Excellent Controlled Demolition Footage

Courtesy of the BBC, some excellent recent controlled demolition footage of a 30 story building in Florida. The resemblance to the WTC towers is uncanny.

Doesn't resemble either WTC

This video doesn't resemble either the WTC 7 or WTC 1 & 2 destruction.

All three towers were taken down with the use of explosives and incendiaries, but the do not resemble this video and only WTC 7 resembles commercial CD.

In particular the twins were not destroyed by removing entire sections of the lower structure so that the unsupported upper section of the building crashed down to the ground crushing itself to bits. The engineering of the collapse of the twins involved several stages visible in the videos taken and it appears that the intent was to completely destroy the towers and have it appear that they collapsed from damaged caused by the plane strikes and subsequent fires.

However these did not supply, along with stored potential gravitational energy sufficient energy to overcome the reserve strength of the structure and especially the entire intact stories below the damage zone.

The towers collapse illusion was staged as follows (more of less) in my opinion.

When the fires appeared to have largely subsided the process was initiated because without fire it would have been a dead give away. The north and south tower were slightly different because some of the explosive or more like incendiaries went off in advance of step one and the top began to tilt over as it was asymmetrically supported.

1. Most if not all of the 24 perimeter core columns and the connections at 2 floors of the perimeter facade columns/panels were destroyed. It is likely that the additional 23 central core columns on these floors also had their connections to beams and girders destroyed by high temp cutter type charges. The weakening occurred almost simultaneously allowing the floors above to drop down.

2. This would not have caused the collapse illusion. The top dropping down a few stories encountered the stout and intact lower structure and it crush. This is much the way a standard controlled demolition takes place. The unleashed gravitational energy cause the dropping top to crush when it meets resistance - the ground or in the case of the twins the lower undamaged structure. To continue the collapse illusion the next sequence was initiated. There were explosives going off which also destroyed the dropping top. This the very energetic event seen in the blast cloud at the crash level.

3. Now the lower intact section was made to look as it was collapsing from the top down. The 4 corners joining the facades into a strong rigid square tube had to be detached from the facades so that they could be pushed outward and broken apart as they experienced torsional and moment loads beyond their design capability. Dismantling the facade connections did not require enormous forces as they were simply bolted together. Cutter charges or explosives may have dislodged the connections of the facade panels to each other in various locations and especially separating them from the corner gussets. Now they lost their membrane strength and were like a wall of staggered dominos which can be toppled with little force.

4. A series of sequences exploding the 24 core column joints starting from the crash level proceeding down at 100' feet per second. They did not have to attack every floor level. Once the final sequence was underway destruction could occur lower down throughout the core as this enabled the mass above to drop at "free fall" an unseen gravity driven collapse hidden behind the dust cloud.

5. There were several explosives to push all the vertical columns off column so that they could then drop down or topple over. Most of the facade fell away was pushed over once free from the lateral support the exploded and pulverized floor system provided to the facade. Without the floor system to support the facade laterally they were like a playing card standing on edge - they fell over with little horizontal force.

6. The inner 23 columns of the core was largely pulled apart by the explosions of the 24 columns connections of the core perimeter. They stood as a spire for several seconds until the massive energy of the freed perimeter core columns dismantled enough of the horizontal girders holding the 24 core columns in column to render them too unstable to stand. They were simply too tall and too thin to remain standing - way too high aspect ratio and their connections broke apart with a numerous horizontal force vectors from falling debris and explosions and they dropped at free fall broken at the weakest point - where they were joined together. Some huge sections were bent from high heat events used to attack the connections.

Most of the above was shrouded in the huge dust cloud from sequence 1 explosions and then the collapse debris. There were however visible signs of destruction of some of the lower structure ahead of the "collapse wave". And much of the dismantling which attacked the lower structure was inside the core, unseen and unheard but it enabled the top to drop at almost free fall.

The debris field shows that the facade was not blasted away, but fell over perpendicular to the facade. This is seen in the fact that the south tower destruction of the facade did not damage the north tower which stood only 200 feet away, yet immense facade steel column panel assemblies are found "laid out" up to 600 feet from the tower. They largely fell over. The corners were detached and with small charges blasted away from the facades where they dropped down.

This destruction DID involve attacking the joints and destroying the integrity and causing the building to then self destruct with the stored gravitational energy - That is what is shared with control demolition... and that is the only thing.

WTC 7 more closely resembles a CD. It clearly had 100 feet of its structure destroyed at below the visible upper 30 stories height or so. Like a CD once these structure no longer could support the building above, it came crashing down at free fall crushing itself and anything not destroyed below and falling straight down in a compact pile. it's likely that none of the perimeter columns were attacked, only the core connections and so it imploded with the top holding together and because of its structural integrity until it met the resistance of the ground which released the gravitational energy and crush the largely integral upper section. Dropping buildings will crush themselves. They are not designed to withstand those sorts of loads.

There is no doubt that explosives or incendiaries destroyed 100 feet of structure in WTC 7 almost simultaneously. It's there in the video.

There's no doubt that explosives destroyed several floors at the crash zone of the twins to allow their tops to drop.

There is no doubt that the corners were exploded or burned free enabling the facades to fall away pushed by collapse or exploding floors.

There's no doubt of extreme heat which was used to attack and destroy the girder and beam to column connections.

There is no doubt that explosives were used to dislodge core columns low down in the structure so that the remain columns had their carrying capacity exceeding and buckled and sprung apart.

This was engineered - it was not a controlled demolition similar to what is depicted in the FL video which looks to be a concrete frame.

It's in the video.