KLAV 1230AM Radio Las Vegas Covers 9/11 FOIA Research

On Friday January 8, 2009 KLAV 1230AM radio Las Vegas, hosted a one hour segment devoted to the topic of 9/11 FOIA research and other areas of 9/11 research.

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Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Congratulations on getting you're

work on the local public air waves.

Hope to see/hear more.

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Aidan, I like the way you and the host used a low key approach to a lot of information the public might find controversial - about Turner Construction in particular. As to records the PA claim are missing about them - there are payments to Turner the records of which still exist from the banks used. And the PA cannot claim they're missing. The missing SEC files - that's a joke. Where was the backup or was the SEC a third world organization with no computer savvy?


Thank you, Mr. Monaghan

Good Work, Aidan

Always check out your postings.

Not to thread hi-jack but I just saw something interesting from archived Network coverage on the day of 9/11.

ABC has a camera showing mostly the North Tower, it shows the second plane hitting hitting South Tower and at that instant there appears to be an explosion or big burst of flame coming from the corner of the WTC 1 that is farthest away from WTC 2. Perhaps a shock wave from the plane hitting 1 could have caused it, maybe something else, hard to say but it is very visible if you watch the video. The fact that it is the corner of 1 that is farthest from 2 makes it more curious.

Any one else notice this. I don't have the time to link right now.

Maybe others have already written of this , anyway, I just found it this morning.

can you please put a link to your ABC video in question.

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bonjour ,
can you please put a link to your ABC video in question.

Thanks John



The ABC segment comes on after the TV Azteca part.

The burst of flame/explosion lasts for just a second or so.

This interview was a wonderful approach!

Aidan, you have a great radio voice. I gotta hand it to you...you gave a wonderfully smooth presentation.

A real truth warrior

Everything I've heard here confirms everything I've read from Aidan -- dedication, perserverance, ingenuity and civility -- the new American patriot.

A Rare Radio Program

One that does not seem beholden to corporate editors or producers.

Thanx M, TOP, MG, P, TT & 9/11P.

Thank you good video and in Internet Archives

Thank you good video and in Internet Archives