This article hits the nail on the head.. or is it an image of the last nail in our coffin. Is the US Constitution dead?

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January 22, 2010 by Gordon Duff ·

Constitution in flames

By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Five members of the Supreme Court declared that a “corporation” is a person, not a “regular person” but one above all natural laws, subject to no God, no moral code but one with unlimited power over our lives, a power awarded by judges who seem themselves as grand inquisitors in an meant to hunt down all hertics who fail to serve their god, the god of money.

Their ruling has made it legal for foreign controlled corporations to flush unlimited money into our bloated political system to further corrupt something none of us trust and most of us fear. The “corporation/person” that the 5 judges, the “neocon” purists, have turned the United States over to isn’t even American. Our corporations, especially since our economic meltdown are owned by China, Russia and the oil sheiks along with a few foreign banks. They don’t vote, pay taxes, fight in wars, need dental care, breathe air, drive cars or send children to school. Anyone who thinks these things are people is insane. Anyone who would sell our government to them is a criminal and belongs in prison. There is nothing in the Constitution that makes this “gang of five” bribe sucking clowns above the law. There is nothing in the Constitution that even mentions corporations much less gives them status equal to or greater than the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government.

The Supreme Court of the United States has no right to breathe human life into investment groups owned by terrorist sympathizers, foreign arms dealers or groups working for the downfall of the United States and everything we believe in, but 5 “justices” have done just that. We now have a new government above our government, above our people, one above any law. Five judges have created institutionalized gangsterism as the new form of government for the United States.

No American soldier can ever go to war fighting for a Chinese hedge fund, a German bank or a Saudi Arabian fertilizer company. Will our new debates in Congress be between members representing the opium warlords against the Columbian cartels? Their cash, which long ago has infiltrated one major corporation or bank after another is now heading for your local representative. How important do you think secure borders for America are for these new policial “influencers?”

For years we complained about AIPAC, the Sierra Club, the NRA, trial lawyers, trade unions, NAM (National Association of Manufacturers) and the churches that got involved in politics. Behind all of these were people, American citizens, and, on some occasions, Americans who fought for their country, raised kids here and were invested in the survival of America although they didn’t always act that way. This was an American problem. Now we aren’t even sure we have an America anymore.

Anyone who believes that a massive flood of corporate money into politics won’t throw control of both houses of Congress into the hands of the wealthy nations that are also our primary strategic enemies, you know the ones, the ones loaded with oil cash, the ones with 10 cent an hour labor and legal systems that shoot first and ask questions later. They just were told they can buy the United States, not just our government, but our military, and the lives of our soldiers. They can now make our laws, raise our taxes, decide on our civil rights, where we can live, if we can own guns, how late we stay up, where and what we drive and, eventually, how we think. The Supreme Court has given foreign owned corporations the eventual power to silence us all.

When a corporation commits a crime, nobody goes to jail. When wars come, they don’t fight, they simply rake in cash. When children are poisoned or workers are killed, they seldom even pay a fine. However, when they want something, billions in tax money for “bail outs” or fat contracts or special laws, they have always gotten it. It has been a battle to control corporations for 140 years. Sometimes the American people have lost, sometimes they have won. Our greatest presidents are the ones who reined in corporate power and kept the influence of money over humanity in check. Think of Theordore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy.

Without them we would be living in work camps, stuck at machines all day, our children at our sides. We would be paid in beans and salt pork, dying at 40 in filth like people around the world who live in countries controlled by corporations.

Based on the justices that we want prosecuted being Reagan/Bush “conservatives” you would think this is a liberal/conservative issue. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing less “conservative” has ever been done by a branch of our government. There is nothing “conservative” about our Supreme Court going insane and abandoning our Constitution and making medical decisions, not to give life to a fetus, but to a bank account.

This is nothing but an extremely unAmerican and unpatriotic group of thieves believing that Americans had given up so many of their civil liberties in silence during the Global War on Terror scam that opening the “Pandora’s Box” of class conflict could now be done with nobody saying a word. Their “corporate person” is now a Baron or Duke, the great landlords of the medieval period. Americans are now destined for serfdom. Their political and economic theories, what are they? Is it conservatism or feudalism?

We are already burdened with a representative government that has tied itself to the money spigot because of the incredible cost of media exposure in campaigns. People running for office in ancient Rome would purchase thousands of animals for slaughter in the arena. Mass executions were staged as media events for political campaigns. In fact, the arenas in every Roman city were built for that purpose, today replaced by television and the internet. We thought we had changed since that time. We were wrong.

The framers of the Constitution created the Supreme Court, the Electoral College and originally had Senators appointed, not elected, to protect the wealthy from having their money and land seized by the masses who would otherwise have controlled the government. This was the 1780s. The only “democracy” we knew about was ancient Athens, where the majority of the people living there were slaves. 27 Amendments later, including the Bill of Rights, we have worked to define justice and decency. Generations have fought and died to keep live in our imperfect system from 1780. Who would have thought that 5 people could destroy it all?

Political debate in America is sometimes extreme, often bordering on violence. Feelings are high. How many times have you heard people threaten to leave the country because “their America” no longer exists. We know that few really mean it. When faced with a real threat, no people on earth are to be feared like Americans. When help is needed, no people on earth are to be trusted and relied on like Americans. This is the pride we have in our country and ourselves. We never agree on anything. We aren’t supposed to, we are Americans.

Everything we built has been based on a balance, race, religion, ethnicity, social standing, political beliefs, regional interests, all striving and compromising to build something we are all secretly very proud of, something all of us are willing to fight for and many are. Americans all agree on one thing, that our government in Washington is out of control and has been for some time. We all have different ideas on this but agree on the fact itself. We wonder where the politicians come from, men too often “less great” than those of the past, in fact, less great than average. Decisions are continually made that most find puzzling and, in fact, are driven by a rotten underbelly of corruption and self interest.

Now, 5 members of the Supreme Court, people none of us voted for, a group that is answerable to no authority and, seemingly, no law or moral code, a group famous for immoderation, poor judgement and low personal integrity has, either through blindness, avarice or insanity clearly done something so malicious, so unjust and so utterly inconsistent with our Constitution that they, themselves, have become an “enemy of the people.”

What is their power? What they have done is not within the scope of the authority given through the Constitution. Their acts are outside the law, their acts are those of a conspiracy, their acts are meant to diminish our freedoms, our sacred institutions and even endanger our lives. Typically, such acts are called crimes and those who commit them are criminals.

What could drive judges, albeit judges appointed with little thought as part of a cheap political ploy, to abandon any American consitutency? Corporations have no religion. They care nothing for the unborn. They have no allegiance to a flag, a family or any moral ethic. They serve no person, owe no loyalty other that to stockholders, shadowy groups of Russian oligarchs, Chinese banks, corrupt dictators grown fat on the spoils of their people or the international consortiums of bond and currency speculators who have, for decades, abandoned any economic law to build the etherial “house of cards” we call the “world economy.”

The control of the American electoral process has been given to them. No serving politican can survive now standing against them. Years ago “they” bought our newspapers and our television networks. Fact and truth became whatever they wanted us to believe. “They” gained control of what many thought and what almost all of us see and hear. That wasn’t enough. They wanted it all. As their control has grown, so has terrorism, continual war, economic poverty for millions Americans and insensitivity to justice and humanity. Who would expect anything else from a corporation with no blood, no heart and no face?

The Founding Fathers led America on the path to freedom and eventual democracy. The Federalists limited the ability of an impetuous electorate to seize power and “reform” America into chaos and anarchy. This system of government was predicated on the belief that love of country would always burn brightly in America and with progress, freedom and bounty was the ineviable reward of our industry. It is only now too obvious that so much has happened that was unforseen. It is not a denial of our traditions to correct wrongs when we find them. This was how America was created. We are drowning in wrongs, we all finally agree on this.

The time is now. Party politics have failed. Political theories are little more than empty rhetoric meant to mislead and misinform. State has become church and church has become state. State is less just and church less godly. All we have left is “we, the People.” This is how we began and it is now all we have to move forward. It is time for the states to call for a Constitutional Convention to establish, not just a Republic, but a Democracy, by and for the people, the American people, rich and poor, a nation loyal to itself, not tied to corporations, a vast military industrial complex or endless foreign alliances.

If it is to be a genuinely conservative nation, one with individual freedoms, a small government, fewer taxes and more opportunity, a nation as intended, then we will all have to live with it. The bloated corpse we are creating in Washington is emitting a stench we can no longer abide. We will be saying goodbye to our Supreme Court, our seniority system in Congress and our political machines pretending to be “parties” and hello to paper ballots, a free press, term limits and the ability to yank a scoundrel out of office when we catch one.

Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran and regular contributor on political and social issues.

Lobbyists on Steroids

Just grew massive muscle bulk overnight.

And we all know how powerful advertizing and propaganda can be to influence the American people as a collective.

In the psychological realm, the individual has been now reduced to a mass-man, and the corporation raised high by being afforded the rights of an individual.

Although this was not the crux of the case before them (the Hillary movie), it's apparent they understood the implications of their ruling.

Now, a grass roots movement for real and effective change, can be forcefully blunted by an aggressive ad campaign. The corporations could even pool together from vast treasuries and muscle anyone and everyone.

The US political system, if it was not one already, can now be declared a Circus. US citizens live in a Circus State, and no longer in a Democratic Republic. If only there was a third ring..? Hey now they can allow that, and still own it, while creating the illusion that the people have a voice..

Good article.
On the 11th day, of every month.

System Ensures Outsiders Don't Get In

The two major corporate funded parties (Democrats and Republicans) deliberately act as filters to screen-out potential outsider candidates.

Publically funded public elections would permit the rise of a wider selection of candidates with various views. Massive corporate funding ensures that under-funded "outsider candidates cannot compete with the Democrats and Republicans.

But the apparent goal of the corporatocracy is to preserve the current political duopoly for their administrative convenience.

And isn't it ironic

that a corporation is incorporated to mitigate any personal liability on the part of it's founders, yet is now being recognized as having the rights, freedoms and protections, of an individual person.

Since when is a corporation, or any grouping for that matter, a person?

The individual needs to be protected from the corporation, and so yes, the Supreme Court just enacted a treasonous judgement against the people, against the individual in favour of the collective and the corporate moneyed power brokers, who could very well be transnationals, with self interests that are not in alignment with the best interests of the American people.

It's also a blow to grass roots demoncracy as you say, designed to keep out the outsider, and the newcomer, and to prevent movements like the Tea Party Movement from coming to power en mass within a single generation. It's designed to protect the status quo.

And no, the American people cannot think for themselves, after 60 years of watching TV - so they need to be PROTECTED from undo influence by government and corporate propoganda.

it was a terrible ruling. Freaked me out when I heard about it. Pretty scary stuff!
On the 11th day, of every month.

Long precedented

This may be the farthest-reaching application, removing whatever feeble constraints that reformers have tried to place on campaign finance. But the outrageous principle itself goes back to a Supreme Court ruling in the 1880s, which maintained that corporations are to have the same protections under the U.S. Constiution that apply to individuals. A corporate-owned government just got more flagrantly so, that much harder to resist. The more powerful you get, the better-positioned you are to gain even more power. Where democracy is concerned, it's a downward spiral.

criminal JUST US system

i listened to thom hartmann speak in keene about this long precedent, and he said that the clerk at the time fraudulently gave that power to corporations.. in other words.. by conspiracy, not by the nature of law..

when this act was finally uncovered, the supreme court jokers claimed that now it had precedent.. so they continue this sort of sick justice perspective.. we better act soon.. please note beginnings of a proposal for spring 2010 for citizens actions to use article 18 to confront anyone taking an oath of office of a felony unless they respond to the clear evidence of Treason... more on this proposal is here: Minutes+-+December+30th+++2010-Actions+Proposal

Fit to transmit in post Cassini flyby era
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for life's survival in the 21st Century


This is indeed a masterly and thought-provoking article by Mr. Duff, and does hit the nail squarely on the head.
But I would like to remind the author that President Woodrow Wilson took office having previously promised the big bankers who gave him financial support, that he would sign the Federal Reserve Act into law. Though he later expressed great regret, he did nothing to reverse the 95-year-and-counting Ponzi scheme which continues to enslave the American people in an inescapable whirlpool of debt. He may have finished on the right side of the fence, but his actions as chief executive clearly served the moneychangers, and not the people.

Having said all that, I certainly lend my whole-hearted support to his suggestion of prosecution for these fascists in black robes. I hope this may be the event which finally wakes up the American citizens and sends them to the steps of the Supreme Court in numbers so great that even the corporate media cannot ignore them.

Better act quickly

Before you become a nation of ZOMBIES merely fighting and arguing with one another within the context of the false left/right paradigm, and never forming an arrow of real progress and positive change united against the true enemy of the people, the Corporation. It's also important to be reminded that all Corporations are mini dictatorships run by a very narrow hiearchy at the top, that's the corporate culture - do what you're told and follow direction obediantly, or be fired and lose your job even your economic livelihood.

Welcome to the Corporation of the United States of America - here's your job description, now get to work, or else..
On the 11th day, of every month.

Nader was right in 2000

Like him or not, this is exactly what Ralph Nader was saying so fervently back in 2000... both parties are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the corporations. We only have the illusion of choice with the 2 party system. (Hell even Puerto Rico has 5 parties!) And the US is 310 million people. Nader lamented that his public advocacy was no longer effective within this current paradigm, which is why he ran for president. Only to be completely shut out of the debates.

"Mini dictatorships" is right, Robert Rice. Nothing democratic about it. Corporations are the Anti-Democracy. And for the most part foreign-owned. The "corporation/person" that the 5 judges have turned the United States over to isn't even American."

Yes, 9/11 Truth and Public Funding of Elections is our only hope-- but now the Propaganda machine has unlimted reserves to oppose both.

An email from "The Pen"

Because of the gravity of the crime against the Constitution
committed by a gang of 5 right wing judicial outlaws on our Supreme
Court yesterday, we are launching two critical action pages at once

Action Page: Corporations Are NOT The People

Action Page: Impeach The Supreme Court 5

By any fair legal definition, the decision yesterday by The Supreme
Court 5 constitutes nothing less than an act of TREASON against the
people of the United States. Having read and analyzed the entire 183
page decision and all of its concurring and dissenting opinions
ourselves, we are fully prepared to support this accusatory

Having so grossly abused its jurisdiction by presuming to decide a
question expressly WAIVED by the petitioner in the Court below (p
12), this rogue Supreme Court ruled for the FIRST time that NO
corporation can be constrained from unlimited influence over our
elections. And even assuming that the Court intended the decision to
only apply to American corporations, the Court expressly DECLINED (pp
46-47) to reach the question of whether foreign ownership stakes in
American corporations should likewise be given carte blanche to put
their thumbs on the scales of our democracy.

Thus, until Congress FURTHER acts (and it must, though it could not
have escaped the attention of The Supreme Court 5 that the current
Republican minority has vowed to obstruct ANYTHING of consequence
that Congress might try to pass), there is now nothing to constrain
foreign nationals, even our most sworn enemies, from usurping what
even the most die hard Tea Bagger takes as an article of faith, that
the rights of citizenship of this country are ONLY for Americans.
This must be construed, within the four corners of our Constitution,
as deliberately and knowingly exposing the United States of America
to harm in the interim, by giving "aid and comfort" to our enemies
(Constitution Article 3, section 3), should our enemies now wish to
take advantage of this unprecedented and rash decision. In simple
constitutional terms . . . treason!!

The fact is that we now live in a world of giant transnational
corporations, with allegiance to NO sovereign government, let alone
our own, sworn only to exploit the most vulnerable and desperate
workers they can find in any country of the world. How does The
Supreme Court 5 propose parsing which of these extra-national legal
artificialities should be allowed to corrupt our democratic election
process? Apparently in their minds, all of them.

Action Page: Corporations Are NOT The People

So what is it that we can and MUST do? The first and most prominent
proposal we heard yesterday, and which we of course support, was to
amend the Constitution to clarify that corporations have no such
rights as people (which is to say U.S. citizens). While this
certainly could not hurt, and would obviously help (assuming such an
proposed amendment could garner 67 votes in a Senate already
stalemated by obstructionism, let alone be ratified by 3/4 of the
states, including many "red" ones), what we must first assert is that
there is nothing WRONG with our Constitution, and demand that
Congress do whatever it can to protect it.

Action Page: Impeach The Supreme Court 5

Because just as importantly, we are on ominous and clear notice that
there is no further outrage these 5 gangsters in black robes are not
gleefully and arrogantly capable of. Indeed, in his dissenting
opinion (that the majority did not go far ENOUGH), Clarence Thomas
characterized the decision as only a "first step" (Thomas opinion p.
1). It is worth noting that the authorship of the majority opinion is
claimed by Anthony M. Kennedy, heretofore generally considered the
LEAST wing nutty of the 5. Therefore, the immediate and unavoidably
necessary recourse must be impeachment for all five, treason already
being a high crime, otherwise the horrors yet to issue from their
treacherous minds is too terrible to contemplate.


We will have much more to say on all this in subsequent alerts to
follow shortly, but for now we are making available for no charge
(not even shipping) your choice of one of two absolutely gorgeous
full 4 color process bumper stickers. Take a "Corporations Are NOT
The People" bumper sticker, OR a "Impeach The Supreme Court 5" bumper
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want both), please DO contribute what you can, which is what allows
us to send these out for free to anyone who cannot make a donation
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You can request your bumper sticker from the return page after you
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Facebook participants can also submit the action pages at

Corporations Are Not The People:

Impeach The Supreme Court 5:

And on Twitter, just send the following Twitter reply for the
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@cxs #p1029

And this Twitter reply for the Impeach The Supreme Court 5 action

@cxs #p1030

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
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call it. . .

. . . USA, Inc.

Not country vs. country

I do wish that Duff hadn't presented this so much in terms of 'oil-rich' foreign governments (whom he also refers to as our 'strategic enemies') buying up the U.S. government. It doens't help to encourage Americans to view things in terms of country vs. country. It's the ownership class vs. the rest of us.

Not religion vs humane medicine

I also wish that Duff hadn't ventured into Roe v Wade because that decision was made NOT because of religious issues. According to a doctor I met who worked in clinics before the abortion issue was decided, POOR women would come into those clinics bleeding from self induced abortions or badly aided ones. Wealthy women always could get abortions - their doctors did them in hospitals and it was called a D and C. So it's doctors - not other people - who refuse to go back to the barbaric conditions they saw with women before abortions were legal.

God help you all!