Manufactured Controversy Backfires As Vast Majority Back Medina, Attack Glenn Beck


Manufactured Controversy Backfires As Vast Majority Back Medina, Attack Glenn Beck

Corporate Media Smears Medina For Expressing View Shared By Majority Of Americans

Paul Joseph Watson


Friday, February 12, 2010

The attack dog corporate media, in cahoots with loathsome phony neo-con crybaby Glenn Beck, are once again attempting to manufacture reality by smearing Debra Medina for expressing a view shared by the vast majority of Americans in an effort to purge her from the Texas gubernatorial race.

Fox News blowhard Glenn Beck attempted to set up Medina on his radio show yesterday by asking her if she believed the U.S. government was involved in 9/11.

“I think some very good questions have been raised in that regard,” Medina said. “There are some very good arguments, and I think the American people have not seen all the evidence there, so I have not taken a position on that.”

Medina’s response was measured and even less vehement that than six of the ten 9/11 commissioners, who have all gone on the record to discuss how the government lied about the official story.

Furthermore, in merely refusing to completely accept the official version of events, Medina stands firmly with the majority of Americans. An October 2006 CBS/New York Times poll found that only 16% of Americans thought the government told the truth about 9/11 and the intelligence prior to the attacks. Medina is in agreement with no less than 84% of Americans who do not readily accept the official story as true.

Callers to 570 KLIF were unanimous in their response to the non-issue, agreeing that Medina’s answer was perfectly acceptable, accurate, and that they wouldn’t change their vote for her.

The following clip is astounding in the fact that it completely unveils how the establishment media has once again brazenly tried, but failed, to dictate reality by claiming that Medina’s campaign is now over, despite the fact that the vast majority of Texans completely agree with her position on 9/11.

Watch the clip.

However, Medina’s statements were immediately seized upon by a political establishment transparently desperate to derail her accelerating poll numbers as she closes in on globalist stooges Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

All of a sudden, every viewpoint and every opinion of every individual Medina had talked to suddenly became attributed to her as the media aggressively tried to shift the debate away from the issues that have made her so popular in an attempt to tear her down. Beck subsequently expressed his desire to “french kiss” Rick Perry and the fix was in.

Medina has never even talked about 9/11 as part of her platform, but that didn’t stop Hutchinson and Perry operatives flooding Twitter with hoax controversies about her supposed mental instability for daring to say that Americans have the right to question their government.

Within an hour of her appearance on Beck’s show, robo-calls from the Perry and Hutchinson campaigns went out attacking Medina as a “9/11 truther”.

“Wow!! Isn’t that interesting,” wrote one respondent to an Austin-American Statesman story. “How was Mr. Perry’s team so ready to start a massive robo blitz with this new Truther news so quick? Looks like someone is getting scared, and that he had a little help from a friend.”

Indeed, for such calls to be launched so soon after Medina’s appearance, it’s blatant that Beck’s ambush journalism was carefully planned from the very beginning. Perry and Hutchinson were primed to capitalize upon the fake controversy before it even happened.

But unfortunately for the establishment, it seems like the people are not buying the hoax. Just like the KLIF callers, the majority of respondents to the Statesman story expressed their support for Medina and denounced the cheap shots pulled by Glenn Beck.

“Medina raised more than $50,000 yesterday. I doubt that she has “nullified herself”. Her popularity is actually soaring and Beck is receiving thousands of angry emails,” wrote one.

“I just donated $350 to her campaign,” added another, pointing out that Medina has never wavered from her campaign which is based on states’ rights, securing the border, gun owners’ rights and replacing the unconstitutional property tax – all issues which both Perry and Hutchinson have completely abandoned in favor of toadying up to the political elite that owns them.

“The real travesty is the hatchet job perpetrated by this reporter and the rest of the pack of corporate owned media running dogs who pose as journalists,” added another, highlighting the fact that a candidate in the mould of Medina poses a threat to both Democrats and Republicans across the country and the entire two party monopoly that Glenn Beck shills for on a routine basis.

“What Medina said is that there are unanswered questions posed to the government about 911,” states another. “This is 100% true and accurate. The 911 Commission’s report stated that the government withheld evidence and therefore the report was incomplete with unanswered questions.”

For taking a stance similar to six of the ten 9/11 Commissioners, who have all publicly stated that the official story surrounding the attacks is impossible, Medina is being witch hunted by the establishment in a savage McCarthyesque purge.

Medina was gaining on both Perry and Hutchinson at a rate of several points a week. The establishment was straining at the leash to find some mud to sling at her and since they could come up with nothing, they had to engineer a fake spectacle by way of the nationally despised slime ball turncoat Glenn Beck, the neo-con who poses as a libertarian, the man who supported the bailout under Bush and then claimed he had opposed it all along when Obama got in office, the man who ceaselesslycalls for more taxes on the American people while posing as a demagogue of the Tea Party movement which is supposed to stand against new taxes.

As little as seven months ago, Rick Perry and John Cornyn were being booed in Texas at Tea Party events. Now Perry has learned to don a cowboy hat and pretend to be a grass roots populist while selling out Texas’ very infrastructure to foreign companies that Texans will pay tolls to. The Tea Party movement has been hijacked by phony neo-cons like Sarah Palin who endorse Perry while the only real Constitutionalist in the race, Debra Medina, is the victim of an organized smear campaign.

Fine, if Republicans want to continue to pay rising property taxes and fees on toll roads to foreign-owned companies, if they want the border to continue to be wide open, then go ahead and and vote for Bilderberger Rick Perry – you deserve everything you get.

In the meantime, true Constitutionalists, true conservatives and true patriots will continue to support the people’s candidate – Debra Medina – redoubling our efforts in order to expose this entire farce for what it really is – an artificially engineered hatchet job conducted by one of the most loathsome, un-American, big government worshipping corporate media whores ever to open his big mouth – Glenn Beck – the man who fakes crying on demand for photo shoots and proclaims his love for America while selling out every single idea that made America great, the right to dissent, the right to question, and the right to exercise the liberties enshrined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, all things that Debra Medina stands for, and all things that Perry and Hutchinson have abandoned.