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Al-Zawahiri’s Tapes, Air Security – Updates to the 9/11 Timeline as of February 15, 2010

Most of the entries published over the last couple of weeks are about video and audio messages released by al-Qaeda second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri. We have a call+for+jihad+in+Somalia from January 2007, a request+for+media+questions from December of that year, and a call+for+revenge for Israeli attacks in Gaza the following March. This was followed by his answers to the questions in two parts, the last of which was a platform for him to claim the rumors Israel was behind 9/11 were planted by the nefarious mullahs of Tehran. There are also 2008 tapes marking+the+anniversary+of+the+Six-Day+War, in+English, and accusing+the+US+and+Iran+of+working+together, as well as an audio recording from last year about a visit+by+President+Barack+Obama+to+Egypt.

In the field of air security, we have a 1991 suicide+plot to crash planes into buildings in Madrid, a 1992 FAA memo warning that small+knives+were+used+in+hijackings, and a series of NEADS briefings about terrorists+crashing+planes+into+buildings.

There is also more about drone strikes in Pakistan in 2009. Thirty+people were killed on February 14, another+ten on April 29, and dozens+more during a funeral on June 23.

Miscellaneous entries cover Richard Myers’ appointment as NORAD+commander in 1998, the CIA’s initial decision not+to+prosecute John Kiriakou, who underestimated the number of times Abu Zubaida was waterboarded by 118, and some analysis of the voice of a man+thought+to+be+Osama+bin+Laden.

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