Attack piece at Op Ed News

An attack piece was posted today by one of the editors at Op Ed News. It is primarily a denigration of the mental competence of those people who form the 9/11 Truth movement. Can Shreve actually believe the nonsense that he spouts?

".... February 17, 2010 at 15:29:41

Promoted to Headline (H3) on 2/17/10:
Infiltrating the Truth Movement

For OpEdNews: Richmond Shreve - Writer
An academic treatise on conspiracy theories has provoked howls of outrage among those who call themselves the truth movement. The paper can hardly be considered news, it was first released as a draft in January of 2008. But when one of its authors, Cass Sunstein, became part of the Obama administration, the appointment alarmed conspiracists because his paper advocates "cognitive infiltration of extremist groups" both foreign and domestic.

Consider for a moment the word infiltration and its implications in the context of a belief. When you have an open mind and are seeking to expand your knowledge and understanding, new information is a desirable thing. The open-minded seeker welcomes diversity of thought, and simply accepts what is useful and rejects what is not. By contrast, the true believer regards discordant information as a threat, heresy, and wants to suppress it -- to keep it from infiltrating the body of concordant information that sustains his or her belief. ...."

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All comments except Shreve's...

... have been on the side of 9/11 truth. Is that nowadays common at OpEdNews?


that is a treat for the eyes to see!

More and more

There was a big purge of 9/11 truthers at OEN a few months back. Despite that, we still usually dominate the comments on the hit pieces. Some went to form the blog called COTO. Rady Ananda and others soon split to create the fine blog COTO Report. OEN still publishes 9/11 Truth articles, but there are a number of editors and frequent posters who try to ridicule us. I think if the powers that be at OEN removed 9/11 Truth from the offerings, they would lose a large percentage of their readership.