Action Alert: Updates to AE911Truth Press Conference on Friday, Feb 19th 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST

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Updates: Major Press Conference: Feb 19

1,000+ Architects & Engineers

demand a new 9/11 WTC investigation!

As of January 2010, over 1,000 architects and engineers have signed our petition demanding a truly independent investigation into the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11. This petition, along with AE911Truth literature and DVDs, will be presented to every Member of Congress on the same day by the 14,000 active supporters of AE911Truth.

To underscore the importance of this milestone achievement, AE911Truth is launching a massive publicity campaign world-wide and holding a major Press Conference in San Francisco, California on February 19, 2010 followed by an informative Keynote Luncheon to include David Ray Griffin and Steven Jones. We will also host a strategy and team development conference featuring our Architect and Engineer petition signers - many of whom will be flying in to San Francisco to join us. All petition signers are now welcome and encouraged to attend this very important mini-conference.

This will be a day of events that you won't want to miss!

  • DATE:    February 19, 2010

  • TIME:    11am – 6pm

  • PLACE:  Marines' Memorial Club & Hotel,
                 609 Sutter St.
                 San Francisco, CA


11:00 am - Press Conference
Richard Gage, AIA, accompanied by other distinguished speakers and prominent petition signers, will announce this milestone event with a brief dynamic presentation of the evidence which has convinced over 1,000 architects and engineers to support the demand for a real investigation. The presentation will be followed by Q&A. Press kits will be distributed.

  • Open to the Public - Free

12:00 pm - Keynote Luncheon
Join us for an exclusive luncheon in honor of the thousand petition signers and supporters who have contributed to the success of AE911Truth. To mark the occasion, distinguished members of the 9/11 Truth movement, including David Ray Griffin, PhD. and Steven Jones, PhD., will make important relevant presentations. We will also present an overview of the major accomplishments achieved in 2009 along with the ambitious goals we have set for 2010.

  • Open to all AE911Truth petition signers, volunteers, and qualified members of the press

  • Reservations required – (RSVP below)
    Note: We must have your choice of Salmon or Beef by Monday Feb 15th please RSVP now to

  • Cost per person: $50 if paying by Feb. 16, $75 if after Feb. 16

2 – 6 pm – A/E Conference
This conference will give us the opportunity to strategize with and empower our architect and engineer petition signers. Our goal: to develop more AE911Truth speakers and otherwise actively disseminate our message to fellow A/E professionals. We will focus on several methods of structuring and delivering the message effectively. And hear your ideas about how to make AE911Truth even more impactful.

  • Open to all petition signers & special guests

  • Cost per person: $20 if registered by Feb. 16, $30 if registered after Feb. 16

  • Reservations required – (RSVP below).



Please also consider a sponsorship to help defray our costs of organizing this historic event:

a. Sponsor a Volunteer – honoring their hard work and dedication enabling them to attend the Luncheon.
b. Sponsor a Speaker with a major donation that will enable us to bring esteemed 9/11 Truth figures David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones, and other special guests to our milestone event.
c. Sponsor the Publicity Effort with a generous donation to enable us to reach the broadest audiences possible locally, nationally and worldwide via PR Newswire, etc.

Actions you can take - for coordinated exposure and publicity:

1) Download and print the AE911Truth petition. Mail & fax it to your local congressional rep with a personalized message along with the letter of introduction to AE911Truth. (This letter can also be used for numerous other 9/11 awareness raising purposes!)

2) Hold the AE911Truth press conference in your local City on Feb 19. We will help you with this.

3) Volunteer now to contact the media in your area (or across the country) to distribute:

a) Radio Interview Request
(Email it to every radio, TV and newspaper in your community starting now to propose on-air interviews with Mr. Gage and encourage them to cover this timely story)

b) Media Alert
(Issue 3 days before Press Conference to advise media to cover the event when it happens on the 19th. Do not issue prior to Feb 16)

c) Press Release
(To be issued only on the morning of Press Conference. Will not be available for download until midnight Feb 18)

Please contact Abby Martin at to help.

5) Download and print the press conference flyer for your use in raising awareness.

Finally, please join the family of monthly sustaining donors to ensure our success in 2010.

Thank you again for all of your efforts in the past and for being there for us at this crucial moment.

I hope to see you in San Francisco!

Richard Gage, AIA
and the dedicated volunteers at AE911Truth




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science last stand

This will be one big day. On the radio program hosted by Kevin Barrett this past Saturday, Richard Gage, AIA. mentioned that at the press conference Friday, they will be announcing a major new discovery in the WTC dust research.

You can listen to that 2/13 interview via mp3 link here:

And check archives on a host of great shows for Barrett's Truth Jihad Radio.

This is a big week for the national campaign for 9/11 truth. Please comment on actions you are taking.

Thank you, especially, to all participating architects and engineers, and all the good people who regard science as important enough to risk career for its value as a basis for truth and civilization. The other alternative is just too ugly to bear. Time to turn things around. 2010 is our year!

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for life's survival in the 21st Century

AE911 efforts are GREAT

I only wish they could be doing another press release on the East Coast @ the same time.

Request for taking actions nationally

Simultaneous, or at other times, architects, engineers, and 9/11 truth activists are requested to take actions in support of the Announcement - Press Conference.

AE911truth recommends downloading their petition, and sending to Congressional reps, Plus set up a Press Conference in your area. Where two or more are gathered, read petition, take photograph of the event, and send to and they will post at their web site.

Also the event in San Francisco will be streamed live..

Hold the AE911Truth Press Conference in Your City: Feb 19
Hold the AE911Truth Press Conference in Your City: Feb 19

Holding your own:
1,000 AE911Truth Press Conference

Have the AE911Truth press conference in your local City on Feb 19th!
You can be the conduit for getting out the all important AE911Truth story in your City. Join us on February 19 by hosting your own press conference. It’s not rocket science! And we’re here to help!
1) Coordinate with other local activists in your area for assistance. Search the AE911Truth database of 1,000+ Architect/Engineer petition signers, look them up in the phone book, and recruit them to help you at the Press Conference. Or call Dave S. to get a list of A/E’s in your state. Our preferred role for them is to read the short statement and answer questions. See the FAQ for help. You can proceed on your own even if you can’t locate or recruit an A/E to help. You don’t need expertise on the 9/11 evidence to do this. You can simply refer questioners to us at or call us at 510-292-4710 if you are uncomfortable answering. You can also follow up with them with answers late

new mp3 link for R. Gage radio show

Help Richard Promote this event and breakthrough..

To all your local media contacts and blog contacts and even national media contacts. Spread the news online and in your communities about this milestone being reached by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. This is a great opportunity to bump up your activism again with all those contacts you have laying around or are available on the internet. Peace guys. Another push necessary.

Tiger Woods

It's too bad Tiger Woods is holding his press conference at 11am on the same day.


what a coincidence!

in the news already . . .

Raritan Twp. man involved in group calling for new investigation of World Trade Center destruction UPDATED
By Hunterdon County Democrat
February 18, 2010, 4:49PM

RARITAN TWP. — Township resident Joseph Urcinas, a 2009 mechanical engineering graduate from Rowan University, is holding a press conference outside the office of Rep. Leonard Lance on Friday at 2 p.m. to discuss a decision by more than 1,000 architects and engineers in dozens of countries to call for a new independent, investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.


Was 11AM EST 3 HRS earlier.