David Ray Griffin April/May 2010 Speaking Tour 15 Cities (Is The War In Afghanistan Justified By 9/11?)

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,

David Ray Griffin will be going on a speaking tour in late April and early May this year to 15 cities.
A few of the cities are still securing their venues so check back again at a later time for updates (save the link in your favorites) if your interested in hearing him speak and you don't find the venue information posted yet for the city you want to hear him speak in.

Here's a link to the tour flyer and the tour itinerary:


Take Care Matt

Northampton/Amherst, MA, event inquiry

Last October, www.Valley911truth.org hosted Richard Gage, AIA, at the First Churches venue with about 200 in attendance. The facility has a seating capacity of around 500. Is there an opportunity of hosting David Ray Griffin during this tour? Northampton is about one hour north of Hartford, 1.5 hour south of Hanover, NH, and about 1.5 hours west of Boston. Please contact me with details.

Thanks for this important peace-truth tour by David Ray Griffin.

Dr. Lynn Margolis, a National Academy Science member, and esteemed professor at UMASS, Amherst, is a big supporter of DRG and 9/11 Truth - Two Hit, Three Down - The Biggest Lie. Perhaps with her support, we can get a venue at UMASS, Amherst.

Jonathan Mark


Tour Dates Are Set

When the student is ready the teacher will come.
Sorry to inform you, but the flight tickets are purchased and the tour schedule is set. I will send your comments to DRG.
Take Care Matt

linking the 9/11 discussion. . .

. . . to the war in afghanistan, will make the topic of 9/11 truth current for those who have not made the connection, thus creating opportunities for legitimate peace advocates and others to get on board with 9/11 truth. brilliant!


I hope someone records his speech and puts it on Youtube.

On a totally different topic, I have lost the link to 2 Youtube clips on insider trading. One is from '9/11 - P4T' and the other is an ABC News report (or compilation of reports)

Can anyone help?