9/11 Hero Remembers WTC7

An interview from WeAreChangeBoston titled "New September 11th First Responders Testimony. Recorded 8/11/09" prompted "9/11 Hero Remembers WTC7". Raising some important questions, this 9/11 first responder bravely shares his experience.


A big thanks to WeAreChangeBoston for finding this gentleman. Please respect his request to not be contacted. If you wish to contact this brave man he requested that messages not be sent to him directly at this time. (email wearechangeboston@gmail and messages will be forwarded) Research the sources below for more information and watch the original, entire interview.


This video was put together as a free educational tool for use in an outdoor/noisy setting.

WeAreChangeBoston -
Xenomorph911WTC - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Atbrn4k55lA
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This is a great eyewitness interview about WTC 7 - but it becomes really annoying half way through with the loud unnecessary, distracting drum soundtrack. Does the film maker think everyone has the inability to concentrate for a couple of minutes to hear a very interesting testimony? Please release this again without the drums.


Agree that the soundtrack distracts from an otherwise compelling interview. This is important testimony and should be re-released without the noise.

Didn't he also say:

"If Seven is Wrong, it's all wrong." That was a keeper line, imo. I would definitely put that in.

Sounds like the drumming was coming from the event they were at, which is why they transcribed the interview. If not, leave it out.

We got the power!

Hey, since we now have the MAJORITY of the country now aware of the absurdity of the government story, this pivotal point, gives us more pull in our government than we have thus far made use of.

The work (THANK-YOU!!!!) of WAC, has been so invaluable. You realize that this issue can be used to eliminate those in our government that are going along with the 9-11-01 charade?

The Conservatives in 2004 used religion to sway a specific religious percentage of the population, the religious, to come over to their side. All it took was about a third of the population, to add to the Conservative base, along with the cheating of 04, to "win" the election. I propose to you all here, to continue with the distributing of the nano-thermite paper, and remind them that the MAJORITY of the population now regards the government story on 9-11-01 as FICTION!!! If they are interested in staying in office, this is what they need to make it happen. THEY NEED TO HAVE THE BALLS TO CONFRONT, AND TO TAKE IT ON. OTHERWISE, THEY ARE OUT OF THERE!!! We DO have that power. Organize, organize, organize. You all are the machine to make it happen.

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