
- Alex Jones born 11/02/1974 ( wikipedia )
- Cindy Sheehan Peace Mom born the 11th of July 1957 ( wikipedia )
- Bob McIlvaine
- William Rodriguez
- Dylan Avery
- Carol Brouillet
- Thierry Meyssan



Nominated David Ray Griffin

Submitted these paragraphs in sections 1 & 2, respectively. Hope it does some good.

Dr. Griffin, a noted theologian, author and lecturer has spent his retirement years in the pursuit of truth and justice for the victims and families of those killed in the attacks of September 11, 2001. He has worked tirelessly and methodically to show that the Commission Report was woefully inadequate and was a gross injustice to the family members in that it left the majority of their questions unanswered.

Dr. Griffin, with others, has opened the eyes of millions of Americans and given them the tools to look critically at the plausibility of the official conspiracy theory (explanation) for those tragic events. He has shown people how to examine stories and information in a logical, unemotional way so that they can make informed decisions about what they believe and don't believe regarding that day. He should be recognized for his dogged pursuit of the truth in the face of overwhelming resistance from those with the power and position to impede his inquiries. He is a true American hero.

well - go on -

nominate! :D

Another vote for Richard Gage

Another vote for Richard Gage

Make that two

I feel Richard has added great legitimacy to the movement, and worked non-stop to reach 1,000 verified archs and engs, even though it has cost him dearly personally and financially. I commented on the web site that I knew they would never let anyone win the award, no mater how many votes they had, that was related to the 911 truth movement, but that I wanted to cast my vote anyway. I think it's highly discriminatory they won't let you vote if you don't have a phone #, so I made one up. I hope the NSA doesn't figure that out!