Amnesty International Action Alert: Don't Let Congress Block Trials for the 9/11 Accused

Amnesty International is calling for people to lobby Congress to allow US trials for the 9/11 accused go forward; currently Sen. Lindsey Graham is spearheading attempts to block US trials in favor of military commissions - loose nuke

President Obama made the right decision to try Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and other alleged 9/11 conspirators in U.S. federal court, but now members of Congress are attacking the President's decision and threatening to block funding for the trial. Senator Lindsey Graham called federal trials a "dumb idea" and wants to use the kangaroo courts known as military commissions, that he and other politicians cooked up at Guantanamo, to ensure convictions and cover up evidence of torture. According to military and intelligence experts, the Guantanamo show trials have not only failed to hold the alleged 9/11 plotters accountable, but have also tarnished America's reputation for justice and served as recruiting propaganda for al Qaeda. President Obama chose the right alternative: U.S. federal courts have convicted 195 accused terrorists since September 2001, and those criminals are safely behind bars in U.S. federal prison. Tell Congress not to block fair federal trials. It's time for justice for 9/11, and real justice requires a real court.

CNN running story on new WTC destruction photos.. Comment!

They are letting comments get through, regarding questions as to the nature of the total destruction of the buildings. Be sure to comment, and raise Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Thanks.
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It's pretty depressing to

It's pretty depressing to read comments like this:

I know it's easier for some to believe that nobody could do something like 9/11 without some sort of conspiracy. That doesn't mean that 9/11 wasn't abused by our government to push an illegal war, this is did.

I researched this topic with an unbiased mind. I'm pretty bright in physics, but I had to hit a few books to really calculate the WTC floors falling down as they did on 9/11. My conclusion was that the WTC towers fell well within the limits of physics, and did not require explosives.

Steel is a very tough metal, but it's also very mutable when heated.... This is why it became the metal of choice for making swords, shields, and even armor. The temperatures that 'denial experts' implicate for melting are well above anything a medieval forge could attain. The fact is that steel loses much of it's strength at temperatures much lower than complete melting.

WTC7 collapsing is cited as 'undeniable proof' of demolition... But that would not take into account the huge amount of damage done to the side facing the tower. It also doesn't account for the support structures under WTC7 that literally used the adjacent tower for foundation support.

People can conclude what they want, and I'm willing to review any evidence. Though I can say with about 95% certainty that 9/11 was NOT demolition job. Note that this doesn't discredit other inside job theories - It's just the demolition part that I feel discredits the whole debate.

Paid cointelpro

operatives are all over that thread I think.

People get in there and post away - it's STILL open.. c'mon, I did my part.
On the 11th day, of every month.

Good for AI

This is the kind of organization that is held in regard by a lot of progressives who are either unaquainted with the arguments of the 9/11 truth movement, or outright hostile to it. To such people, the very fact that a group like Amnesty International would take this position really drives home the point that the guilt of these detainees has never been proven (better yet, the above statement even refers to them as the 'alleged' conspirators of 9/11).

Given the hostility and rancor that comes down on anyone who questions the government's claims about these detainees, and on anyone who favors giving them proper court trials, I think AI is showing some guts here. I hope they hold fast to this position and don't buckle under pressure.

Educate Amnesty International Offices...

Feed them a little truth if you are bored. You never know who you'll wake up or inspire.

There are regional email addresses there that might be more receptive than the headquarters email.