"The Disk" Passing Out Thousands of 9/11 Truth Disks at the Play "Yankee Tavern"

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers


The above Youtube demonstrates some very successful 9/11 Truth Activism we did during the month of January 2010.
We (Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth Milwaukee, Wisconsin) http://ts911t.org/ handed out disks for almost every showing of the play "Yankee Tavern" by Steven Dietz which played at The Milwaukee Rep for almost the whole month of January 2010.

This play has a lot of dialogue about the research behind 9/11 from the perspective of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Near the end of the play they find a hidden disk. We used that part of the play about "The Disk" to pass out over 4000 disks in the roughly 25 times we went to this theatre loaded with 9/11 Truth disks in our backpacks. All we needed to say was "The Disk" we have "The Disk" or "The Disk" is here. Little did these audience members know that if they watch "The Disk" they would be learning a lot about David Ray Griffin and Richard Gage. The audience members usually laughed when they heard this, but they took "The Disk".

If you find this play, "Yankee Tavern" playing in a theatre in your hometown take advantage of this great opportunity to pass out "The Disk".

Take Care Matt

4,000 DISCS!

I know what that looks like, I know what that cost.

That was a fantastic effort to get the TRUTH out.
I sincerely applaud you.

"The Disc !!" Stellar TRUTHACTION !!

Fantastic stat ! 4,000 ! 4,000 !! Great positioning with the play !
It is grassroots initiatives such as this which will bring truth to the masses.
My hat is off to you guys!
This kind of action is a big deal!
...this type of activity does cause effective change.
4,000 discs !!

TomT, our group is approaching 40,000

If Yankee Tavern comes to our town, we will be there.

If Not Me? Who? If Not Now? When?