Medina strikes back after 9/11 comments

Medina strikes back after 9/11 comments

Ted Oberg
Saturday, February 13th, 2010

One day after Republican candidate for governor Debra Medina’s insurgent campaign hit a speed bump, she’s striking back. After comments on Glenn Beck’s radio show Thursday that seemed to support 9/11 conspiracy theories, she says she was set up by her opponents.

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“We’ve known that we would get to a point in the campaign that we are enough of a threat that we would get attacked,” she said.

In recent polls, Governor Perry still comfortably leads the Republican race, but Medina, a former nurse and Wharton County Republican Chairwoman, is close to or tied with Senator Hutchison.

You could almost see it happening the night of the first debate as the two experienced politicians attacked each other.

“I think Texas is ready for new leadership and this squabbling isn’t getting us anywhere,” Medina said during that first debate.

Her events got more crowded, her website busier, her message of limited government and state’s rights apparently hitting home.

“I want to see another choice for governor,” said supporter John Martin.

Medina sees Texas government as bloated, trying to do too much, and she feels the federal government is threatening Texas’ freedom. Her comments a year ago on secession got an awful lot of attention. “We’ve known that we would get to a point in the campaign that we are enough of a threat that we would get attacked,” she said.

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Medina also predicted “more of this” in her race against Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. She said there are no “high-profile kinds of scandals in my life that really are going to get people something to chew on. So they’re going to have to make some things up.”

Vast Majority Back Medina, Attack Glenn Beck

This is a great clip! Listen to the responses!

The Texas air smells different than it was 5 years ago. There is a noticable attitude shift. Mainstream media is losing its grip on controlling how people view the world.


Is there a way to contact the radio host who received the calls?

This is KLIF in Dallas. JD Wells is taking calls.

This is KLIF in Dallas. JD Wells is taking calls.
As a sidenote, ALL of the Dallas area radio & TV stations, (and also many of their Newscasters) have received 9/11 Truth DVDs & INFO packets in the mail. In addition, many times these local media broadcasters have received Press Release emails and/or mailings about 9/11 Truth. The same is true for local publications and their major journalists. The same is true for many of the local area elected officials, fire departments, police departments, college departments, foundations, affluent homeowners, GW Bush's neighbors, local celebrities, etc., etc. Over 40,000 DVDs have been distributed by our Dallas area group.

Very interesting...

It's no longer considered "crazy" to think that perhaps the government may be keeping something from us. We're reaching the end of the beginning of the end.
"Cogito ergo sum"

Stand your ground Debra !!!!!!!!!

Even though the main stream media attacks you, the American people are waking up. Speak the truth and you will prevail.
God bless Texas! I just finished listening to the clip above. You Texans are Damn good Americans!

Support Debra Medina..

Let her know you support her questioning the official story of 9/11 and so do a lot of others..


Everybody needs to get behind her

I sent money, support, and emails ,telling her to not back down. Everybody, please join me.

Excellent response

Debra was great. She's a real populist candidate. She answered all of Olberg's questions without flinching -- and defended truth and transparency in govt. -- and Olberg seemed to want to trip her up almost as much as Beck.'s time for some WAC questions for Olberg. Any WeAreChangers willing to go ask Mr. Olberg why he defends the official 9/11 narrative? Let's see if he even has a clue about HIS OWN beliefs, or the background of the questions he was pressing Medina to answer.

Glenn Beck, Sibel Edmonds, Luke Rudowski & the Jersey Girls Ques

Glenn Beck, Sibel Edmonds, Luke Rudowski & the Jersey Girls Question 9/11