We Are Change Boston gives Thermite Paper to 4 Unresponsive Mass. Congressmen and Senator John Kerry

The Massachusetts Congressional recipients of the WTC Thermite Document were John Kerry, Barney Frank, James McGovern, John F. Tierney, and Edward Markey. Rhode Island Representative Patrick Kennedy also received the WTC Thermite document as well as a fliers from WeAreChange.org, and PatriotsQuestion911.com. These people will more than likely do nothing unless we all collectively get them to acknowledge the evidence they have received. Please call or email any or all of them to find out what they are doing with this evidence. To find the Thermite paper go to http://www.ae911truth.org/ . This is the direct link to download the Thermite paper: http://www.ae911truth.org/downloads/Full_Thermite_paper.pdf



They can't shake the 9-11 Truth movement. Must be so annoying for the powers that be. :) Persistence is powerful. Thanks for being there to remind them that we are not going anywhere brother!

With you in the struggle,
WeAreChangeLA - http://www.wacla.org
I work for the 9-11 First Responders, the 9-11 victims, and all those who are being slaughtered and tortured because of 9-11.

Vote 'em all out

Let's start the Federal politcal 9.11 truth revolution in Mass!

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"We Are Change Boston gives Thermite Paper to 4 Unresponsive Mass. Congressmen and Senator John Kerry."


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Thanks John!


What a bunch of sour puss

self important arrogant SOBs! I used to kind of respect Barney frank, but now I just want to scream at the computer when I see him stare indolently at the brave fellow attempting to get him the info ( even though Barney's already seen it). These guys frost me.

Doncha wonder?

Are all these senators and reps stupid?
Have their lives been threatened?
Have their families been threatened?
Is psychological peer pressure overwhelming them?
Are they afraid of their constituents?
What is the explanation for their backing an obviously ludicrous and totally unbelievable fairy tale?
Are they simply evil?

I think....

the answers (to your questions) are:
Yes, probably.
Yes, maybe.
Yes, probably.
No, hardly.

...as for questions 6 and 7, refer to the answers to 1 thru 5


That's the number of right wing nut jobs who believe Rush, Hannity, etc. about everything including 9/11 truth, and even though these Democrats interviewed don't condone officially the right wing, their constituents are also composed of some of these conservative voters. With the press helping to silence the truth, these crypto-fascist Democrats just want to be re-elected and so bow to cover up the truth. Plus, Barney, Kerry and all believe they're better than everyone else and the public is dirt, so it's easy and enjoyable for them to lie..........

Willing servants of empire

'... all believe they're better than everyone else and the public is dirt,'

Yes--and it only helps gratify their inflated view of themselves when they hear us making inaccurate statements; such as about Sunstein's being nominated to the Supreme Court, when he hasn't been (there are no seats to fill on the court at this time).

I say this with a hearty 'thank you' for a job otherwise well done.

Why indeed ...

It is a mystery still. Maybe they feel that the republic could not withstand the blow. But guess what? America might not survive the coming economic maelstrom, so maybe some of these people who really know what happened and can prove it will step forward, torpedoes be damned. Certainly one or two men or women of courage and character are in that so called house of the people. The thing about the truth is that it doesn't change and it never goes away as much as Barney "ThePimp" Frank would like it to.

five fatuous phonies ...

they all drink from the poisoned chalice, they're on the MIC kool-aid acid trip... what a bunch of clueless cretins!

That exactly what

I'd like to know ?