Texas Democratic Candidate Farouk Shami on 9/11

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The following 2 1/2 minute video is such an incredibly heroic statement circa 2010 that this "lost, but found video" should help to bring in a new year with 2018.

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The party primaries are occurring in Texas. Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Farouk Shami, was posed this question: “…so you believe it’s possible that the United States government was involved in the attacks on 9/11?”
Farouk responds: “…the possibilities are there. The jury is out….”

The subject of 9/11 starts about 90 seconds into this interview.

WFAA Channel 8 and The Dallas Morning News are owned by the same company.

Doug Miller, KHOU in Houston originally asked Farouk...

The interview about 9/11 originated in Houston. http://www.khou.com/video/raw/Democratic-governor-hopeful-Will-we-ever-f...
This is a shorter video than the one posted above. This video only addresses 9/11.

Thanks for the video Tom.

At least he is man enough to admit he doesn't know the truth. Until we get a real investigation, the truth that it was an inside job will go unanswered.

The "alternative media" in Dallas is a joke...

The Dallas Observer is considered "alternative media". What a joke!

Tom, Are You Bashing the Observer? Good for You!

Farouk responds: “…the possibilities are there. The jury is out….” "TIME WILL TELL"

That was very positive

That was very positive. For a politician to say that is almost the same as saying yes.

Feels like more progress.



This and what's going on with Debra Medina's candidacy for Texas governor is pretty hopeful. The word is getting out.


You can contact and further educate his politically active staff here:


I think it is clear he knows large

portions of the truth. As a politician with a hankerin' to keep on climbing the ladder, he clearly stated in safe politiceese that the whole world knows the official story is bullshit and PROFESSORS HAVE WRITTEN BOOKS, and if it wasn't for our all encompassing propaganda machine/matrix Americans would also know, but without ending his candidacy then and there.

Let's hope this becomes a national trend

We now have two Texas candidates who will not rubber stamp the OCT, even under pressure by the establishment. This is definitely a move in the right direction. Let's hope this becomes a national trend. The more these candidates step forward, the closer we get to having a potentially meaningful 9/11 investigation.

Another opportunity for commenting...

At The Statesman.

TX candidates question 9/11 story: Tea Partier and Democrat running for TX governor leery of official theory.

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The next revolution

Observing all of this from Boston, home of the first American Revolution, it appears that the next non-violent American Revolution has begun in Texas. Two candidates for Governor who are not regurgitating the OTC? Amazing!

It's payoff time. I salute all of the 911T, WAC activists in Texas. This is your victory. Without you, these questions would not be being asked of the candidates. This shit doesn't happen in a vacuum. Journalists are now asking the questions because you guys and gals asked them first -- because you peacefully take to the streets -- because you join forces with the peace and justice movement there -- because you attend and support the MLK marches each year -- because you're doing it right.

I'm proud and honored to be associated with all of you.

Hear Hear.

With you in the struggle,
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