Dr David Kelly's autopsy & medical reports classified for 70 years

The mysterious 'suicide' of the scientist who criticised the Blair government's justifications for invading Iraq is set to remain mysterious for 70 years. Article from the London Daily Mail at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1245705/Cover-claims-David-Kelly-post-mortem-set-stay-wraps-70-years.html

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Medical records which could shed light on the death of government scientist David Kelly are to be kept secret for 70 years, it emerged yesterday.

In an unprecedented move, Lord Hutton, the man who chaired the inquiry into the mysterious death, ordered that vital evidence including Dr Kelly's post mortem will be kept under wraps until the 2070s.

The revelation, which sparked further claims of a cover-up, comes just days before Tony Blair is due to give evidence to the Chilcott inquiry into the Iraq War.

Dr Kelly's body was found in July 2003 in woods near his Oxfordshire home, only days after it emerged he was the source of a BBC story which claimed evidence against Iraq had been 'sexed up' to justify invasion.

No coroner's inquest was held into his death and the results of a post-mortem examination were never made public.

Now it has emerged that these results will be held under lock and key for decades, along with other medical records and all unpublished evidence. They will only be released in 2073 - by which time anyone involved in the case will be dead.

Dr Michael Powers, QC, a doctor campaigning to overturn the Hutton findings, told the Daily Mail: 'I cannot understand why this extraordinary move has been taken.

'It does give rise, perhaps unnecessarily, to a suspicion that information relevant to these circumstances was kept out of the public eye.

'The surprising thing to me is that if this report supports the conclusion that the medical cause of death was suicide, why does it need to be locked up for 70 years?

'If on the other hand they don't, and support other means of death, then why wasn't this evidence investigated by the Hutton inquiry?

The move will stoke fresh speculation about the true circumstances of Dr Kelly's death.

'It is very difficult to understand what is so precious and important about the medical reports and tests which stops any of us having sight of this until everyone with any knowledge or interest in the case is dead.'

Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker, who also does not believe the official version of events, said: 'It is astonishing this is the first we've known about this decision by Lord Hutton and even more astonishing he
should have seen fit to hide this material away.'

Lord Hutton took his action to ensure masses of evidence remains a state secret a year after his 2004 inquiry was completed.

The restrictions came to light in a letter from Oxfordshire County Council to a group of 13 doctors challenging the Hutton verdict.

It revealed there would be a 30-year ban on 'records provided [which were] not produced in evidence' - believed to be witness statements given to the inquiry but not released.

In addition, medical reports will remain classified information for 70 years. This includes the post-mortem findings by pathologist Dr Nicholas Hunt and photographs of Dr Kelly's body.

The letter, written by Nick Graham, assistant head of legal and democratic services at Oxfordshire Council, said: 'Lord Hutton made a request for the records provided to the inquiry, not produced in evidence, to be closed for 30 years, and the medical (including post-mortem) reports and photographs be closed for 70 years.'

Nicholas Gardiner, chief coroner for Oxfordshire, said of the 70-year rule: 'Anybody concerned will be dead by then, and that is quite clearly Lord Hutton's intention.'

He said he believed Hutton may have imposed the restriction to protect Dr Kelly's children.

Mr Gardiner said: 'They're Lord Hutton's records not mine. You'd have to ask him.'

Dr David Halpin, another of the 13 doctors along with Dr Powers challenging the verdict, said last night: 'I am shocked but not surprised by this. It fits in with the subversion of due process we have seen for six years. It is extraordinary.'

He added: 'I would be pleased if Dr Chilcott brought this up in his inquiry but I'm not holding my breath. I despise the risible Chilcott conversation: it has no legal force and its members have been handpicked by a psychopathic leader.'

Dr Powers said: 'It would be nice if Dr Chilcott's inquiry could take the opportunity to inquire what it is that was thought to be so secret about the cause of death that it needs to be embargoed.

'We would like to know the part government ministers played in the decision to keep secret all medical evidence for a period of 70 years, and what issues of national security arose as a consequence of that.'

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said: 'Any decision made by Lord Hutton at the time of his inquiry was entirely a matter for him.'

70 years, eh? Nothing to see here then...

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The Union Jack The Ripper

The British government has just admitted to murder and that they will do nothing about it. So, who arrests the British Government? Interpol?

Let me add here that the last nine years here in the West have been what I would call the Western Surrealism Period. When it will end, I can't say.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief DNotice.org
Washington, DC

"Western Surrealism Period"

I hear ya. It's outta control. And spreading.

The UK Government's obsession with secrecy tells us a lot....

By this incredible ruling, the UK Government has all but admitted that Dr. Kelly did not commit suicide. If this was simple suicide, as per Hutton "Inquiry", there would be no plausible reason for keeping these records secret for 70 years.

The excuse of "protecting Dr. Kelly's children" is absurd: Kelly's children, unless under threat, would be the first to want to know how their father died. The fact that Dr. Kelly's brother-in-law said that "reopening the inquiry is "raking over old bones" is also a bizarre statement for a close family member to make under such circumstances.

Common sense tells anyone with quarter of a functioning brain, that this 70 year ruling is all about erecting a legal wall, thus protecting (unnamed) persons in the British Government from murder charges in a court of law. Of course, there will always be those who will invoke the schoolboy "conspiracy theory" accusations when their comfort zone of trusting authority is challenged; it goes with the territory.

this is certainly a case which we can take to the public ...

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,
this is certainly a case which we can take to the public and gain cause to have the truth. People are not aware of this hide up.

Yours John

The only reason for this sort of secracy is state assasination!

This world shits me to tears...when are we going to rise up?

Regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

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What a despicable establishment ...

think nothing of murdering one of their own to send the message to others, "keep your mouth shut or this could happen to you"

then lie and cover-up and act like they're the good guys ... what a sick bunch!

New Hampshire/Live Free or Die

These governmental and elitist bastards are really starting to become a runaway train, they can murder and pillage but we can't even protest without getting arrested. I hate to think this way but its time for the cleaners to come in, revolution with pure physical numbers is the only thing these oligarchs understand. I don't know about the rest of you but I've had it. This website may not permit this comment but here goes, I'm calling on all Americans that give a hoot about this country and the future of their children to go to Washington this spring and clog that cesspool with so many people that ' business as usual ' can not take place, I'm talking about a backpack with food and a tent and just clog the city up tight, what do we have to lose. The way I see it if the gay community can get 1 million people to go to Washington it seems to me that if we could get just the unemployed to go there's 15-40 million right there. It's time to do something because even our Supreme Court has lost the way. Please will someone stand with me and fight for this Republic.