Keith Olbermann blames Bush, Cheney for 9/11 attacks ~ By Stephen C. Webster Saturday, February 13th, 2010 RAW STORY
Keith Olbermann blames Bush, Cheney for 9/11 attacks

This video is from MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, broadcast Friday, Feb. 12, 2010.

Keith Olbermann blames Bush, Cheney for 9/11 attacks
By Stephen C. Webster
Saturday, February 13th, 2010 -- 3:11 pm

Keith Olbermann blames Bush, Cheney for 9/11 attacksThe attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 changed American politics forever. But in spite of the warning signs raised by the U.S. intelligence community, the Bush administration seemed preoccupied with other issues, aloof to the alleged threat until the day both towers fell.

Why then, MSNBC's liberal host Keith Olbermann asked on Friday night, is it "taboo" to blame the Bush administration for allowing the deaths of nearly 3,000 Americans on their watch?

His conclusion: For their lack of vigilance and because they "did not prioritize," President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are to be faulted for the attacks.

Provoked by former Bush and Rumsfeld speechwriter Marc Thiessen's allegation that President Obama is "inviting" another attack, Olbermann noted that when President Bush was warned by the CIA that terrorists were targeting the United States and may be planning to use airliners, Bush replied, "All right, you've covered your ass now" and proceeded to do nothing about it.
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Joining him in the discussion was Lawrence O'Donnell, who had been cut off earlier that day by MSNBC's resident conservative Joe Scarborough in the midst of a tirade in response to Thiessen's claims.

O'Donnell, an MSNBC political analyst and former chief of staff to the Senate Finance Committee, held nothing back in his second shot at the former speechwriter's assessment of Bush-era terror politics.

"Mr. Thiessen also claimed that torture, which, of course, he will not recognize by that word, saved Los Angeles from its own 9/11," Olbermann began. "Is this that Liberty Tower, Library Tower, Liberia Tower crap again? Is that what he's talking about? Is this something else they've made up?"

"It's a very wearisome story that they refused to put away," O'Donnell began. "It has been debunked time and time again. Timothy Noah on Slate, every time it comes up, he very patiently lays it out again as he did today, that the arrest of the ring leader of this so-called plot occurred the year before the waterboarding occurred of Sheikh Mohammed, and which they now claimed we got the information to stop the plot that had already been stopped. And the FBI has said this is ludicrous, that it did not happen. The FBI doesn't believe the so-called plot even could have been carried out."

At the time, intelligence officials attributed the claim of a foiled attack on the Library Tower in Los Angeles -- which Bush called the "Liberty Tower" -- to political posturing, suggesting it had been nothing more than talk.

"The FBI has always thought that this was not a serious threat and whatever it was, was stopped a year before the torture that produced the evidence according to this guy," O'Donnell said.

"Why is it OK in polite company to say Mr. Obama is inviting attack, but you still can`t say that Mr. Bush not only invited attack but he sent the night watchman home?" Olbermann asked.

"Keith, it's unconscionable to me," his guest replied. "You know, I mentioned his oath of office to him because I took an oath of office to work in the Senate. It changes your relationship to the institution and to the government. And there are things after that, the places you don't go. You don't go to the spot that says this sitting president of the United States is trying to get this country attacked. You don't go where Dick Cheney went in the 2004 campaign, saying John Kerry would allow an attack. You don't go to those places. And it is just unconscionable to see someone do it after taking an oath of office to serve this country."

Keith... get to the point, dammit. You're waffling.

Oh *COME ON*, Keith... you can do so better than that wimpy approach. Be a real commentator, not a weasel. How about asking the real questions, such as:

(1) How did "19 Arabs" suspend 3 of the laws of nature, at will, for a period of two hours that Tuesday morning?(If 'they" can pull off stunts like that, we've really got a problem and a half.....)
(2) How did "19 Arabs" somehow run rings around the entire US military apparatus that morning for two straight hours, to the point that they failed to protect (or couldnt even be bothered to defend) even their own headquarters? (in other words, why bother with a $600 billion a year Pentagon budget if they can't , and won't defend our own soil?).
(3) How did "19 Arabs" know, while in the process of hijacking 2 of the 4 planes involved (77 and 93), that they could fly all the way to the Kentucky and Ohio borders respectively, that they would not be intercepted and challenged by fighter jets from a dozen or so air bases in the general area of their bizarrely tortuous flightpaths? The operation was allegedly planned years in advance (according to the official story), and the alleged hijackers knew nothing about the automatic FAA/NORAD scramble procedures which have worked with 100% effectiveness for years? Ha! This issue alone renders the official explanation a pile of bull-biscuits.
and ....
(4).. How did "al Qaeda" agents bypass security at the 3 buildings in the WTC and rig them with nano-thermite composites (exactly in the same parts of the Twin Towers that where the airplanes impacted).... nanothermite being a state of the art explosive/incendiary only obtainable from US government weapons labs such as Lawrence Livermore. These AQ agents are pretty resourceful, huh Keith?
(5) Why was the 9/11 "investigation" delayed for 441 days after the event, and when it did finally "happen", 6 out of the 10 senior commissioners have trashed their own inquiry?

How about the other 1000 or so unanswered questions, wild coincidences, improbabilities, and sheer impossibilites that the OCT relies on?

COME ON, Keith. This is just watered down Bill O'Reilly talk. That stuff about "intelligence warnings", the August 6, 2001 PDB and other cutesy ";limited hangout" garbage is just a clever "credibility addition" to the official story... an element of "government incompetence" woven in, to add to its believability with the un-researched casual observer ... ie the majority of the population.

Keith, you are still being a weasel. You *know* that the "bin Laden/al Qaeda" stuff is bogus, untenable. While you still have a job, do the nation a service, be a patriot, and tell everyone the way it really is. History will look kindly on you if you do the right thing.

I agree

As much as I like Olbermann he is a weasel. He has to know that 9/11 was an inside job. Anyone with half a brain can figure that one out. The man has no balls. Shame on you Kieth. Show some courage and tell the real story.

Backward, Inside out spin

I like Olbermann, too. I'm not as convinced as others that he "knows" 9/11 was some sort of an an inside job. After seeing this, I think he's as blind as the rest of America -- blinded by his hatred of Bush and blinded by his own ego.

But to get to the point, the give-away for me is on the topic of drones. Olbermann is outraged by Marc Thiessen's thesis that we should end drone attacks and capture and torture terrorists instead. Olbermann gets sucked in to denounce torture by defending the drone attacks, mockingly saying we don't have drones to capture "bad guys," just drones that kill bad guys.

Yes (to all above), this intended or unintended spin ends up supporting the OCT and the current use of drones to an audience on the "left" or the "liberals," who in some camps are critical of the use of drones. If it is a ploy by Marc Thiessen, it is extremely clever. Even if it isn't an intentional ploy, the net effect is the same -- to defend killing people with drones. Thank God we are now working with people like Cindy Sheehan, who along with us will call out this crap real quick.

He knows

"I'm not as convinced as others that he "knows"
Shit, everyone knows. He just knows that it would end his career if he revealed that the emperor has no clothes.
It truly is a mad world these days.
It may seem cowardly but it's actually quite courageous to speak a half truth in the New Orwellian Century.

"Respectable" Liberals

I more or less accepted the OCT for 4 years. I knew that there were "conspiracy theories" out there, but I had internalized a couple of important "thought stoppers" that kept me from really investigating. The most important thought stopper was that such a conspiracy would have to involve so many people, that there's no way that it could be kept secret. (Unfortunately, time is not on our side with regard to this element. The more time passes, the less likely it is, according to this logic, that these secrets could be kept from the light of day). The second major thought stopper was that while I knew that our rulers were war-mongers, I couldn't imagine the level of malignancy necessary to carry out such a deed.

It wasn't until a trusted friend basically held my hand and gently encouraged that I take alternative theories seriously that I took the plunge.

Also, don't forget that Olbermann is a liberal who works in the belly of the beast. It doesn't surprise me that he and his ilk would self-censor. Speaking as someone who is decidedly left of liberal, my diagnosis of liberals is that, above all else, they want to be "respectable." They want to be taken seriously and they have historically done this by finding the "crazies" to their left, and joining the ruling establishment in bashing them. In this case, 9/11 Truth, Peace and Justice activists fulfill this role.

So 'respectable'

'my diagnosis of liberals is that, above all else, they want to be "respectable." They want to be taken seriously and they have historically done this by finding the "crazies" to their left, and joining the ruling establishment in bashing them.'

I'd say your diagnosis hits the nail on the head. Yes; and all the while, they manage to convince themselves that they need to keep up this performance in order to stay in the good graces of those with wealth and power--so that they might, someday, 'reform' them.

Truth and Friendship

"It wasn't until a trusted friend basically held my hand and gently encouraged that I take alternative theories seriously that I took the plunge." - turboglo

This is such an important point. In the end it is about trust AND evidence. Evidence alone will not get most people to see that far beyond the delimiters of their previous outlook on reality. Your two "thought stoppers" are still the most common conversation stoppers when presenting 911 truth to an intelligent person, and though both stoppers fall away under analysis and evidence, analysis and evidence are powerless where trust does not allow them in. The truth is very painful. People need friends not adversaries to see them through the experience.

Thanks for your important comment.

- omniadeo

More than that..

They kill two birds here, support the OCT, justify the continuous war doctrine with killer drones defending America now... eewwwraahhh.... Why don't they just get R. Lee Ermey to sit in for Keith on this one..

peace all


“I am concerned for the security of our great nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within” – General Douglas MacArthur


The left wing is an interesting study regarding 9/11 in that they (Olbermann, Stewart, Huffingtonpost, etc.) have been rendered utterly toothless by their inability to recognize the importance of exposing the real perpetrators. Proven clownish by time, they now attempt to oppose the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq while simultaneously accepting the official story in an obvious exchange of their souls for money, power and glamour.


What's with Raw not using this analysis about Olbermann? Everyone is criticizing the pundits but I also fault Raw with not offering the arguments why Olbermann and others are wrong. There's ample proof in eyewitnesses, and scientific evidence that Bush didn't just let it happen.

Seemingly significant language


The Oath and treason

"Why is it OK in polite company to say Mr. Obama is inviting attack, but you still can`t say that Mr. Bush not only invited attack but he sent the night watchman home?" Olbermann asked.

"Keith, it's unconscionable to me," his guest replied. "You know, I mentioned his oath of office to him because I took an oath of office to work in the Senate. It changes your relationship to the institution and to the government. And there are things after that, the places you don't go. You don't go to the spot that says this sitting president of the United States is trying to get this country attacked. You don't go where Dick Cheney went in the 2004 campaign, saying John Kerry would allow an attack. You don't go to those places. And it is just unconscionable to see someone do it after taking an oath of office to serve this country."

Everyone that works for the U.S. government takes an oath to DEFEND the CONSTITUTION; if they honor their Oath, they will be serving the country. And if they expose treason- which won't happen if they "don't go to those places"- they will be honoring their oath. The evidence shows Bush, at a minimum, was derelict in his duty, criminally negligent and bears responsibility for the country being attacked- even if he was absolutely clueless about an impending plot- but what the hell does that "you've covered your ass" remark mean, after he was told about operatives in the country, preparations for hijacking and surveillance of federal buildings in NY- and did absolutely nothing to shut down the plot, harden security or warn the American people?

Bush has never had to answer for that or anything else; he and Cheney testified together, not under oath, for just over 3 hours, behind closed doors, no recording and all notes subject to review and confiscation- there's been no accountability for the worst attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor, no accountability for 3000 dead, no accountability for the way 9/11 has been exploited to subvert the Constitution, establish a national security state, massively fund the MIC, launch 2 wars and other imperialist adventures, torture and murder over a million Iraqis and Afghanis, creating even more terrorists in the process.

Olbermann is the Beck of the Left...

He is fake opposition.

A caricature

If Not Me? Who? If Not Now? When?

There are many hurdles to

There are many hurdles to overcoming the public and the government officials resistance to consider anything but the conventional 19 hijacker conspiracy theory which leads back to Al Qaeda. The truth movement needs to recognize the fact that simply asserting the truth, the inconvenient truth, that is the anomalies in the conventional official story, or the "new evidence" such as nano thermite and high temps etc. is not going to change all the minds it should.

People believe the 9/11 myth because:

1. They presume their government would not lie to them about such a significant event. While people accept the corruption of individuals in government they continue to believe that it is not possible for the entire government and media to lie.

2. Much of the 9/11 Myth has been spread by well meaning people who simply pass on and repeat what they have been told (assuming it to be true) and don't do any heavy lifting to verify the facts. In fact, much of our news is simply to reporting of "the story" told by (often unnamed) government sources. The media has become stenographers simply passing on what they are told by officials. The Judy Miller affair even demonstrated that she was passed information/stories (a CIA plant?) and reported them as fact and this was then quoted then by Cheney et al as a reliable news source. The CIA has admitted to havingn over 600 operatives in the media. How is that for message control?

3. The 9/11 Myth (though full of logical inconsistency) has its own consistency which is believable to government officials and the people. Their 9/11 Myth ties up all the loose ends and satisfies people sufficiently to not want to look closely. The 9/11 Myth is effectively a cover story. Its main points are:

a. Terrorism is blowback against US policies. It doesn't matter if the blowback is with or without just cause. It is a fact and we need to recognize that we have an enemy. Enemies will attack us given the opportunity, that's what enemies will do. This enemy has no standing in international diplomatic circles to address their grievance legitimate of not. No one will recognize non state "groups" and so they are left with the only means to achieve any objective - asymmetrical warfare - guerrilla war and what is called terrorism - the tactic to attack randomly at any target to instill fear in the enemy and presumably get them to yield their results desired by the non state group. For example, non state Palestinians will engage in terrorist attacks against Israel and her citizens in the hopes of forcing her to withdraw from the occupied territories and grant statehood to the Palestinian people.

b. Al Qaeda has historically targeting US interests abroad and even at the WTC in 93 and it makes sense that 9/11 was their doing and an attempt to finish the job at the WTC which they started in 93.

c. The targets struck were the very symbols of US power including the economic center and the military center. What would an enemy of the United States chose as its optimal target? The fact that they chose THOSE targets means it must have come from an outside enemy who saw those targets as the source of their problem. Therefore the enemy would be one who resented US economic and military power. These were the same type of targets that Al Qaeda has struck in the ME historically - USS Cole, embassy, oil services companies in Saudi Arabia.

d. Al Qaeda has made (apparently) anti US statements for years demanding that they leave the ME and claimed credit for attacks in the ME as a strategy to get the US out of the ME. They have identified the US as their enemy and so it is reasonable that they strike their enemy.

4. There is a belief of American exceptionalism throughout the nation and the government. We are better and we are hated for our success and achievements and so it is logical that we would be attacked by disenfranchised who don't have the wherewithal to do what we have done as a nation.

5. The idea that someone or group on our side so to speak would murder 3000 people for some geo-strategic goal is simply unthinkable. We are a democracy and even a bureaucracy and we would never believe that we would engage in a fratricide of that nature or a false flag to acheive any goal.

6. It is not possible for Americans to kill Americans, that is "normal" ones who would have to be associated with our national security states - the ones who are there to protect us could actually attack us for presumably financial or energy or any other means. The MIC is to protect us and so Americans cannot conceive of their involvement is such a horror.

7. The depiction of what happened at the WTC and the Pentagon was told to us by experts who wouldn't lie and so we believe them. If experts said the fires weakened the steel weakening it so it collapsed... it looked like that too, so why doubt it and look and further?

8. Not a single person of authority who might have had prior knowledge of or participated in the actual 9/11 conspiracy has come forward to be a whistle blower. Surely a plot as complex as 9/11 must have involved hundreds if not thousands and one would have had a guilty conscience and come forward to expose the plot. Since no one has, the 9/11 Myth must be true.

9. And finally for those who can imagine that perhaps the MIC or the national security states or rogue elements from within them might have done this, it means that some ruthless people are able to do, and have done such terror as 9/11 and gotten away with it, are out there and can do essentially whatever they want as they have all the power and control of the state and the military and the media, this is a force too big to take on. If exposed they will strike again.

10. Additional attacks have taken place since 9/11 and attributed to the same people who brought us 9/11. This is proof that AQ is in fact our enemy as evidenced by their continuing attacks and belligerency.

There are many tall hurdles to overcome to get the people to reject the 9/11 and consider a 9/11 Truth. Perhaps one which needs to be closely looked at is how to reveal the truth. What would happen is the 9/11 truth movement's debunking of the 9/11 Myth about just the towers' destruction at the WTC was accepted as FACT, without identifying the actual perpetrators?

We would now be in the situation that we have demonstrated that the attacks were at least MORE complex than we were told, ie someone placed explosives and incendiaries in the towers and it is very unlikely that it was AQ. And it is quite likely that it was our own people, so to speak. Now we have turned the focus on likely suspects. What might they do? What do trapped animals do? They attack.

This is a very real outcome here. By exposing the truth and pointing to the perps, we may force them into another attack. The Truth movement needs to think about this and hope that there are enough patriots to prevent another attack when those who pulled of 9/11 are about to be exposed. This may actually require working behind the scenes to get the real story out to people who can assure that those who did 9/11 are prevented from doing something like that again, blaming on the same patsies.

Democracy is too slow and too transparent to deal with a crime of the nature of 9/11. The Truth movement needs to think long and hard how to deal with an enemy of democracy which is as powerful and ruthless as this one is and which holds so much power in our society - within government, industry. the military and the media.

How does the Truth movement do this?

Defining Ourselves to the Public

The PTB want to defnine us in a very specific way. We must do an even better job of defining ourselves to the public. For example, the first column is their description of us and our movement, while the second column is our description.

Amateurs- -- Experts
Conspiracy Theorists-- Hard evidence
Unpatriotic --Patriotic
Bush bashers -- Non-partisan
Theories--- Science & Contradictions
Fringe Group--- 51% of Americans
Families Offended-- Familes Want Answers
Already Investigated--Commissioners reject
Mum about Mineta---Vocal about Mineta
Silent on WTC 7--- Focus on WTC 7
Internet-based-- Real World Presence
AQ Sympathizers-- Misprision of Treason

RL makes some excellent

RL makes some excellent points. But all those are idea presented and pushed largely by the MSM.

If you speak with politicians they are either:

1. uninformed - willful ignorance as they have signed on to the OCT and are concerned with present issues even if those were derived from 9/11

2. aware but intimidated and afraid to rock the boat as they perceive overturning the OCT is not popular

3. aware but have decided that overturning the OCT means revolution as it would threaten the coup d'etat hiding behind our demockracy.

We have had a coup d'etat which has decided rather than to over thrown the government violently in a palace coup, they infiltrated it and grabbed control of it from the inside - getting the "system" to do their bidding. They bought it, and when they could force the kind of fascist policies to be democratically selected, they stage SHOCKS to take what they need as described in the Shock Doctrine, by Naomi Klein.

They know how effective false flags are and 9/11 was the mother of all false flag operations and handed most of what they wanted for the foreseeable future. And lots of people and corporations made out very well from 9/11.

By improving our democracy and reinventing the Peace Movement

This is very easy to say...and much more of a long term committment to accomplish.

To use what we know of the events of 9/11 in reformative ways, we need to:

1. Rebuild the Peace Movement ourselves by educating them of the three most important elements of the 9/11 attacks:

point one:
Educate the people about false flag attacks historically...up to 9/11...and to recognize the build-up to them...

point two:
Modernize the peace movements into THIS century's information and public activizm age and move them away from the occasional "big single event" mind set [such as the occasional big march that gets NO PRESS...and of course voting for president every four years bewteen their GREAT GRAY NAPS]...and into public activism or webworld activism monthly if not weekly...

point three:
Show the people that the events of 9/11 can be used as an amazing "looking glass" with which we can see the many malfeasances perpertrated by the many governemental/corporate organizations that have HIJACKED OUR DEMOCRACY...

2. Rebuild our democracy by improving and supporting voting reforms such as publically funded elections...using hand counted paper ballots...on a NEW paid Federal Voting Holiday...and of encourageing citizens to NOT take naps between elecetions or "big events"...and to WAKE UP those "great gray nappers" on whose watch ALL of this disaster of a democracy and warmongering empire has grown.

The 9/11 Truth Movement needs to ask citizens to become better citizens by becoming more informed about everything and more engaged in what is most important to them.

This is where CI...Civil Informationing comes into play. CI has been refined by that actions of the 9/11TM in most of their NON-CONFRONTATIONAL public actions. CI is THIS century's new approach to activism because CI is information based...CI has us become our own educators...CI has us become our own media...CI builds LOCAL GRASSROOTS NETWORKS in our communities and neighborhoods so that should the internet become hijacked, we will have already established people-to-people communications networks...

Again, all of this is easy to say and difficult to accomplish...and it takes a consistent and long term committment.

Which is where I am as a person.

BTW: I will be CI-in and bannering at the fifth performance of: "Bring The War Home" a play put on by schoolkids on the Olympic Penninsula in WA state...and later attending a progressive public activism event but on by The Green Party at which Anne Feeney, a labor songstress will perform and we will continue rebuilding our democracy...a few people at a time.

Should we rebuild the Peace Movements and complete the "last century tactics" lobotomies that we need to accomplish, we will gain numbers of reformists in the millions...which is WHY...

Cointelpro has been so damned hard at work making sure that this DOES NOT HAPPEN!

Barrie Zwicker's earlier post on 911blogger makes it clear that this is a very real process that STILL is taking place even as I write.

Finally, on the front side of my 3X6 banner are the words and symbols:

9/11 TRUTH for WORLD PEACE [and a peace symbol and a two fingered peace "V"]

...and on the back side:


So, the ice has been we have to fix our broken democracy by:


love, peace and understanding...and

9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE...because 9/11 can propel this concept and become part of the CHANGE!

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

"9/11 TPJ"

I'd like to see our movement embrace "9/11 Truth, Peace and Justice" as a more complete description of what we're about.

Great analysis

Sandero, I thought your analysis of the self-consistency of the OCT for many people was excellent. I've been following this 911 Blogger for a year and a half and have never gotten motivated to get an account - until today that is. I just wanted to thank you for putting this list together. It really helped me crystallize in my mind how it is that so many people that I talk to or encounter on comment boards can be so stuck on their viewpoints.


..........A man as smart as Keith knows. Which makes me wonder. How could you live with yourself?

Please consider filling this out.

We still live in a Democracy. I don't know how to contact Keith, but I know I filled this out and hope that like 10 more people do as well. Of course the emphasis should be on 9/11 Truth where possible.


I'm so friggin' sick and

I'm so friggin' sick and tired of all this god damn rhetoric about how Bush and Cheney accidentally allowed 9/11 to happen on account of massive incompetence and too many fishing vacations.

I guess that's "as far" as a "respectable leftist" is allowed to go.

DAMMIT KEITH!!!! Michael Moore was advocating this position SIX YEARS AGO in Fahrenheit 9/11. Have some balls and go further.

Yes, Keith, Rachael,

Yes, Keith, Rachael, O'Donnell all want to remain respectable. To whom?
I like Keith, but I am disappointed in his refusal to deal with 911! Sarah Palin is much safer and more fun than a legitimate conspiracy theory.

Lawrence, not Rosie

I'm assuming that you're referring to Lawrence O'Donnell, and not Rosie.

Yes, Lawrence O'Donnell. I

Yes, Lawrence O'Donnell. I got the impression from O'donnells indignant remarks, that it was more about "not going there", meaning not questioning high government people

What a bunch of CRAP

Oberman is very dissappointing here, I couldn't finish watching it , it was just too painful. Come on what about A&E truth oberman! What about WTC7 oberman. Go ahead and pretend like the democrats are going to save us keith. The real solution to our problems is always off the table! End the wars. I think the US has killed more Iraqi civilians than Sadam ever did! What about Palestine?Sorry we can't stop the settlements, or give back your land, it's off the table. What about torture? It's ok to waterboard some poor soul until he says his mother is a terrorist and use his confession as evidence. Hey if the Taliban want too much for the pipeline rights then we will just put someone else in charge of the country and run them out of dodge. What about Universal Health Care? Sorry that's off the table too! Oh, ok let's bomb Iran next because they don't want to privatize the oil fields and if they ever do get a nuclear weapon they may be able to protect their borders. The leaders of our world should be ashamed as we let 40,000 children starve everyday! I pray for unviversal justice, peace.