9/11 William Rodriguez interviews 7/7 Survivor Daniel Obachike

9/11 William Rodriguez interviews 7/7 Survivor Daniel Obachike


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Rare politician

George Galloway rocks.
He's a rare politician who calls a spade a spade.

Excellent interview

Thanks for tiping us off about the new book. William Rodriguez does a great job. On D-day, the first people out of the landing craft were immediately gunned down. That's what is happening to people who speak up for 9-11 truth. But eventually, a beachhead was formed. With all their firepower, these folks have one problem: the truth is not on their side.

I sure don't want

to see anyone gunned down but I think we can do this peacefully. We will form our own beachhead and win this thing because like you say, the truth is on our side.

It's a metaphor

Joe, the D-day Normandy Beach is an analogy or a metaphor. I'm talking about incredibly brave people like Rosie O'Donnell who were savagely attacked in the media after coming out about 9-11. These were like the first soldiers who hit the beaches. My comment was not really meant to conjure up the image of real bullets, but the attacks are as savage in many ways. Bill O'Reilly, I never watch him, but I did hear him savagely attack, to the point of suggesting threats, Rosie O'Donnell, and other public personalities have suffered equally brusing attacks.

Thanks for the video.

Herblay France

bonjour ,
Thanks for the video. Did not know up to now Daniel Obachike, now it is done. Will send a link of video to my family in Scotland to help them see further on 911 et 7/7.
The way Daniel was treated by MI5 makes me think how Kurt Haskell was treated the same with the FBI.

Following our Scottish George Galloway our for a very long time, I have a lot of hope that he will become an active member of the 911 and 7/7 truth movement.

Hoping the Tony Bliar will soon be put on trial and that the labour party will be able to wash the murderous blood off their hands.

Thanks again John



Thank you


Daniel Obachike - Approach With Caution

Many UK activists consider Daniel Obachike and his claims with extreme cynicism.

I know personally 100% and without any doubt that he is a liar but can't prove that.

Do a little background research on the guy and how substantiated his claims are, and then a little background research on his publicity seeking attacks on other activists and in fact anyone he meets.