Obama Press Secretary threatens US attack of Iran. US military: when will you expose these war lies?

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The US war emperors have no clothes. Iran never threatened to destroy Israel. Iran is in full compliance with the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), including their use of nuclear medicine with isotopes. It was the US who initiated the UN Charter that limits war to the narrowest use of self-defense only, almost identical in law to the limits for you or me as individuals.

When will leadership emerge from the US military and/or US government to speak these truths that are objective facts for anyone and everyone to verify?

US military is trained to refuse unlawful orders for War Crimes, but not trained in the broader context of recognizing and refusing an unlawful war. It’s time for our military to stand for their declaration of brotherhood and halt further slaughter and misery, to honor their Oath of Enlistment to the US Constitution; to recognize as the late Pat Tillman: “These wars are so fu*king illegal,” and to end them now.

This revolution must occur in numbers to be successful, mindful of the history of Claus von Stauffenberg’s failed plot to stop Hitler, but confident that the facts really are “emperor has no clothes” obvious and verifiable regarding Iran, and also with the obviously unlawful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan confirmed by our own government's disclosed evidence.

The UN Charter is a US treaty with full force of US law; its only binding component is the limits to Wars of Aggression. The only surrender to the UN is its designed purpose: to prevent the scourge of war that historically proceeds from the same lies of the US to demonize relatively harmless nations who occupy lands with valuable resources.

The current propaganda includes Obama’s Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, threatening war with Iran by not “ruling it out.” This is a serious threat that should be ended, as it is exactly the same as if a person in your neighborhood was asked, “Do you rule out attacking and killing families because you claim they’re a potential threat?” with the neighbor responding, “I wouldn’t rule anything out” after already attacked and killed others (Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan). You’d be outraged at such a threat against your family and would demand the arrest of the individual who made it.

US Senators are propagandizing for “regime change” in Iran, similar to calls that preceded war with Iraq, and lying in omission of the US history of overthrowing Iran’s democracy from 1953 to 1979 and then supporting the invasion of Iran from 1980 to 1988 when they wouldn’t accept US political dictatorship. This follows Obama’s war rhetoric.

Fox “news” pimps for war with headlines as, “Dismal Dithering On Iran Is Dangerous,” and “Iran Must be Stopped:”

The situation with Iran continues to become more dangerous by the day. How many will needlessly die before we act to prevent a repeat of what the world experienced during the time of Hitler?

The below 4-minute interview with Wayne Madsen provides useful perspective.

Brothers and Sisters in our military and government: Abraham Lincoln exposed war lies, George Washington warned of lying war rhetoric as “pretended patriotism.” Will you have the honor as a true American standing and acting for American values of liberty and unalienable rights under the rule of law and end these lying fascist wars now?

America does depend upon your leadership. Your brothers and sisters in arms also depend on your courage to refuse and expose these war lies that are the real enemies to the freedom you swore to protect.

Literally billions of human beings are crying-out for your action: engage.


Anyone watching CNN right now?